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   Junior Coaches Program Presentation Objective  The Junior Coaches Program is designed to help gym owners development and train young prospective All-star cheer coaches that are athletes in their program. The program helps the gym owner identify athletes that could potentially have the qualities to be productive cheer and tumbling coaches inthe industry. The Junior Coaches program was developed by Courtney Young of hio ! treme in Columbus# $. Courtney decided to create the program after being continually frustrated with hiring coaches that were not responsible nor equipped to coach successful teams despite their bac%ground in sport as an athlete.  The Junior Coaches program will help to develop quality coaches in our industry. &e feel that the bene'ts of the program will be on going. The over all bene'ts include( )*Providing the gym owner the proper tools to train and develop young perspective coaches +* ,etter technique will be taught in all areas of All-star cheer through out the country thus ma%ing for a better product on the oor. * Creating a safer environment for A// of our athletes. Benefts 0Providing the gym owner the proper tools to train and develop young perspective coaches0,etter technique will be taught in all areas of All-star cheer through out the country thus ma%ing for a better product on the oor.0Creating a safer environment for A// of our athletes.0,onds athletes of every age throughout the entire gym0Athlete opportunity for wor% e perience# leadership# and helping develop them into well-rounded people01a%es athletes better themselves02nspiration to young athletes and young athletes will be inspired to JC someday03cholarship pportunity0$ands on All-star coaches training 0$ands on Tumbling instructor training04nowledge of safety guidelines and scoring053A36 credentialed 72 thin% that you should add this because it is a good way to tie into the 53A36* Selection Process Athlete must be registered for an hio ! treme competitive team for the  +89-+89: seasonAthlete will 'll out and submit a Junior Coach application prior to April +; th #+89Athlete will be interviewed by all head coaches prior to 1ay < th  ptional = potential applicant will have the opportunity to volunteer hoursassisting in the clinic and tryout process. This will give the applicant anadded advantage over applicants that do not choose this option. >uring thistime they will begin to e perience what their duties would be as a ?uniorcoach and the head coaches will have an opportunity to see who they wouldwor% well with.$ead coaches will selected their ?unior coaches and notify them of theirselection on 1ay 99 th  All selected applicants must attend a Junior Coach training on 3aturday# 1ay9+ th  from 98 am = 9 pm3elected coaches will begin wor% on 1onday# 1ay 9: th   Requirements or Applicants 06reshman in $igh-school or older01inimum @PA must be .801ost recent copy of report card0At least one year in the hio ! treme All-star Program 72 thin% that this should be + years*0eliable transportation 053A36 member Application- 'll out and submit application prior to April +;th +89.  Junior Coach Application Bame  Age  3chool @rade +89+-+89 @PA 7most recent*   0Please include the most recent copy of your report card Bot including the upcoming season# how many years have you competed with hio ! tremeD &hich levels have you competed in your lifetimeD   Availability  1ay +89+-April +89 7schedules are on an annual basis# please list those days E times that you are available A//  Y!A* 1onday  Tuesday  &ednesday  Thursday    6riday  3aturday  3unday  1ethod of transportation  >escribe any e perience wor%ing with children 7! . ,abysitting# ?r coach ! perience# etc.*        /ist any other wor% e perience           Preferred age group - ate 9-F 79 being least desirable# F being most desirable*Tiny 1ini  Youth Junior  3enior &hy doyou want to be a ?unior coachD       Please answer how you would handle the following situations(A girl began crying uncontrollably# refused to participate# and caused a distraction to the rest of the teamD        A girl pushed another girl down to the oor to be meanD &hat if they were GplayingG or it was an accidentD        A girl on the team is tal%ing badly or ma%ing fun of another girl on the team          You overhear an athlete tal%ing badly about a coach or the program       An athlete disrespects or tal%s bac% to you       A parent as%s you to babysit and do Hprivate lessonsI during your time with the child         $ow would you gain control of the room if athletes become chattyor unfocused        A parent pulls you aside and as%s you questions regarding childs future role on a team         A ?unior coach is an athlete that participates on one of our hio ! treme teams. 2f selected as a ?unior coach you will be e pectedto be a role model at all times 7both inside and outside the gym*. 2n e change for your time# you will be given a scholarship equal toK<.F8 per gym hour and K+8 per competition day. You will also have the opportunity to hosts birthday parties and private lessons. You must maintain a .8 gpa during your time to remain

Mock GMAT 4

Jul 23, 2017

31 guesswhodavid

Jul 23, 2017
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