Jan M Rabaey Digital IC design

Jan M Rabaey Digital IC design
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  Ultra-Low Energy Wireless Sensor and Monitor Networks    Jan M. Rabaey In cooperation with Profs B. Brodersen, A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, K. Ramchandran, P. Wright, and the PicoRadio group.  “The Berkeley Endeavour project”   The New Internet  The Vision Localizers “Tiny devices, chirping their impulse codes at one another, using time of flight and distributed algorithms to accurately locate each participating device. Several thousands of them form the positioning grid … Together   they were a form of low-level network, providing information on the orientation, positioning and the relative positioning of the electronic jets…  It is quite self-sufficient. Just pulse them with microwaves, maybe a dozen times a second …”  Pham Trinli, Thousands of years from now Vernor Vinge, “A Deepness in the Sky,” 1999    PicoRadio’s   Meso-scale low-cost (< 0.5 $) sensor-computation-communication nodes for ubiquitous wireless data acquisition that minimize power/energy dissipation    – Minimize energy (<5 nJ/(correct) bit) for energy-limited source   – Minimize power (< 100 m W) for power-limited source (enabling energy scavenging) By using the following strategies    – self-configuring networks  – fluid trade-off between communication and computation  – Integrated System-on-a-Chip, using aggressive low-energy architectures and circuits Target date: 2004
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