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Jenifer Wilson Time-Conscious Psychological Therapy a Life-Stage to Go Through 1996

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  Time-conscious Psychological Therapy Counsellors and psychotherapists are divided about the morality and efficacy of short-term psychotherapy and counselling—this book offers a way through thecontroversy by giving back the central position to consumers of psychotherapy.The model of psychotherapy described in the book is based on flexibleadjustment to the individual client’s development. It shows how a carefullystructured, stage-based series of therapeutic relationships can be rewarding for both client and therapist. At each stage a clearly stated commitment is enteredinto by both parties in which the length of time and breadth of focus of theencounter are mutually agreed. The process can involve a series of relationshipswith different practitioners. It is adaptable to the client’s needs at any one timeand well-suited to work settings where constraints of time and money raisedilemmas for practitioners about the ethics of treatment.Enlivened by progressive case examples, this is a book for practitioners of allpsychological therapies who are looking for a rigorous but flexible approach toempowering their clients.  Jenifer Elton Wilson  is a chartered counselling psychologist, a UKCPregistered psychotherapist and Senior Counsellor at the University of the Westof England, Bristol.  This book is dedicated to all the clients andpractitioners ‘in search of psychological evolution’ fromwhom I have learnt my craft  Time-conscious PsychologicalTherapy A life stage to go through  Jenifer Elton Wilson London and New York


Jul 23, 2017

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Jul 23, 2017
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