It was all a dream

Newspaper Project - week 1
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    A workshop that Carleigh Portelli lead about neutrality taught me a lot as an actor, firstly that it is impossible to be completely neutral  because everyone’s neutral is different however the body needs to be awake and alive. Standing in neutral requires work but is economical  because it does not waste any energy. The position of neutral is this  –   feet hip width apart and back hipbone in line with heels, feet parallel,  pelvis tucked under, slight tension in back to support chest and  breathing, bring shoulde r blades down to widen chest, don’t bring tension to chest, head extended up from the back from the back of the head and face relaxed but alert. Hands relaxed and arms rested by sides not in front or behind. As an actor we need to get to know our own neutral and get used to it as much as possible because we use it all the time while standing in a circle or preparation for a game. I now know that our feet are so important to us, during a foot stretch the pain was so intense and alien to me as I normally do not sit in that position. I need to breathe through the pain and learn to endure it as this is a self-achievement to be able to endure pain. We ensured we stretched out after in order to  prevent injury which was child's pose, cobra and all fours into standing. I learnt relating the four elements to our body, our feet are earth because it is grounded and pushed into the floor. Stomach is fire because relating it to passion; effectively this is the area of where a couple has sexual intercourse and reproduces. Chest would be water because the fluidity of it and that our emotions are always up and down like the waves and finally head is air because it can be light and airy and our thoughts float around. We also had the opportunity to study each other; this gave us the opportunity to get to know each other more as a company. In a circle closing our eyes, we went around looking at each other noticing the tiny details in each individual, there were things I had never seen before and now make me look at the person differently. During this, I felt very invasive to that actor’s  personal space however this is the only way to feel comfortable inside the company and  be able to work closely together. This led onto massaging each other and guessing who the actor was this was all about focusing on the size of the hands, the feel of them, how much pressure they applied, sounds and smell. One thing I noticed was that my partner was taller than me as the angle of his arms was above mine. I guessed my partner right, It was all a Dream   (20/10/2014) (NEWSPAPER PROJECT)   Credited: Google Images   Credited: Goole Imaes  which was Erol Uzunhasan however he did not recognize mine when I massaged him which was surprising, he guessed Amber Lily-Foxon which was close. Working as a company to guess Levi ’ s eye colour and how many brothers Connor Stoddart has was a challenge, it was fun to be a part of it all together. I had to really think and remember what I saw of Levi and if I had any conversations with Connor about his family members but I couldn ’ t and guessed both of them wrong. It shows that how we thought we knew our company is not a lot compared to how much we need to find out still, we discussed a lot during that day about ‘ suppressing our instincts ’ . We need to trust what we know, being under the pressure makes me question myself over and over again and changing my mind a lot and in the end getting the answer wrong. Connecting colours to emotions and physicality taught me a new technique to look at when working on monologues. Some colours I made quicker connection to than others, for example yellow I was able to act on my instincts whereas some other colours it took me a few moments to think about how I felt and needed to move to that colour. I found it interesting how different shades affected me too, when light green was suggested it really made me stop and think how I felt towards it. We also had a workshop on dreams and nightmares, I enjoyed it so much we all had so much fun; it started off imagining we were on a beach for the dream. I felt very relaxed inside it however felt restricted as I could only wonder up and down the beach and explore the things along the way on the other hand we imagined we were walking through a forest for the nightmare, I enjoyed this more as it was scary and I was on edge, something was at stake. The adventure never stopped as we were able to create the path ourselves and not know what was coming around the next corner. I felt company as well having the owl follow us although it became annoying I didn’t  feel alone in the forest. We then devised as a company a small piece of theatre a dream into a nightmare, we got so much done in the little time and we understood how doing instead of talking works so much better even though from feedback it was evident there were mistakes and it was not  polished but it did not matter as we were playing inside it and it was fun to watch. None of the story related as such  but the main part of it was flying to a destination to fight  pirates then the ship sinking and in the end being buried alive with rats. At the end of each day we had rehearsals for The Beano, it was so much fun to be a part of and not having long to rehearse added that extra buzz and excitement to get it out. It was nice for the stories to be told again and for the characters to relive them, it gave the actors a chance to develop and discover new things. Although it was a reading, I felt we gave the characters and their scenes  justice. The performance went really well, some audience members said it worked better in a way as a reading  because the stories were clearer to understand and link them all together. It has all been put to bed now and more than likely the last time those stories are told which is sad to think but I ’ m happy to have experienced that. GAMES & EXERCISES -   Cut the cake -   Babooshka -   Celebrity names -   I ’ m a gnome -   Ball game while walking Credited: Google Images   
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