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Isha Forest Flower Oct 2014

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  Grace & Blessings  Volume - 2 / Issue - 10  `  15 Annual Subscription  `  180 October 2014 Peril of Pride Of anger, hate, greed and Pride  which is a greater folly  Anger for sure will make  you burn and cause distress or death to the other. Hate  surrogate of anger, more overt and consuming but a child of anger. Greed  seems to have nothing to do  with the above two but breeds anger and hate towards all that thwart the insatiablefire of greed. As there is not anything that can fulfill the gastronomy of greed. Pride though looks prettyand makes one perkytakes the pride of placein destroying all possibilitiesof human kind. As it isthe pride that sets oneupon a perch that deceivesReality. A perch thatmakes unreal real and theTruth into Untruth  Anger, hate and greed need the theater of Prideto play. Pride is a crown of thorns that makesone perceive even pain aspleasure. Pride is theMaya, the delusion of life.Refinement of ignoranceIs not Enlightenment.  Isha Forest Flower – ONLINE!To receive free downloadable PDF versions of Isha Forest Flower along with your print subscription, please submit your subscription number and email address at Community/forest-ower-subscribers.isaFor subscription inquiries, please contact our Subscription Ofce: (044) 45011137, 96770 16700 – To change your mailing address online, visit: Editorial Team: Isha Forest Flower c/o Isha Yoga Center, Semmedu P.O., Velliangiri Foothills, Coimbatore – 641114 forest 2 Editorial Dear Readers, In this edition, we focus on relationships, particularly on the traditionally lifelong bond between two individuals. In the past few decades, divorce rates have been rising worldwide, and as the social and economic fabric changes, even in India, the once unthinkable is not completely out of bounds anymore. Is marriage becoming obsolete, or are there fundamental reasons to uphold this institution? Our Lead  Article  , “One Life, One Partner?” has Sadhguru’s answer. In a public conversation with Sadhguru, actress and former Miss India, Juhi Chawla, calls attention to the emotional level of relationships: Where to draw the line between loving unconditionally and becoming a doormat? In the article “Of Domestic Love and Doormats,”   Sadhguru sets forth his view on the matter.While marriage is a union of two people, the article “Three in One Shot” is about a union of a different kind. Find out why the number three plays a pivotal role in yogic practices, though we ultimately aim at oneness. But whatever we may aim at, only Grace can make it a reality. This leads us to the 60th (!) part of our Leela   series and the question “How Grace Works.” If you are wondering to what extent God or Guru is aware of your day-to-day events and pulling the strings, nd out how it actually happens on page 9 f. In the article “When Hesitation is a ‘Sin,’” Sadhguru answers a meditator’s question that arose from Krishna’s advice to Arjuna: Under what circumstances is immediate action in order, and when would it be rash and foolish? Also in this issue: Sadhguru indicates “A Different Approach to Addiction” that, if applied, could be path-breaking in the prevention and treatment of addiction. Especially for those who consider relocating, the article “Does It Matter Where You Live?”   provides invaluable decision-making support. In our Hatha Yoga series, we look at the purpose of a few fundamental instructions for our practice: “Close Your Eyes / Toe to Toe / Heel to Perineum.” The article “Down to Business” offers us a peak into the 2013 edition of INSIGHT – The DNA of Success.  Our “ Dry Fruit Barf” recipe allows you to treat yourself, your family, and your friends with a sweet indulgence this Diwali. Enjoy without remorse! The Editorial Team  ISHA FOREST FLOWEROctober 2014  CONTENTS Lead Article One Life, One Partner? Sadhguru on How Many Are Too Many 4 In Conversation with the Mystic Of Domestic Love and Doormats  Juhi Chawla in Conversation with Sadhguru 7 Leela Series The path of the playful – part LX: How Grace Works 9 Musings When Hesitation is a ‘Sin’ Sadhguru on Times to Probe and Times to Ac 10 Three in One Shot Sadhguru on How to Approach the Fundamental Dimensions of Who We Are  11 A Different Approach to Addiction Sadhguru on the Root Cause and the Remedy 13 Does It Matter Where You Live? Sadhguru on Location Choices 14 Isha Hatha Yoga Part 10: Close Your Eyes / Toe to Toe / Heel to Perineum 15 INSIGHT Down to Business A Peak into INSIGHT 2013 17 Sadhguru Spot Weaving Two Lives into One 19 Upcoming Programs and Events Isha Yoga – Program Highlights 20 Isha Recipes This Month: Dry Fruit Barfi 21 Zen Speaks The Fire God Seeking Fire 23 October 2014 3 ISHA FOREST FLOWER  The following is an excerpt from a Darshan with Sadhguru at the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences in the USA. Questioner:  Namaskaram, Sadhguru. Does God intend human beings to have only one partner in their lifetime? Sadhguru:  God may not have intentions for you. The question is, what is the sensible thing for you to do? There are two aspects to this – one is a social one. Generally, they always said “one man – one woman” in order to stabilize society. In parts of the world where they said “one man – several women,” they had to rule with a stronger hand to keep society stable. I will not go further into this. The other aspect is, all substances in existence have memory. Modern science says this, and in the yogic system, we have always known this: the ve elements – water, air, earth and so on – have a strong sense of memory. If I go to any place that is of some signicance on an energy level, I do not ask people about it – I just place my hands on a rock. By being with it, I will know the whole story of the place. Like the rings of a tree tell you the ecological history of the place, rocks have an even better memory. Generally, the denser the substance, the better its ability to retain memory, and inanimate substances have better memory than animate life. Today’s technology is proving it – your computer has better memory than you. The human mind is not for memory – it is for perception. The inanimate cannot perceive – it can only remember. Deities and other consecrated objects have been created because they are powerful forms of memory.Your body still actively remembers what happened a million years ago. Genetics is just memory. This physical memory is called runanu bandha.  It is your memory that binds you to things around you. Suppose you went home and you forgot who your father and mother are, what would you do? It is not SADHGURU O L, O P? Sadhguru on How Many are Too Many  4ISHA FOREST FLOWEROctober 2014
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