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  ISSUE: IMPROVEMENT OF SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT IN MALAYSIA Solid waste define as unwanted solid material that consume by human including agricultural, commercial and industrial activities. Referred to talk by Dato Ong Ka Ting (Former Malaysia Housing And Local Government Minister) in 2007, Malaysia with a population of over 25 millions, approximately produced 18,000 ton of household waste per day. In addition, by 2013 the solid waste generation had been increased to 33,000 ton per day.(Mokhtar,2013: SWcorp,2014). The increasing solid waste should be manage properly to prevent pollution and danger to human and environment. However, initially regulation and legislation at Malaysia not adequate to manage solid waste. Which are more to prevention and control environmental through local authorities in street cleanliness and transportation, Drainage And Building Act 1974 and Environmental Quality Act 1974. In other to control the solid waste, government introduce Action Plan for Beautiful and Clean Malaysia (ABC Plan). Continued with  National Recycling day at 1991 and 2000. In 2006, Waste Minimization Master plan (WM-MP) launched to reduce consumption of natural resource and increased reduction environmental load. WM-MP is part of National Strategic Plan (NSP) as consideration of government in solid waste management. Finally, Solid waste and Public Cleansing Management Act 2007 (Act 672) had been created. Consist of promotion of waste reduction, and recycling. It more efficient which is providing in guideline of treatment and handling final disposal of solid waste. Beside that, mandatory source separation to be considered to segregate material can  be recycle and disposal. This strategy in order to achieve Comprehensive Action Plan of Solid Waste Management 2015-2020. In conclusion, solid waste management is very important. Therefore legislation and regulation play important role to provide and create good environment for human   beneficial and nature. To prevent pollution, disease, and danger in long term, all party should be involved and aware about handling and managing solid waste including government and individual.
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