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    copyright of Hanu 3:16 SMK Bandar Putra Year 2014 FORM 2 PT2 FINAL TERM ASSESSMENT - ENGLISH LANGUAGE [100 MARKS]  SECTION A - Question 1: (a) to (j) (10 marks) (a) Candidate must first identify the word which is grammatically incorrect and then provide the correct response ( with accurate spelling ) to get 2 marks . (b) If the candidate correctly identifies the error but fails to provide the correct response or  leaves it blank, award 1 mark . (c) Award ‘ 0 ’ for the following: (i) Candidate writes more than one word as a response for a question. (ii) Candidate fails to identify the error but gives the correct response. (d) CALCULATION OF MARKS FOR SECTION A   ANSWERS Dear Nadal, Sorry to hear that you broke your leg in the accident. Novak told me that your motorcycle crashed into a tree when you want  to avoid hitting a cat. It must be truly awful to have your leg plastered during one whole month. Anyway, you need to occupy your time well. I am sure you will be  played online games. Well, instead of spending you time on cyberspace, it would be a good opportunity to catch on  with your reading. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you do have the  interest in British authors, right? I will bring you Jane Austen’s ‘Pride & Prejudice’    where I drop by on Tuesday. Since you will miss four weeks of school, I have made arranging with Novak to come over after school to get you up to speed. Don’t worry about the month test. Miss Ivanovic said that you should sit for the test once you are back in school. In the meantime,  please took  good care of yourself and follow the docto r’s advice. If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to call me. Hope you’ll recover fast. Bye.  Sincerely, Federer e.g : wanted (a)  for  (b) playing  (c)  your  (d) up  (e)  an  (f)  when  (g)  arrangments  (h)  monthly  (i)  can / could  (j)  take  Identification of errors Correction of errors Total a maximum of 10 marks a maximum of 10 marks 20 ÷ 2 = 10 marks Example 1  : Candidate obtained a total of 14 marks 14 ÷ 2 = 7 marks   Example 2  : Candidate obtained a total of 11 marks 11 ÷ 2 = 5.5 marks ~ 6 marks      copyright of Hanu 3:16 SMK Bandar Putra Year 2014 SECTION B  –  Question 2: (a) to (j) (10 marks) Assessment Objectives This part assesses students’ ability to:     identify and understand the text.   identify and transfer the correct information from one text type to another accurately. Note: 1. Do   award marks for answers with minor grammatical errors. Correct spelling is mandatory if the word exists in the text. Words in brackets are not mandatory. 2. Do not   award marks for over lifting that includes irrelevant sections of the text. 3. There should only be one answer for each question. If a student writes more than one answer, only take the first answer into consideration. Answers for Question 2 Question Key / Answer Mark (a) The Wellness Group   1 mark (b)  Nexus Corporation   1 mark (c) 5 th  to 7 th  September / 5-7 Sep / 5.9.2014  –   7.9.2014   1 mark (d) 10.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. /  10am  –   9pm /  10am till 9pm 1 mark (e) (a) colouring contest 1 mark (f) (a) dental check-up 1 mark (g) (a) talk for parents 1 mark (h) (a) fire safety workshop 1 mark (i) Piano recitals /fun games ( if candidate writes both answers, award ‘0’  ) 1 mark (j)  None / No charges / RM 0 / Nil / No payment  No / 0 1 mark   The answers are interchangeable The answers are interchangeable    copyright of Hanu 3:16 SMK Bandar Putra Year 2014 SECTION B  –  Question 3: (a) to (j) (20 marks) Assessment Objectives This part assesses students’ ability to:     identify and understand a non-linear text   respond to a non-linear text using established reading skills   write a short note: i. recommending ways to manage with the hot weather of a particular country. ii. providing appropriate reasons to support ideas mentioned. Note: 1. Do   award marks for answers with minor grammatical and spelling errors that do not disrupt meaning. 2. Do remember to use your discretion and good judgement for correct answers that appear different from the suggested answers especially for questions that require a personal response. 3. Do   award full marks for intelligent lifting. 4. Do   not award marks for over lifting that includes irrelevant sections of the text. 5. Do   not award marks for answers where meaning is totally unintelligible. Answers for Question 3: (a) to (i) (a) . FALSE (b) . TRUE (c).  TRUE (d) .FALSE (e) . Labour Day / Wesak Day (1 mark) (f) a trip to Indah Children’s Home / a visit to an orphanage (g) *  although mow   has 3 definitions, the 1 st   of which means to cut with a blade, it is predominantly used in the context of cutting grass, wheat or hay. So, the word mow is accepted as the answer  . But since ‘grass’ refers   to the lawn in the given text, so ‘mow the lawn’ is another acceptable answer. (h) . to sell the fruits she picked / wants his help in choosing a present for Mum (  Any relevant response) (1 mark) (i) . To complete her school project / to learn more about South East Asia (  Any relevant response) (1 mark) To complete homework is NOT ACCEPTED   Meaning Word (i)  clear out unwanted things spring-clean [spring clean ] (1 mark) (ii)  to trim the grass * mow (the lawn) (1 mark)    copyright of Hanu 3:16 SMK Bandar Putra Year 2014 General Guidelines for Marking Question (j) 1. Marked on a 5-band impression scale with marks ranging from 1-10. 2. Read and understand the instructions about the following:-  A. How writing is assessed and B. What is expected of students 3. Read the response provided for relevance to task and assessment objectives specified for the question. 4. Check whether response fulfils the criteria specified in a given band. 5. Indicate merit and demerit expressions. 6. Look for additional details which make the writing interesting. i. Responses which are generally free from serious errors should be placed in the upper bands. ii. Responses with frequent minor and serious errors should be placed in the lower bands. 7. Place a response with total or almost wholesale lifting in the lower bands . For responses with intelligent lifting , award marks accordingly  based on the given criteria. 8. Students are allowed to use the points in the notice when writing out their responses. 9. Read  the response again to confirm or change bands. 10. If there is a change in the band, read  the response again to check the general criteria specified in the new band selected. 11. Award marks accordingly. Note:   The general criteria in the bands are common to ALL tasks with specific examples given to aid the examiners. All responses must be marked using the criteria given in the bands. Please read the criteria carefully for all five bands BEFORE marking.   The length of the response should not be a criterion in awarding marks. Award marks based on the quality and relevance of the response. Band/Criteria A B C D E Task fulfilment Fulfilled Fulfilled   Fulfilled   Partially fulfilled Hardly fulfilled Language accuracy  Accurate Largely accurate Sufficiently accurate Partially accurate Hardly accurate Organisation & Development Well organised & well developed Organised & developed Sufficiently organised with some details Lacking organisation & details Hardly any organisation & details Sentence structure Varied and effective Largely varied Some variety Lacks variety Distorted structures Lifting from text Hardly any lifting  A little lifting Some lifting  Almost wholesale lifting Total lifting Note :  Award ‘ 0 ’ mark when there is no response or response is written in language other than English or mindless lifting of   irrelevant chunks from other sources including rubric.
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