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HEAT TRANSFER ENHANCEMENT DUE TO COOLANT EXTRACTION ON THE COLD SIDE OF EFFUSION COOLING PLATES, three dimensional CFD analysis was performed in order to investigate the heat transfer at the cold side of effusion plates
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  HEAT TRANSFER ENHANCEMENT DUE TO COOLANT EXTRACTION ON THE COLD SIDE OF EFFUSION COOLING PLATES Riccardo Da Soghe, A. Andreini, B. Facchini and L. Mazzei    Ergon Research s.r.l. Via Panciatichi, 92 - 50139 Florence (Italy) e-mail:  Presentation Outline ã Introduction  – Effusion cooling arrangement ã Reasons and objectives of the present work ã CFD computations  – CFD setup  – Test matrix  –  Validation of numerical tools  – Results ã Conclusions  Introduction ã  ACARE Vision 2020 objectives and future ICAO-CAEP standards specifically introduce NO x   emission abatement as one of the main goals for next generation civil aero-engines  – Research efforts dedicated to the introduction of lean premixed combustion systems  Represent the most effective way to reach the NO   x   reduction targets  – The design of the liner cooling system which becomes more critical  Up to 70% of the overall air mass flow is utilized for fuel preparation and the initiation of lean combustion  Goal in combustor development  – Significant reduction of the amount of coolant 3  Introduction: Effusion cooling arrangement ã High efficiency cooling scheme    Effusion cooling  – Huge number of small holes  Recent improvements of drilling capability  Highly innovative potential  – Promising acoustic damping capabilities  – More uniform film protection of the liner hot side  – Significant heat sink effect  Heat removed by convection inside holes  – Relevant heat extraction by the cold side convection cooling 4    Avio NEWAC Lean Burn Combustor  –  GT2013-94667 Courtesy of Paradigm precision Courtesy of Paradigm precision
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