Jocuri logice

Diferite jocuri logice cu instrucţiunile în engleză
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   Logic Puzzles booklet #4 ©1999-2000 Tim Peeters ( 1 Magic Square #1 (***) In every row, every column and on the two diagonals every number from 1 to 9 appears exactly once.Some numbers are already given, can you complete the square? Magic Square #2 (***) Fill in the numbers 1 to 9. In every row, column and 3 by 3 square the numbers 1 to 9 may only appearonce. 5 2 3 46 16 1 5 35 2 17 3 29 63 1 5 68 29 1 8 4   Logic Puzzles booklet #4 ©1999-2000 Tim Peeters (   Scheduling #1 (**) Eight teams want to join a competition. They want to play each other during 7 play rounds. Everyteam plays exactly once every round. After the 7 rounds each team has played against every otherteam. Some of the games and home playing teams are already given. The order of the games in around doesn't matter. Also the number of home matches isn't relevant for this problem. Can youreconstruct the schedule? Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7Game 1 7-5 4- 7-1 3-8 8-1 2- 4-3Game 2 6-8 8- 6-2 3- 3-Game 3 5- 7- 7-Game 4 6- Scheduling #2 (***) Eight teams want to play a tournament, each playing seven rounds, seven different opponents andseven different sports. Can you complete the schedule below so that each team plays every opponent,round and game exactly once? An 'X' indicates that the sport in question is not played in that round. The order of the teams is of no relevance. Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7Am. Football 2-8 1- 3-7Baseball 1- 8-Basketball 6- 4-8Dodge ball 2- 1-Ice hockey X 4-Soccer 6- 3-Volleyball 5-3 4- 8- Dividing Land (**) These 36 pieces of land must be divided between three new owners. All pieces measure exactly 4square miles. The numbers on the left and above the map indicate the number of square miles that areowned by Mr.   , Mr. ×  or Mr. ◘  in that row or column. Can you find out who owns what by coloringthe map?   Logic Puzzles booklet #4 ©1999-2000 Tim Peeters (   Hexagonal ABCD-game (***) In all rows the characters A, B, C and D are written once in a cell. The characters by the arrows giveyou the first character that is seen in that row. 25 cells stay empty. Hexagonal Number Crossword (**) Fill in the numbers 1 to 9 in the diagram below according to the following rules. The numbers giveyou the sum of all the numbers in that (piece of) row. All numbers in each (piece of) row must bedifferent.   Logic Puzzles booklet #4 ©1999-2000 Tim Peeters (  Cattle (**) Four farmers each have a part of land. All four have five cows which graze on their land. All the cowsneed some space to graze. The cells the cows graze in do not touch, not even diagonally, even whenthere is a fence separating the cows. Two cows are already given, can you find the other 18? Fitting Strings (****) Place the 11 strings below in the empty diagram. The numbers indicate how many spaces are filled bycharacters. The character 'X' must appear in every row and column exactly once. All strings must beattached to each other through itself or other words, as in SCRABBLE. How are the strings placed?  DIOXINE INDEX LUXOR MIXER REX XYLOFOONEXPRES LUXE LYNX OXFORD TEMPEX   8 2 6 6 4 8 3 4 7 13 6 3 7 7 3 4 7 3 6
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