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Issue 33 - Ogling Okay? / ON for God in Your OFFS: The Nehemiah Example / World Cup 2014 Magic Moments & The Word - The Days mag

Bible Truth wrapped around contemporary events of intertest to the Google Generation.- Jesus style (Luke 13), Paul Style (Acts 17). That is what The Days of Your Youth mag published by Grabbing De Google Generation 4m Gehenna Mission with Duke Jeyaraj's writings is about. Issue No. 33 is going to the press. God bless Rav K Alamothu, our volunteer cover designer. It was Ravi, my one-time colleague in HSBC, who first worked to get our mag in color in the year 2007. This issue's lead article encourages the Google Genner to be ON for God, in their OFFs using the example of Nehemiah. This issue openly talks about what the Bible has to say about the OGLE temptation of the GOOGLE generation starting with a much-talked about blunt Deepika Padukone fury tweet. This issue has answers two key questions concerning the hyper-grace controversy: Are my future-sins as a believer, auto-forgiven? Do I have to follow the Old Testament moral law as a New Testament believer? Bible Truth is wrapped around gripping World Cup 2014 gripping moments - in this edition. The final page is a gripping poetic narration of the most watched televised event ever, the Germany-Argentina World Cup Final 2014 with a Gospel presentation at the end. In this issue, we have not just top-notch practical theology but also some powerful stories. We carry the story of Sandeep Pasupaletti (Scotty) who found Jesus from a different religious background. Not only that. Duke shares an unforgettable snippet from his own life when he discovered his actions spoke louder than his words. River Beas Hyderabad Students tragedy becomes the starting point for some death theology, in this issue. God bless our team of text editors - all volunteers, seven of them in fact who live in places as diverse as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, etc. We are grateful to God for Indians who send us offerings which enables us to keep publishing hard copy magazine editions in the days where online publishing is in vogue. My family - Evan, Dale, Dat - were patient with me as I buried myself in the work of writing for this issue, burning the midnight oil. Without their cooperation, this issue would still be just in my imagination. If you are not a subscriber of this magazine, you can be one by paying Rs.250 (one year for five issues) or Rs.2000 (life) on one of the bank accounts on this link: and sending your address to +91-8886040605. Overseas address please multiply charge by 10.
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  3 It was India vs Zimbabwe in1983 World Cup. India electedto bat first against thesecricket minnows. On thatovercast day of June 18 th ,1983, India was soontottering at 17 for 5.Gavaskar, Amarnath, YashpalSharma and Sandeep Patilwere back in the pavilion.Roger Binny walked into joinKapil Dev, India’s captain in themiddle. If Kapil Dev had readthe Nehemiah story in theBible he could have perhapssaid this to Roger Binny: “Come, let us rebuild the wallof Indian batting line up thatwe may no longer be areproach!” (cf. Neh. 2:17).Kapil’s partnerships with Binny,Madan Lal and Kirmani helpedIndia reach 266 in the allotted60 overs. Kapil Dev scored175 runs off 138 balls, hitting16 fours and 6 sixes. Later,India bowled out Zimbabwefor 235 to win the game. Indiawent on to win that WorldCup.The Bible story of Nehemiahrebuilding the broken walls of Jerusalem is even moregripping than that of Kapil Devrebuilding the walls of Indianbatting in the Zimbabwe gamewe just talked about. In thisarticle, I would like to outlinethe story from the book of Nehemiah using the acronymN-E-H-E-M-I-A-H even as Iglean out lessons for theGoogle Generation. N-NOBLE PROFESSIONHOLDING NEHEMIAH Nehemiah, a Jew, lived in theland of Persia and served as acup-bearer to King Artaxerxes(Neh. 1:11). F. CharlesFensham explains theimportance of the role of acup-bearer: “In the AncientNear Eastern court, thecupbearer with his directaccess to the king wasregarded as important andinfluential. In Tobit it is saidthat Esarhaddon’s cup-bearerwas only second to him in thekingdom (Tobit 1:22). ForNehemiah to have reachedthis position was an importantachievement. It shows whatinfluential positions some of the Jews of the exile hadreached.” Skip Heitzig’s commentsabout the cup-bearers’ role inthose days adds to one’sunderstanding about theprofessional heights Nehemiahhad risen as a foreigner in aPersian court: “You may thinkof a cupbearer as a type of abus boy like we have in ourrestaurants. In the Persiancourt, the cupbearer equalledthe head of the homelandsecurity for the whole palace.Nothing, including documents,food or drink, came into thepalace of the king unless itwent to the cupbearerfirst….only the King’s wife wascloser to the Persian king thanthe cup-bearer.” The commendable integritylevels that the JewishNehemiah showcased isproved by the fact a paganking of an enemy nation(Persia) hired him to head hissecurity arrangements. Thecupbearer had close proximityto the king of Persia and hadprivy to state secrets.At our workplace, are wepeople of integrity? Do we hit  Duke Jeyaraj On For The Lord OnYour Offs Like Nehemiah?  Kapil Dev rebuilt the tottering India’s innings in their World Cup 1983 game versus Zimbabwe. Nehemiah took long leave to…..  4 our integrity for a six, bystealing stationary from ourworkplace? Is our integritylevel so unmistakable, thatour non-believing bosses stopto notice it and perhaps giveus some responsibilities? E-EMOTIONALLYENTREATING GODNEHEMIAH Nehemiah received the newsthat the walls of the cityJerusalem he hailed from,were broken (Neh. 1:3).James E. Smith writes, “A citywith a broken wall was anopen shame, not to mention,a dangerous place to live.” Thenews about the broken wallsof Jerusalem brokeNehemiah’s heart. He “satdown and wept and mournedfor days” with fasting (1:4).What do we do when wereceive news from periodicalsthat make us perceive thatthe moral walls of our nationare broken? They certainlyare. Sample this: “Ninemillion-plus Indians downloadand view pornography ontheir mobile phones paying anaverage of Rs. 5500 eachyear on procuring content,according to a 2012 reporton telecom InFebruary 2013, a year-longsurvey of 964 collegians byRescue, a Mysore-based ‘moral consciousness’ group,concluded that 75 per cent of all male undergraduate or pre-university students regularlyconsumed porn. In January2013, 70-year-old Niyaz Razaof Govandi, Mumbai, wasarrested after he allegedlyraped a 13-year-old girl, hissixth victim, and circulated a12-minute mobile phone videoof the teenager performingoral sex on him. Morerecently, on April 15, 2013,22-year-old garment factoryworker Manoj Sah and 19-year-old Pradeep Kumaradmitted in police custodythat they had watched pornon Sah’s mobile phone beforeraping a neighbour’s five-year-old child in East Delhi.” ( IndiaToday  , 5 July 2013). Do wetake time to intercede thatpeople would turn to the holyLord Jesus repenting from sin?Do we do so with tears andgreat heart-felt emotion?Leonard Ravenhill wrote, “Skiptravel; start travail!” One of my unforgettablememories as a student(1993-97) of AllahabadAgricultural Institute inAllahabad, Uttar Pradeshinvolved weeping. Whilestanding over a small bridge inthe deserted side of ourcampus, tears rolled down mycheek. I was praying for thesalvation of the students inthe campus I studied – manyof whom were in the grip of many vices. I was prayingthere with a friend. Godcertainly answered that teary-eyed prayer. He enabled meto start an organisation –Grabbing the GoogleGeneration from GehennaMission – a ministry thatreaches out to the morallydecayed Google Genners withthe life-transforming Gospel,down the line (in 2006).Would newspaper articlesbring out the “juice” fromyour eyes?! They must! H-HOLIDAY-REQUESTING,HEAD-USING NEHEMIAH Upon noticing that Nehemiahwas sad in his presence, theKing asked Nehemiah, “Why isyour face sad?” (Neh.2:1).Nehemiah then explains howthe city he srcinally hailedfrom (Jerusalem) lay in ruins(2:3). In turn, the King askedNehemiah, “What are yourequesting? (2:4).” BeforeNehemiah answered, he madea quick prayer (2:4). Then hesaid, “If it pleases the king,and if your servant has foundfavour in your sight, that yousend me to Judah, to the cityof my fathers’ graves, that Imay rebuild it (2:5).” Nehemiah wanted a longholiday to do a holy work –rebuild Jerusalem’s brokenwalls. Here we observe that “Nehemiah obtained leave toreturn…” (Neh. 2:6). Thequeen was beside Nehemiah  9 million-plus Indians download and view pornography on their  mobile phones paying an average of Rs.5500 each year.
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