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    AREA MANAGER MARKETING & SALES OPERATION NETWORK OPERATION CENTER WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT ACCOUNT MANAGER ADMINISTRATION STAFF COSTUMER SERVICE NETWORK ENGINEER WAREHOUSE HEAD DIRECTOR   REGIONAL HEAD  JOB DESCRIPTION : 1.   AREA MANAGER, Responsible for :    Plan mapping area to build excellent internet connection by towers and FO cables    Coordinate with Regional Head to make decision on standard price and packet in market and configure setting internet connection    Organize all division to work as standard operational procedure (SOP) and values of company    Motivate and build good team work    Control daily activities all subordinate by day report from PIC all division    Report monthly to Director for develop policy and set up target 2.   MARKETING & SALES, 5 Personal Responsible for :    Manage sales to achieve annual targets    Improve brand awareness    Gain market share, by media offline and media online    Build strong relationship and communication with client 3.   OPERATION, 2 Personal Responsible for :    Make sure payment from client, coordinate with finance division in Head Office Jakarta    Make data client into OpenERP systems    Filling data cabinet and letter    Crosscheck and maintenance inventory and equipment in office    Report petty cash by ledger accountancy    Make trial form, project form and standard service form    Work as compliance standard operational procedure (SOP) company 4.   NETWORK OPERATION CENTER, 12 Personal Responsible for :    Handle all complaints from client    Installation and maintenance alldevice into client    Keep and monitoring internet connection in good condition on 24 hours/7 days    Maintenance towers and FO cables as backbone internet connection 5.   WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT, 2 Personal Responsible for :    Organize and maintenance existing stock device to installation into client    Saving all device in warehouse    Filling all data device, good or broken device    Request all new device to Head Office Jakarta
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