It s time to trade. Zeit zu Handeln. Q // Gesamtmarkt. total market. Produktgruppen?

It s time to trade. ITMarkt market Barometer research Q 0 // Gesamtmarkt total market Wer Which macht is the am most meisten efficient in Druck selected in product den wichtigsten categories? Produktgruppen?
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It s time to trade. ITMarkt market Barometer research Q 0 // Gesamtmarkt total market Wer Which macht is the am most meisten efficient in Druck selected in product den wichtigsten categories? Produktgruppen? Zeit zu Handeln. ITscope Market Research Dear customer, we have news to share: our new market analysis, based on the click data gathered from all our customers on, shows the most wanted products out of eleven categories of the ITmarket. Gain insights into what products are most appreciated by our resellers, distributors, and system integrators. Our news from the rd quarter of 0 : reaches over.000 registered users for the first time. Export system update: New CSV and XMLformats are available online, offering easy integration of vast product and price data. New distributors: ITscope welcomes the newlisted distributors: reichelt elektronik, Zebracom, CHP IT Distribution, IT Xchange, Comprise, Topus and many more. Best regards, your ITscopeTeam Category total market Index / Market numbers of the rd quarter of 0 of following products Upcoming hot sellers TFTs Tablets Printers & Multifunctional Devices CPUs Server Notebooks PC Systems Software Router & Switches Mobile Phones Storage Systems At a glance: Latest products that made it straight into the TOP last quarter. Hottest Player: Arlo videoserver + cameras Netgear 1. Upcoming hot sellers Q listed since..0 Netgear Arlo Videoserver+Kameras, VMS00EUS 5..0 Cisco Firewall incl. FirePOWER Services, ASA 55X Shuttle Barebone, DS57U GN Netcom BIZ 00 II QD Duo NC Headset, Kingston GB USBStick hardwareencrypted, DT 000 G Snom M5 Schnurloses DECT VOIP Telefon, Microsoft Surface Type Cover, GV RWE SmartHome Energy Control, Delock USB.0 Gigabit LAN Adapter, Wacom Cintiq Companion Premium, DTHWP..0 Intel Compute Module Server Blade, HNS00TPF Apple Watch Sport mm Space Gray, MJTFD/A Acer P55 DLPProjektor D, MR.JLC Electronic Arts FIFA 1 PS, 0..0 Kingston HyperX FURY Black Series GB DDR, HXCFB/ 0 . TFTs Hottest Player: Q Q SC50BW Samsung 1 Samsung SC50BW, LSC5KBWV/EN. 7 Dell UltraSharp UM, Samsung SC50BL, SC5KBL/EN 1.7 LG MB5HQB 1.7 BenQ GL0HM, 9H.LA7LB.QPE 1.50 Samsung SC50BW, LSC5KBWV/EN 1. BenQ BLHT, 9H.LAXLB.HBE 1.81 BenQ GL0, 9H.LALB.QPE Dell UltraSharp U7H, ADSO Dell Professional PH, 80BBBQ 1.9 Dell UltraSharp UH, 80BBCW 1. 0 HP EliteDisplay E1i, F0W81AT#ABB 1.81 Samsung SC50PL, LSC5UPC/EN HP EliteDisplay E1i, F0W81AA#ABB Retail Dell UltraSharp U5H, ADZG Hottest Player: Surface Pro, 5 GB Microsoft. Tablets Q Q 5 Microsoft Surface Pro, i5/5gb silber, QG Apple ipad Air, spacegrau GB G, MGHXFD/A 1.79 Microsoft Surface Pro, i5/8gb silber, QF Microsoft Surface Pro, i5/8gb silber, MQ000 Retail 1.55 Samsung Galaxy Tab,.1 schwarz 1GB, SMT50NYKADBT Apple ipad Air, spacegrau 1GB, MGLFD/A 1.7 Samsung Galaxy Tab,.1 weiß 1GB G, SMT55NZWADBT Apple ipad Air, spacegrau 1GB G, MGGXFD/A 1. Microsoft Surface Pro, i7/5gb silber, 5D Samsung Galaxy Tab,.1 schwarz 1GB G, SMT55NYKADBT 1. Samsung Galaxy Tab,.1 weiß 1GB, SMT50NZWADBT 1.9 Microsoft Surface Pro, i/gb silber, YN Samsung Galaxy Tab S,.5 weiß 1GB, SMT800NZWADBT Apple ipad Air, spacegrau GB, MGKLFD/A 998 Microsoft Surface Pro, i7/5gb silber, QH Printers & Multifunctional Devices Q Q Hottest Player: LaserJet M dn HP 1 HP LaserJet Mdn, CF78A#B19.7 HP LaserJet Enterprise P0dn, CE58A#B HP LaserJet Mdne, CF99A#B HP Officejet Pro X7dw, CN1A#A HP LaserJet M51dn, CE957A#B HP LaserJet M5dn, CF8A#B Canon PIXMA MG550, 987B Canon PIXMA ip750, 19B HP Officejet 8e, A7FA#A Kyocera ECOSYS P5dn, PJNL HP Officejet Pro 80, EEA#A Brother MFC70N, MFC70NG Canon PIXMA MX95, 99B0 1.0 HP LaserJet Pro MFP M7dn, CF8A#B HP LaserJet Pro MFP M7dw, CF87A#B Hottest Player: 5. CPUs Core i50 Intel Q Q Intel Core i50, Core,. GHz, BX8I50 Intel Core i7700k, Core, GHz, BX8I7700K Intel Core i7790k, Core, GHz, BX8I7790K.75 Intel Core i7790, Core,. GHz, BX8I Intel Core i10, Core,. GHz, BX8I Intel Core i500k, Core,.5 GHz, BX8I500K Intel Core i7580k, Core,. GHz, BX88I7580K Intel Core i5590, Core,. GHz, BX8I AMD FX 00, Core,.5 GHz,FD00WMHKBOX Intel Core i590, Core,.5 GHz, BX8I Intel Core i590k, Core,.5 GHz, BX8I590K 1. Intel Core i50, Core,.1 GHz, BX8I AMD FX 850, 8Core,.0 GHz, FD850FRHKBOX 1.5 Intel Core i0, Core,.5 GHz, BX8I0 1.9 AMD FX 00, Core,.8 GHz, FD00WMHKBOX 1.7 . Server Q Q Hottest Player: DL80 Gen9 HP Enterprise 1 HP Enterprise DL80 Gen9, 1x Xeon E50V, HP Enterprise DL80 Gen9, x Xeon E550V, 7589B HP Enterprise DL0 Gen9, 1x Xeon E50V, HP Enterprise MicroServer Gen8, Celeron G1T, HP Enterprise ML50 Gen9, 1x Xeon E50V, HP Enterprise DL80 Gen9, 1x Xeon E50V, 7587B1 1. HP Enterprise ML50 Gen9, 1x Xeon E50V, HP Enterprise DL0 Gen9, 1x Xeon E50V, 755B1 97 HP Enterprise DL80p Gen8, x Xeon E550, HP Enterprise DL80 Gen9, 1x Xeon E5V, 758B1 85 HP Enterprise ML50p Gen8, 1x Xeon E50V, HP Enterprise MLe Gen8, 1x Xeon E0V, HP Enterprise DL80 Gen9, 1x Xeon E50V, 7588B1 HP Enterprise MicroServer Gen8, 1x Xeon E0LV, F9A0A HP Enterprise DL80p Gen8, x Xeon E550V, Hottest Player: ProBook 50 G1 HP 7. Notebooks Q Q HP ProBook 50 G1, i5m 500GB HDD, F1P85ET#ABD HP ProBook 50 G1, i5m 8GB SSD, F1P81ET#ABD Lenovo ThinkPad L50, i5m, 0AV0VGE HP ProBook 50 G, i5500u, LQEA#ABD Apple MacBook Pro, Retina, i5557u, MF80D/A Toshiba Satellite Pro R50B9, i0u, PSSG0E00GR 1. 7 Toshiba Satellite Pro R50BR, i0u, PSSG0E00N0GR HP ProBook 70 G, i5500u, LQ9EA#ABD Apple MacBook Air,, i5550u, MJVED/A HP ProBook 70 G, i75500u, LQ8EA#ABD Lenovo ThinkPad E550, i5500u, 0DFGE Toshiba Satellite Pro C70BK, i5u, PSCL5E77GR 1.8 Apple MacBook Pro,, i5m, MD1D/A Lenovo ThinkPad T50p, i77mq, 0BE00BGE Lenovo ThinkPad T50s, i5500u, 0BX00GE 998 8. PC Systems Q Q Hottest Player: ProDesk 00 G HP 17 HP ProDesk 00 G MT, i5590s, K8K7EA#ABD Intel Compute Stick STCK1AWFCR, BOXSTCK1AWFCR HP ProDesk 00 G MT, i10, K8KEA#ABD HP ProDesk 00 G1 Mini, i5590t, L9TEA#ABD HP ProDesk 00 G1, i5590, J0E98ET#ABD 1.0 Apple imac 1.5, i5570r, MED/A Apple imac 7, i5570, ME8D/A HP ProDesk 00 G MT, Pentium G50, K8K8EA#ABD HP 80 G1 MT, i10, K8K8EA#ABD 97 9 HP ProDesk 90 G MT, i5590, JBEA#ABD 91 HP 80 G1 MT, Pentium G50, K8KEA#ABD 85 HP ProDesk 90 G MT, i7790, JBEA#ABD 8 8 HP Workstation Z0 MT, Xeon E510V, G1X5ET#ABD 8 Apple imac 7 Retina 5K, i590, MF88D/A 89 5 Lenovo ThinkCentre M8, i5590, BE05GE 80 Hottest Player: Office Home and Business 0 Microsoft 9. Software Q Q 1 Microsoft Office Home and Business 0, T5D Microsoft Windows Server Standard 0 R x, P717.8 Microsoft Windows 7 Professional SP1 x, FQC Microsoft Office Home and Student 0, 79G.7 Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro x, FQC9.89 Microsoft Windows Pro x, FQC9.9 Microsoft Windows Server 0, R18757 Microsoft Windows Home x, KW HP Enterprise Windows Server 0 R ROK, 7891B Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x, GFC75 1. Microsoft Windows 7 Professional SP1 x8, FQC Microsoft Office Professional 0, 919 Microsoft Office Home & Business, T5D Microsoft Windows 8.1 x, WN Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Business 0, WF9 1.5 . Router & Switches Q Q Hottest Player: FRITZ!Box 790 AVM 1 AVM FRITZ!Box 790, HP Enterprise 98G, J978A HP Enterprise 5GPoE+, J977A 1.9 AVM FRITZ!Box Fon 790, HP Enterprise 5G, J977A HP Enterprise 18G, J9980A HP Enterprise 58GPoE+, J977A 1.70 HP Enterprise 58G, J9775A 1. 8 HP Enterprise 9G, J97A 1. 9 HP Enterprise 98GPoE+, J979A 1.00 HP Enterprise 19G, JG9A 1.91 HP Enterprise 9GPOE+, J977A 1. DLink ADSL+ Ethernet Modem, DSL1B/EU HP Enterprise 198G, JG97A 1.1 HP Enterprise 5GPoE+, J977A 1. Hottest Player: iphone 1GB spacegrey Apple. Mobile Phones Q Q 1 Apple iphone spacegrau 1 GB, MG7ZD/A Apple iphone spacegrau GB, MGFZD/A 1.7 Samsung GALAXY S5 charcoal black 1 GB, SMG900FZKADBT Apple iphone silber 1 GB, MG8ZD/A 1.0 Apple iphone 5s spacegrau 1 GB, MEDN/A 1. Samsung Xcover 550 darksilver 5 MB, SMB550HDSADBT 1. 5 Samsung Galaxy S5 mini charcoal black 1 GB, SMG800FZKADBT 1.8 Samsung Galaxy Xcover darksilver 8 GB, SMG88FDSADBT 99 Apple iphone 5C weiß 8 GB, MG8XDN/A 95 1 Apple iphone gold GB, MGJZD/A 9 17 Samsung Galaxy S5 mini white 1 GB, SMG800FZWADBT 91 Apple iphone silber GB, MGHZD/A Microsoft Lumia 0 LTE schwarz 8 GB, A Apple iphone gold 1 GB, MG9ZD/A Samsung Galaxy S blacksapphire GB, SMG90FZKADBT . Storage Systems Q Q Hottest Player: DSJ Synology Synology DSJ QNAP TS QNAP TS5Pro 1.18 Synology DS QNAP TS QNAP TS5Pro 1.8 QNAP TSP 1.1 Synology DS 1.0 QNAP TS1 97 Synology DSplay 950 Synology DS QNAP TS Synology DS 9 9 QNAP TS QNAP TS5Pro8G 89 ITscope GmbH LudwigErhardAllee 0 71 Karlsruhe Deutschland Faster than the competition. T +9 (0) F +9 (0)
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