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  ENGINEERING SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT GAPPROSPERMBALPVTPREVEALRESOLVEO PEN S ERVER IPM  Petroleum Experts  ®  Copyright Notice © Petroleum Experts Ltd. All rights reserved. IPM suite, GAP, PROSPER, MBAL, PVTP, REVEAL, RESOLVE, IFM, IVM, IVM–Well, Test ModelCatalogue and OpenServer  are trademarks of Petroleum Experts Ltd.Microsoft (Windows), Windows (Vista) and Windows (7) are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. Contents IPM Products; Page RESOLVE 4 GAP 8 PROSPER 10 MBAL 16 REVEAL 20 PVTP 23 OpenServer  25  Petroleum Experts (Petex) have developed the Integrated ProductionModelling toolkit ( IPM ) which models the complete production systemfrom the reservoir to the surface network. Integrating the tools of GAP , PROSPER , MBAL , REVEAL and PVTP tooperate seamlessly, the engineer is able to design complex field models.The Reservoir, Wells and Complete Surface Systems model, having beenmatched for production history, will accurately optimise the entirenetwork and run predictions. RESOLVE can extend integration, control, field event, scenario managementand optimisation to full field models which include third party reservoir,process simulators and economics.The IPM suite is the leading Integrated Production Optimisation toolkitin the industry. It gives fast, reliable results and it is the industrystandard with major operators worldwide. There are in excess of 320 oiland gas operators and service companies using the tools worldwide.The IPM suite has an open architecture - OpenServer - enabling the userto run the powerful calculation engine of an IPM tool from a third partyapplication. It has proven invaluableto many users and organisations inmaking their business integration workflows more efficient.The IPM suite allows the user to work with one set of tools to model allcommon field production systems:ã Quick and reliable Optimisation and Forecasting of field productionã Single or Multi-tanks reservoir models, with inter tank communicationã Multi-Lateral and Horizontal well modelling accounting for pressuredrops in the branches, including multi-layers and reservoir interferencesbetween perforations setsã Artificial Lift designs and diagnostics: including ESP’s, HSP’s, Gas Lift,PCP, Jet and Beam (Rod) Pumps, Intermittent gas lift, Diluent injection,Foam Liftã Detailed pipeline design and performance: Flow Regimes, Slug Size and Frequency, Stability Analysis ã Surface Production Modelling of networks, pumps, compressors, multi-linesand looped gathering systems. There are no limits to the number ofwells or reservoir tanks. Constraints can be included at each level inthe systemã Smart well with ICVs or ICDsã The Petex proprietary correlations used are recognised as best in classshowing stability in some of the most challenging fluidsã The IPM suite allows the modelling of the most complex field designs ã Model can be Black Oil, Condensate, Gas or Fully Compostional RESOLVE Model - for the production, gas lift and injection networks - reservoirsto process Petroleum Experts IPM - Integrated Production Modelling 3  Petroleum Experts was the first company to present a fully integratedreservoir, well, and surface network modelling and productionoptimisation system – the Integrated Production Modelling Toolkit ( IPM ). RESOLVE takes integration to move a step further. It allows the engineerto connect, run, control and optimise multi-vendor engineering models.Through RESOLVE 's open and flexible architecture the dynamic linksbetween proprietary software models as well as multi-vendor commercialsoftware models tools is now practical. RESOLVE is the corporate standardwith international majors. RESOLVE should be viewed at several levels: RESOLVE allows multiplesoftware applications to be connected together and controlled centrally;through the centrallised control, all field events in the reservoir, wellsup to the process and economics can be analysed and their impact onthe field production forecast studied; with the global optimsation, thefull system can be optimised - production and injection - simultaneouslywiththe optimum pipeline routing study. Each application runsautonomously,while RESOLVE takes care of synchronisation, datatransfer, scheduling, reporting, data gathering and global optimisation.Models can be run on computer clusters or distributed machines. RESOLVE can be used as an open framework for users to develop dynamicconnections to other proprietary models. This work has been carried out successfully by several companies who wanted to connect theirproprietary reservoir simulators to GAP . In doing this, the engineer gainsaccess to the other connections offered through RESOLVE (e.g. theconnection to HySys, Eclipse, etc.). APPLICATIONS The screen shot above illustrates how RESOLVE can be used to connectseveral disparate applications together to create a model of a field fromthe reservoir to the sales line IT INFRASTRUCTURE SUPPORTED Models can be distributed across a network, each running in its ownoperating system, Windows, Linux, Unix or on a computer cluster RESOLVE IPM – Controller Link and Interface Between IPM and Third Party Software 4
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