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Japanese and Swiss Philosophies Towards Production

Japanese and Swiss Philosophies Towards Production
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  Japanese and Swiss Philosophies towards Production  QUESTION: WHY HAVE JAPAN’S PRODUCT QUALITY AND PRODUCTIVITY INCREASED? ã Management style ã The use of technology and innovation ã Manufacturing techniques  Effects of the Integrated Japanese System on Quality and Productivity  Management Characteristic Japanese Management Practice Effect on Quality and Productivity Management Style Consultative Decision Making Decision Making is employee participative; information flows from bottom up; focus is placed on defining the problems; many possible solutions are explored More responsibility is placed on employees, and on creating commitment and harmonious relationships among all participants Human Resources Long term investment in human resources is emphasized; continuous on-the-job training supplemented by formal classroom study. Various continuous training programs improve job related skills and adaptability to new technology. Long term employment Lifetime employment system exists for employees up to age 55. Strong commitment and loyalty are developed between employee and company Long term planning Top management pursues long term achievement of organizational goals. Middle and lower management personnel are encouraged to exercise creativity in developing intermediate objectives.
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