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  Sullivan’s Island  ã Isle of Palms  ã Goat Island  ã Dewees Island   Since May 2005 November 7, 2014Volume 10 Issue 14 FREE P RE  S  ORT  S T A  NDA RD U S P  O S T A  GE P A I  D C HA RL E  S T  O N , S  C P E RMI  T  N O 4 3 7 P  O S T A L P A T R O N INSIDE THE ISLAND EYE NEWS INTO THE LIGHTS PG 21 NEW TECH HELPS TO LOOK BACK  PG 22 DO PUMKINS FLOAT? PG 22   Tucker continues on page 19 Lady of the isles IOP CITY ADMINISTRATOR CELEBRATES 30 YEARS OF SERVICE BY JENNIFER TUOHY ISLAND EYE NEWS EDITOR S ince I arrived to work for this newspaper one year ago, I have discovered that there are two Linda Lovvorn Tuckers. There is the perfectly coiffed Isle of Palms City Administrator, wearing her signature blazer, strategic smile, and employing a rm but friendly tone to keep any number of city meetings on track. Then there is ‘Foxy’ Linda, grandmother to four girls (who gifted her the nickname), amateur photographer, lover of long, stress-relieving beach walks and bright, bold interior paint colors. “It’s meant to be the colors of a beach ball,” Linda explains as she ushers me into her City Hall ofce decorated in the most brilliant blue imaginable and complemented by dazzling yellow in the reception area. “After all we’re by the sea!” These little touches give you some insight into the second Linda, the person behind the ultra-professional mask of City Administrator. In honor of her recent recognition by the International Association of City Administrators for 30 years of service to local government, I sat down with her to nd out a little more about the lady who has spent 23 of those years managing two barrier islands off the coast of Charleston, Sullivan’s Island (Town Administrator 1991 – 2000) and Isle of Palms (City Administrator 2000 – present).“The two communities have lots of similarities and they’re very different too,” Linda says. “There are things that make Sullivan’s Island very special and things that make Isle of Palms very special. In many ways it’s good that those differences exist.” Linda is probably in the best position of any island resident to answer the often asked question, why is it the two islands are so different?“I think it’s their history,” she says. “As I recall Sullivan’s Island was srcinally a Fort installation. It had a very small commercial component and historically people came from the City Elephants never forget how to play Skee-Ball at the Halloween Carnival.  Ashley and Michelle Haynes get spooky on Ofcers' Row. Sumo Wrestlers get jiggly at the IOP Halloween Carnival. Trick or Treating goes down a treat on Sullivan's Island. PHOTOS BY STEVE ROSAMILIA  2November 7, 2014 SI Council continues on page 9 WWW . ISLANDEYENEWS . COM CIVIC Lawsuits, parking, flming discussed at SI Town Council BY JENNIFER TUOHY ISLAND EYE NEWS EDITOR O n October 21, 2014 a special Sullivan’s Island Council meeting was held just prior to the regular meeting. The intent was to go into executive session and discuss the Bluestein, et al lawsuit, otherwise known as the Accreted Land Lawsuit.Word spread quickly, and before Council had a chance to draw breath at the regular meeting,  Julia Khoury stood up to voice her support of the decision made during that executive session. “We very much approve of the survey of the 6” diameter of all species of the trees,” she said. “As always all we want is an intelligent, well-thought out land plan involving experts in the eld.” Councilman Pat O’Neil conrmed that Council had directed the lawyers to order a survey of the trees in all of the accreted land of 6” and up.No other information was forthcoming on that lawsuit. However, it was revealed that the Sullivan’s Island Elementary School lawsuit is not over, as many had assumed. According to Trenholm Walker, the town’s attorney in the suit, the plaintiffs have led a notice of appeal. “The next step is for the appellants to le their initial brief which will probably occur in the next 30-60 days,” Walker said in an email to Island Eye News on Oct. 28.O’Neil summarized it for attendees at the Oct. 21 council meeting. “The Plaintiffs are asking to reconsider the verdict and now it’s being appealed to the next level.”It was revealed during the meeting that another lawsuit has been led against the town. Island resident Hal Coste is disputing a Board of Zoning and Appeal decision to order to him to stop constructing a 300 sq. ft. treehouse he has begun building on his property for his grandchildren. During public comments resident Barbara Spell expressed concern that Council is not moving quickly enough with regards to a paid parking solution on the island. “It is a huge concern,” Spell said. “Isle of Palms has had two public forums to discuss the issue and all we’ve had is two executive session, we’ve not brought islanders in. When are  y’all going to discuss it? When will Sullivan’s Island residents be afforded the same courtesy Isle of Palms residents are having and nd out what our choices are?” “Perhaps we can be faulted for not doing enough,” councilmember Pat O’Neil responded. “But not for doing it in secret.” “There was a decision made that we were going to monitor what the IOP is doing because the IOP has not yet made a decision,” he continued. “They have a date by which they will make a decision. We were trying to watch their process, we had discussed the possibility of hiring a consultant to do a study [in executive session]. But you want to do the study during the summer months, so we are past that season and do not have the ability to do that. We are monitoring that very carefully.” “So we are just going to react to what they are doing?” Spell asked.“No,” councilmember Susan Middaugh said. “We did make a decision several years ago. But there’s a lot to be said for being a little behind the curve on this because they are going to have to “WE VERY MUCH APPROVE OF THE SURVEY OF THE 6” DIAMETER OF ALL SPECIES OF THE TREES.” ~ Julia Khoury   November 7, 2014   3 Isle of Palms 886.6428  Wednesday, November 12 Municipal Court 9 a.m.1207 Palm Boulevard Planning Commission 4:30 p.m.1207 Palm Boulevard Thursday, November 13 Livability Court 5 p.m.1207 Palm Boulevard Monday, November 17 Real Property Committee 5:30 P.m.1207 Palm Boulevard Tuesday, November 18 Ways and Means Committee 5:45 p.m.1207 Palm Boulevard City Council Meeting NEW TIME 6:45 p.m.1207 Palm Boulevard Wednesday, November 19 Municipal Court 9 a.m.1207 Palm Boulevard Sullivan's Island 883.3198  Wednesday, November 12 Coffee with the Chief! Stop by for a chat about SI with Police Chief Howard at Cafe Medley. 8:30 a.m.2213 Middle Street Planning Commission 6:30 p.m.2050 Middle Street Thursday, November 13 Public Safety Committee Meeting 4 p.m.2050 Middle Street Board of Zoning Appeals 6 p.m.2050 Middle Street Tuesday, November 18 Regular Council Meeting 6 p.m.2050 Middle Street Wednesday, November 19 Coffee with the Chief! See Wednesday, November 12. DRB Meeting 6 p.m.2050 Middle Street CIVIC * Bench Trials will be at a temporary Town Hall facility located behind the Fire Station, next to the Stith Park (2050 Middle Street). Contact SI Clerk of Court directly at 883-5734 (Maria LoRusso) for payments or questions. 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Civic Calendar  Recycle - THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13 - Holiday Schedule Tuesday, November 11 Town Hall Ofces CLOSED VETERAN'S HOLIDAY  T  he election to decide who will ll Mayor Mike Perkis’s unexpired term will be held Jan. 6, 2015. As of press time, Monday, Nov. 3, two residents have stepped up to offer their service to the town, current councilmembers Jerry Kaynard and Patrick O’Neil. The deadline to le was Tuesday, Nov. 4.If a member of Council is elected mayor, the seat he or she vacates will not be lled until the next scheduled municipal general election on May 5, 2015. Below is a brief summary of the two candidates’ history. Look for a full question and answer in a forthcoming edition of the Island Eye News  . JERRY KAYNARD (Gerald A. Kaynard) Age:  69 Length of time on council:  Served from 2007-2014 on Town Council Length of time on the island:  On island since 1977, 37 years Address: Atlantic Avenue Where you are from:   Augusta, Georgia. I moved to the island in 1977, bought my lot in 1973 and visited the beach often. Sat on my lot with a cooler for several summers before I was able to build my house in 1977. What brought you to Sullivan’s:  Loved the island from the rst time I visited, saw someone riding a horse on the beach and said this is where I have to live. Career:  As a lawyer, I listen to people’s problems all day, I analyze options available to them and I nd solutions that are legal and practical. Town committees / chairmanships currently held / held in the past: ã Chairman, Administration (All matters relating to oversight of implementation of the following  Town administrative functions: personnel; licensing; Town Attorney; court; rules; solicitation for Boards and Commissions; administrative infrastructure; communications and community outreach.) (8th year)ã Serve currently on Water & Sewer Committee (8th year)ã Acting Chairman (and Vice-chairman) of Finance Committee (8th year)ã Serve on Land Use and Natural Resources (8th  year)ã Town representative on CARTA Board (County transportation systems)ã Town representative on BCD-COG Board (tri-county Council of Governments)ã Previously served on Recreation Committee Other involvement in public ofce / service now or in past: ã President (2006-2013), Board Member (2006-present), French Quarter Neighborhood Association ã Vice Chairman, Member of Board, South Carolina Board of Health & Environmental Control 1981- 1987 ã Chairman, District #20 School Board 1975-1978ã Assistant Corporation Counsel, City of Charleston, 1976-1986ã Chairman (2006), Board of Directors ( 1985-present), JCC Housing Corporation ã Chairman (2004-present) Pro Bono Legal Services, Inc.ã Chairman, Neighborhood Legal Assistance Program (1975-2001)ã Chairman, Pro Bono Committee, Charleston County Bar Association (1990-present)ã Board Member, Charleston Area Senior Citizens 1978-1984 Kaynard, O’Neil step up for Mayor  BY JENNIFER TUOHY ISLAND EYE NEWS EDITOR Candidates continues on page 4  4November 7, 2014 WWW . ISLANDEYENEWS . COM ã Past Board Member: Mental Health Association, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Carolina Youth Development Center, Creative Spark Center for the Arts. Hobbies/Pastimes: Playing with our dog, Banjo (especially on the beach); walking on the beach; traveling; riding around the island in golf cart, hanging out with friends; movie buff. Why are you running for the position of Mayor?  “One of the reasons I’m running is I want to try and bring the community back together. I think unifying the community is so important. This election is about the future, it’s about the challenges we have, it’s about anticipating the needs of the community and being prepared. “Additionally, I have projects I started with Mike Perkis that I’d like to nish; such as the Town Hall and the accreted land management plan. A perpetual objective of the town is to protect our natural resources. We have a core value as a residential community. We are a caring community, we are unique and we are very fortunate to be living on this island and we need to be guardians of our natural resources so that not only can we enjoy it, but our children and their children can enjoy what we have. “Those goals supersede the current topic of the day. While we may get diverted by a particular subject that’s important to the community today, we need to keep in mind the overall objective of the community. While we may have disagreements on a particular issue, in the scope of everything we are trying to do it’s minor compared to the important objectives that bind us together. “I want to be mayor to lead our efforts to plan for the future, and to ensure that our special quality of life is not only enjoyed by our community today, but is protected and preserved for our children and our grandchildren.”  PATRICK MAHLEN O'NEIL Age:  66 in people years Length of time on council:  Service on Town Council since 2001, Planning Commission from 1993 till then. Length of time on the island:  Bought my rst house on the Island and moved into it in 1985 after living on IOP for one  year and downtown for 10 years before that. Address:  Thompson Avenue on the back beach. Bought this house in 1999. Previously lived on Atlantic Avenue at Station 17. Where you are from: Despite what you might think from my name, I was born on the bayou, in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Growing up, I wondered if I should change my last name to Eauxneille to t in better. What brought you to Sullivan’s: I rst came here in 1973 when accepted into the MUSC psychology internship program, which had been started by my former UGA professor, Dr. John Roitzsch, who until his death in 2013 was a fellow Islander, as his wife Pam continues to be. Career: Clinical psychologist at MUSC: Director of the MUSC Weight Management Center; Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Town committees / chairmanships currently held / held in the past: ã Mayor Pro Tem 2005-2009ã Chair, Land Use and Natural Resources (formerly Real Estate) committee since 2001ã Town representative to Coalition for Sustainable Flood Insurance (national group that achieved federal legislative relief from most severe impacts of Biggert-Waters bill on ood insurance premiums for residential property-owners), 2013-14ã Chair, Town Council task force to streamline committee structure and functionã Member, Public Safety committee and formerly the committees it subsumed (Police Committee and Fire Committee)ã Member, Public Facilities committeeã Member, Building Committee (subsumed by Public Facilities committee) Other involvement in public ofce / service now or in past: ã SI Planning Commission 1993-2001 (noted above)ã Member, Committee on Military Nutrition Research, Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine, 2001-2006ã Member, South Carolina State Board of Examiners in Psychology, 1991–1996 (Chair 1995-96)ã Author, “Weighing the Choices” weekly column on weight control, Charleston Sunday Post and Courier, 1987–1996 Other involvement in public ofce / service now or in past: ã Leadership positions in the Obesity Society (the primary North American professional and scientic organization devoted to obesity), including recent (2011-12) term as President Hobbies / Pastimes: Unsuccessful shing in Cove Creek and other nearby locations; Slow (and slower and slower) jogging. Why are you running for the position of Mayor? “This is an election I hoped and prayed would not be necessary. We all grieve the passing of Mayor Mike Perkis, who was a seless public servant and a dear friend. But in the face of that reality, the Island is confronted with an uncertain path in the face of numerous challenges. Some of these have increased urgency: trafc, parking, congestion, commercial district overow…all the results of our incredible popularity. Others are long standing but nonetheless critical: environmental conservation, protection of our single-family zoning, management of the protected accreted land, historic preservation.“Disturbed by those challenges, many Islanders urged me to enter the race for Mayor. “Frankly, every time I have heard a politician say something like that, I have rolled my eyes. But as it turns out, it actually happens. “While I have treasured the opportunity to serve the Town for more than 13 years as a member of Council, being Mayor was never on my bucket list. But when friends and neighbors ask you to step up this way, I have now learned, it is both humbling and compelling. After much thought and discussion, I believe that it is in the best interests of the Island for me to offer to serve as Mayor. “My record of integrity, service, impartiality and commitment is a public matter. My island neighbors have a thorough and long standing work sample for this employment interview. I hope that they will agree that it offers them the best path forward.” Candidates continues from page 3

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