Italy 2014ugm Magnetostatic Analysis Iter Test

Magnetostatic Analysis on ITER Test Blanket Modules, EMAG simulation, Maxwell simulation
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  Magnetostatic Analysis on ITER Test Blanket Modules Emiliano D’Alessandro Andrea Serra Giovanni Falcitelli Agostino Monorchio   Outline ã What is ITER. ã EnginSoft and University of Pisa activities for ITER. ã Magnetostatic analysis on ITER test Blanket Modules ã EMAG simulation ã Maxwell simulation ã Comparison of results and conclusions  ITER (acronym of International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is an international nuclear fusion research and engineering project, which is building the world’s largest experimental Tokamak nuclear fusion reactor in the south of France. The ‘ Tokamak ’ concept is based on the magnetic confinement, in which the plasma is contained in a doughnut-shaped vacuum vessel. The fuel, a mixture of deuterium and tritium, two isotopes of hydrogen, is heated to temperatures in excess of 150 million °C, forming a hot plasma. Cross section of ITER The fusion between Deuterium and Tritium  What is ITER   ITER construction site Cadarache (Fr)   Main fields of activities concern:    Electromagnetic and electromechanical analysis:  Calculation of Lorentz forces and moment due to disruption phenomena  Calculation of forces on magnetic experimental objects  Structural analysis:  Stress and displacement on ITER assembly due to seismic loads  Welding process simulation. Eddy current plot on Blanket 1 front wall 10° geometry section of ITER  EnginSoft and Unipi activities for ITER ITER hangar and seismic displacement   
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