Japanese and Other Productivity Techniques in Manufacturing

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  J APANESE  A ND  O THER  P RODUCTIVITY  T ECHNIQUES  I N  M ANUFACTURING   Kaizen, JIT, Kanban and Poka- Yoke Submitted to- Prof. Ajit Kurvey  I NDEX    Introduction  Management- Improvement Function  Kaizen  JIT  Kanban  Poka-yoke  Bibliography  I NTRODUCTION      Japanese manufacturing techniques generally approach  productivity with the goal of reducing unnecessary expenses, waste and time, while increasing production and efficiency.  Many of the modern Japanese manufacturing techniques were developed after World War II and peaked in the 1980s.  Large companies such as Toyota are credited with  pioneering many of the manufacturing techniques used  by Japanese companies and these techniques have spread to non-Japanese companies as well, due to their effectiveness  I MPROVEMENT   FUNCTION  - K   AIZEN     “Kaizen: The Key to Japan's Competitive Success     This method became famous by the book of Masaaki Imai which means  KAI  –   Change & ZEN  –   Good i.e improvement.   It means works continuously towards revising the current standards, once they have been mastered, and establishing higher ones.   Improvement can be broken down between innovation and Kaizen.   Kaizen signifies small improvements as a result of coordinated continuous efforts by all employees.
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