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   1  Learn Java/J2EE core concepts and key areas   With Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion By K.Arulkumaran &  A.Sivayini Technical Reviewers Craig Malone Stuart Watson  Arulazi Dhesiaseelan Lara D’Albreo Cover Design, Layout, & Editing  A.Sivayini Acknowledgements  A. Sivayini Mr. & Mrs. R. Kumaraswamipillai   2 Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion Copy Right 2005-2007 ISBN 978-1-4116-6824-9 The author has made every effort in the preparation of this book to ensure the accuracy of the information. However, information in this book is sold without warranty either expressed or implied. The author will not be held liable for any damages caused or alleged to be caused either directly or indirectly by this book. Please e-mail feedback & corrections (technical, grammatical and/or spelling) to First Edition (220+ Q&A): Dec 2005 Second Edition (400+ Q&A): March 2007   3 Outline SECTION DESCRIPTION What this book will do for you? Motivation for this book Key Areas index SECTION 1 Interview questions and answers on: Java   Fundamentals   Swing   Applet   Performance and Memory issues   Personal and Behavioral/Situational   Behaving right in an interview   Key Points SECTION 2 Interview questions and answers on: Enterprise Java   J2EE Overview   Servlet   JSP   JDBC / JTA   JNDI / LDAP   RMI   EJB   JMS   XML   SQL, Database, and O/R mapping   RUP & UML   Struts   Web and Application servers.   Best practices and performance considerations.   Testing and deployment.   Personal and Behavioral/Situational   Key Points SECTION 3 Putting it all together section. How would you go about…?  1. How would you go about documenting your Java/J2EE application? 2. How would you go about designing a Java/J2EE application? 3. How would you go about identifying performance problems and/or memory leaks in your Java application? 4. How would you go about minimizing memory leaks in your Java/J2EE application? 5. How would you go about improving performance of your Java/J2EE application? 6. How would you go about identifying any potential thread-safety issues in your Java/J2EE application? 7. How would you go about identifying any potential transactional issues in your Java/J2EE
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