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  St. Angel ’ s School, Rohini Summer Holidays Home-Work 2014 IX FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT 1(PART3) (2014-15) ASSIGNMENT OF ENGLISH & SCIENCE M.M 20 CLASS IX CARBON FOOTPRINT: A carbon footprint is a representation of the effect human activities have on the climate in terms of the total amount of green house gases produced (measured in units of carbon dioxide). So, it is a measure of the impact we make individually on the earth by the choices we make regarding our lifestyle. Many activities generate carbon emissions, which contribute to accelerating global warming and climate change. Total carbon footprint/ emission quantification would include energy emissions from human activities- that is, from heat, light, power and refrigeration and all transport related emissions from cars, freight and distribution. By measuring the carbon footprint through such tools as carbon calculators, we can get a better sense of what the individual impact is which parts of our lifestyle deserve the greatest attention. Choose and research any one aspect of how we are leaving carbon footprints and how to modify our lifestyle. Then make a project including following: a)   Index b)   Preface c)   Introduction of group d)   Introduction of topic e)   Global warming f)   Causes of global warming g)   One selected cause: i) Activities related to it ii) Its effect on environment iii) How to modify our lifestyle to control it? h)   Conclusion i)   Bibliography NOTE:  a) Project will be made by a group of 8 members as per the following i) 1-8 Group 1 ii) 9-16 Group 2 iii) 17-24 Group 3 iv) 25-32 Group 4 v) 33-40 Group 5 vi) 41-48 Group 6 b) Use A4 size coloured sheet for the project c) Project should be rich in pictures and illustrations. d) Spiral binding is must. e) Project should be covered with light green colour pastel sheet with elaborated heading CARBON FOOTPRINT f) Your project should touch all skills like thinking, emotional and social skills. g) Try to collect your information in tabular or graphic form.    MATHS St. Angel ’s Sr. Sec.  School Class- IXth (2014-2015) FA- 1 Part- 3 Subjects: Maths & Social Science Inter Disciplinary Project. Topic: MM:20 Disaster Management 1.   Make a Disaster Management Project on the following topics: Group No. Topic 1.   Natural Disaster-Earthquake 2.   Landslide 3.   Floods & Cyclones 4.   Droughts 5.   Man- Made Disaster-Fire 6.   Rail or road or Air Accidents 7.   Terrorist Attacks 8.   Epidemic.    Give meaning, description, causes, harmful effects, mitigation strategies & recent happenings.    Includes Page of contents, Acknowledgement, introduction, Subtopics with explanation & bibliography.    Collect reliable data of the concerned topic & represent it through suitable graphical representation. Asssignments from Book  –    “STUDENT CCE WORKBOOK”  SCIENCE PAGE NO. : 67-76 (CHEMISTRY) PAGE NO. : 77-83 (BIOLOGY) PAGE NO. : 84-86 (PHYSICS) SOCIAL SCIENCE PAGE NO. : 110, 112-114 (GEOGRAPHY) PAGE NO. : 118, 120-122 (ECONOMICS) PAGE NO. : 71, 72, 98, 99 (HISTORY)
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