Iron Age FRP Basic Rules

Iron Age FRP - Basic rules and descriptions of Iron Age FRP: Core Rules
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  1     IRON AGE FRP Basic rules booklet A supplement for any player; S. A. Blackwood  2   Written by:   S. A. Blackwood   Edited by:   S. A. Blackwood   Cover Illustration: Ive Svorcina   Web page:   Facebook page:   Drive through RPG product page: - Age - FRP - Core - Rules   All information consisted in this book is a pert of the full product that goes by the name: Iron Age FRP: Core rules, All rights reserved © 2012 - 2014 Stjepan Levačić.   This booklet is free to share and use exactly in the shape as it is found on this page.  3   Using this booklet:   This booklet should be sent to all the players that participate in the game. It consist of the most  basic rules that are required for each player to know. It will help even a more advanced players to remind themselves of the rules.   This booklet is by no means a full core book but is meant as a help to new players and a re-minder to more advanced players.   CONTENTS   Credits 2   Contents 3   About 4   Creating a character and advancement   5   Tests 6   Combat 7   Spellcasting 8   Fear 8   Mass combat 9    4   ABOUT THIS BOOKLET   This booklet is about the most basic of rules that every player needs to know and understand. It’s about help-ing new players to easier learn to play Iron Age FRP, and it only consist of the most basic rules and infor-mation that will make easier for new players to adapt to a new rule system.   Of course, there are a few exceptions to rules mentioned here, but they will be learned over the course of play, things mentioned in this book will ease learning of those. Still it is advised that at least GM browses through the complete Core Rules book as things mentioned here are just a drop in the ocean.   A few words by the author:   Have you ever wanted to play pen & paper RPG that would give you the same feel of thrill and realism novel usually does. Did you want to experience the adventure where weariness can influence the success of that ad-venture, and even make a last stand heroic by itself because of sense of achievement where warriors fell to  before their foes only when weariness overcame them. When sword breaks and the warriors keeps going on, using everything at his disposal to keep fighting despite the overwhelming odds.   Or even a warrior that stands before a charging ogre, firmly with a glint of battle in his steel colored eyes while the army breaks and runs before the brute. Or even if you wanted to experience love, attraction and maybe some more intimate moments in an RPG. The system makes it quite easy for you to play out those moments without much description if you’re not in a mood for them, while still incorporating those elements.   The realism of the game goes as far tat characters might die from a single arrow, while others yet may be  pierced by many and still go on fighting. Of course, an armor plays a great part in longevity of a character, as the game uses damage reduction system. Though wearing a heavy armor might slow down a character and al-together reduce the number of dodges available to him, and it might be bad choice in a duel, in larger battles armor may mean the difference between life and death. Is the gritty realism or fantasy epic your style of gameplay. Both can be achieved through Iron Age FRP. I’ve gone to great lengths to create rules that balance between those two sides. While lower level professions tend to draw on the realism side, the later level professions are most likely to be epic. And while first three levels of professions consist of merchants, warriors, soldiers, officers, rangers, priests, wizards, thief's, and assassins; higher level professions mostly consist of more powerful individuals like kings, warlords, dragon riders, daemon lords, raherryn, dragon slayers, legendary warriors etc.   I will not bore you with further description of the things you will find in the full book, nor will I try to per-suade you to get it. I will only try and describe my own experience with it.   For two years I’ve invested countless hours into bringing into a game all my experience and many hours of  play testing and simplifying rules. This is the game I most enjoy playing after all it was the game made with me in mind. Now as it is finished no other game is good enough for me anymore, for I have created a perfect game for myself. I cannot guarantee that it will be the best game for you as well, but as we share the love for fantasy role playing games, (or you would not be reading this booklet) it might as well be. To all of you that sent me your support and mails over this last year, thank you, for you have motivated me to keep writing and developing the rules .  
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