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Isha Forest Flower Nov 2014

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  Grace & Blessings  Volume - 2 / Issue - 11  `  15 Annual Subscription  `  180 November 2014 Effervescence Effervescence of nectar seeking bird Effervescence of a truant school boy Effervescence of a stung RomeoEffervescence of fish, flower and fiend Beyond good and evil there is lifeTo live and to know life and deeper lifeIs touched only by the effervescent The effervescent one will transcend the Inertia of Death.Deathless is he who knowsEffervescence without purpose.  Isha Forest Flower – ONLINE!To receive free downloadable PDF versions of Isha Forest Flower along with your print subscription, please submit your subscription number and email address at Community/forest-ower-subscribers.isaFor subscription inquiries, please contact our Subscription Ofce: (044) 45011137, 96770 16700 – To change your mailing address online, visit: Editorial Team: Isha Forest Flower c/o Isha Yoga Center, Semmedu P.O., Velliangiri Foothills, Coimbatore – 641114 forest 2 Dear Readers, The numerous benets of yoga on our health are a widely recognized fact today. But what exactly does it actually take to achieve perfect health on all levels? And how does yoga work on the human system to establish these prerequisites? In our article “The Mechanics of Health,” Sadhguru breaks down the technicalities in a way that only he can.Naturally, the quality of our yogic practice is the key to its effectiveness. Therefore, in our Lead Article “Vibrant Sadhana, Vibrant Life,”    Sadhguru offers valuable leads about how to rekindle and enhance our sadhana and optimize the benets for ourselves and our surroundings.How we breathe is a crucial factor in any yogic practice. This month’s Hatha Yoga   article, “Breathe Easy,”    is all about the interplay of breath, posture, and body.It is no secret that our state of mind greatly impacts our health and wellbeing. Then how to avoid becoming bitter and frustrated? Our article   “The Joy of Being Alive” brings you Sadhguru’s view on the main causes of frustration in today’s world, and how to change one’s perspective in order to change one’s life. “Devotion and Playfulness”    recapitulates the essence of Leela, and with this article, we conclude our popular Leela series. But this is not the end of Sadhguru’s storytelling in Forest Flower. From the next issue, we will immerse ourselves into the world of Mahabharat!  The snippet “Live Simple – Eat Simple”    contains Sadhguru’s observations on how to transform eating from the mere ingestion of food or a social activity to a conscious process. Our “Roasted Vegetables” recipe is a great way to delight in the natural, full avor and nutrition of garden-fresh veggies. Enjoy! The Editorial Team  ISHA FOREST FLOWERNovember 2014  CONTENTS Lead Article Vibrant Sadhana, Vibrant Life Sadhguru on Making Your Sadhana Grow 4 Musings The Joy of Being Alive Sadhguru on How to Avoid Becoming Bitter and Frustrated 7 Leela Series The path of the playful – part LXI: The Essence of Leela: Devotion and Playfulness 10 In Conversation with the Mystic The Mechanics of Health Dr. Devi Shetty in Conversation with Sadhguru 12 Isha Hatha Yoga Part 11: Breathe Easy 16 Upcoming Programs and Events Isha Yoga – Program Highlights 18 Isha Recipe This Month: Roasted Vegetables 20Live Simple – Eat Simple 21 Zen Speaks  Yixuan of Linji 23 November 2014ISHA FOREST FLOWER3  The following is an excerpt from a darshan with Sadhguru on 18 September 2014 at the Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Questioner:  When I rst came to the Inner Engineering program, I came with such madness for you and the whole process. But over time, the madness has been waning. Can you explain this, Sadhguru? Sadhguru:  It takes a lot of discipline to maintain this madness. If this madness has not touched you; if life – the process of life and that which is the source of life – has not overwhelmed you in some way, it means you have never lived. You have existed, but you have not lived. When you rst came to the Isha Yoga or the Inner Engineering program, the process was a bigger experience for you than anything you had ever known. I have not waned – you have waned. I am still the same, still exuding the same thing. Initially, the process overwhelmed you in the sense that it took away what you consider as “myself.” Look carefully what it is that you consider as “myself.” Your personality is actually  just a bundle of likes and dislikes. Essentially, the difference between your personality and that of the person who is sitting next to you are your likes and dislikes – this makes you “different kind of people.” “Your kind of people” means both of you like the same things. In the process of living, most people slowly push themselves to a corner where they hardly like anything. If you hardly like anything, you will become angry and bitter. If you do not like anything at all except yourself, you will become insane. Even medically, the rst sign of insanity is you start thinking no one is okay except you. We brought you the madness and magic of spiritual process. Do not choose medically certied madness instead. When the doctors check you, SADHGURU  Vb S, Vb L Sadhguru on Making Your Sadhana Grow ISHA FOREST FLOWERNovember 20144
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