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   INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: Define International Relations. Discuss its scope and importance of the study of International Relations.(2000)Do you agree that in contemporary International Relations, International Economic and Trade linkages areeing used as pressure tactics in inter! tate Relations. (2000)International Relations is a eparate discipline# Discuss. (200$)The age of isolation is o%er. The modern states act and eha%e as memer of the internationalcommunity. &ualify the statement 'ith reference to the follo'ing (200)(a) Definition and scope of International Relations.() *ature and utility of the su+ect.The relations et'een the so%ereign states of the 'orld are ecoming one of the most important aspectsof contemporary life. E%aluate 'ith reference to the importance of international relations. (200)E-plain, 'ith e-amples, the main principles of the *E!RE/I T 1 3 T45T inInternational Relations. o' does *eo!Realism differ from 1lassical Realism6 (2007)E-plain, 'ith e-amples, the main principles of the *E!I8ER/ 1 3 T45T inInternational Relations. o' does *eo!ieralism differ from 1lassical ieralism9Idealism6 (2007)1omparati%ely analy:e the asic philosophy of International Relations, ;<eace and ecurity= has eenchallenged y the emerging ;Economic Regionalism and >ilitary Technologies=. (200?)Discuss the importance of International Relations as a field of study. (200@)A1an you imagine a 'orld 'ith out inter!state relationsA6 E-plain the importance of International Relationsin the *uclear age. (20$0)Identify the main arguments of the Realism and ieralism in International Relations. Bhich approachappeals to you as a etter e-plaining International Relations and 'hy6 Discuss the empirical e%idence.(20$$)Define International Relations. Identify and e-plain its continuously changing and e-panding nature and  su+ect matter6 (20$$)Discuss the de%elopment of the study of A International RelationsA and define its core influential factorsand define its role in the post cold 'ar era6 (20$2) Discuss e%olution and de%elopment of the discipline of International RelationsC define the dominantfactors responsile for and e-plain their role in the post!cold 'ar era.(20$)  FOREIGN POLICY In the modern era the foreign policy is directly affected y the economic conditions of a country. Discuss.(200$)E-plain the future of Disarmament 'ith reference to the foreign policy f ma+or <o'ers. (200$)Define A Economics as an instrument in foreign policyA and e-plain its fundamental characteristic 'hichcan help to achie%e states o+ecti%es.(20$2)  AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY 1ritically e%aluate /merican 3oreign <olicy to'ards /fghanistan. (200$)In your opinion 'hat are the distinguishing features in a profile of /merican foreign policy since $@@06(2002)1ritically e%aluate /merican foreign policy to'ards <akistan. (200@)  PAKISTAN’S FOREIGN POLICY o' does domestic politics influence foreign policy decision making6 E-plain 'ith reference to <akistanspolicy to'ards India. (2007)Do you agree that the post!1old Bar international scenario has generated more constraints thatopportunities for <akistans foreign policy6 If so, 'hat those6 uggest measures enaling <akistan toface the ne' challenges.(20$)   CHINESE FOREIGN POLICY  /naly:e and elaorate the changes in 1hinese foreign policy since the death of >ao dse dung. (2002)  IMPERIALISM Define Imperialism and discuss the Economic Theories of Imperialism. (2000)Define Economic Imperialism. o' far it is correct to say that the 5!? countries ha%e emarked uponEconomic Imperialism in the Third Borld through BT and >ulti!*ational 1orporations6 (200F)  DÉTENTE hort *otes Detente (2002)Define Detente. Is a Detente possile et'een India and <akistan6 5i%e your arguments. (200F)  DETERRENCE hort *otes Deterrence (200F)Bhat is nuclear deterrence6 Is it an appropriate <olicy6 Bhat are alternati%es to nuclear deterrence6(200)  NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION Define the <olitics of *uclear <roliferation. o' far the super po'ers ha%e een responsile for theproliferation of *uclear 'eapons. (2000)Bhat is *uclear <roliferation6 o' far the 4nited tates of /merica is +ustified in pursuing the. policy of *on!proliferation to'ards *orth Gorea and Iran6 (200F)Bhat is nuclear proliferation6 o' far the 4nited states of /merica is +ustified in making a nuclear deal  'ith India6 (200@)  INTERNATIONAL LAW International a' is a significant instrument in regulating conduct of states and Internationalrgani:ations. Discuss (200$) hort *otes International a' and International >orality (200$) hort *otes International a' (2002)International system creates interactions among states through diplomacy, international la', andeconomic relations. 1omments. (200);De%elopment of International a' and rgani:ation are the efforts of all states to make International ystem less anarchic=. Elucidate the statement. (200H)Define and e-plain the international a'. Does International a' ha%e any real role in internationalRelations6 (20$$)  TERRORISM hort *otes TerrorismC (200) hort *otes 1ontrol of >ass destruction 'eaponsC (200)Bhat are the main prolems in defining terrorism6 /lso narrate the implications of the ;Bar on Terrorism=for International a'. (2007)Terrorism has compelled e%ery one to think, ;*o one can e trusted and e%ery one is to e feared.=Discuss an appropriate response to Domestic and International terrorism. (200H)E-plain 'hy, despite eing target of terrorism, <akistans international allies often pulicly e-pressdissatisfaction 'ith <akistans counter terrorism policy and actions 6 Is this a failure of <akistani
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