John: A whole new world

Kandarp Tripathi John: A whole new world The search of a surname Acknowledgement To the readers of the story, I would like to say that this is the result of extreme hard work done by me and my friends. A special thanks to MS word that made editing and finding mistake in the story so much easier. This story is dedicated to the wonderful and beloved actresses Jannat Rahmani and Roshni Walia whose acting has touched our souls. I wish my readers success in lif
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  Kandarp Tripathi John: A whole new world The search of a surname Acknowledgement To the readers of the story, I would like to say that this is the result of extreme hard work done by me and my friends. A special thanks to  MS word that made editing and finding mistake in the story so much easier. This story is dedicated to the wonderful and beloved actresses  Jannat Rahmani and Roshni Walia whose acting has touched our  souls. I wish my readers success in life and I also hope that you all enjoy the story. Roshni and Jannat may you both have all the happiness one can think of in this world  About the book The book revolves around a teenage boy named John who was ill-treated by the member of his family and has no self respect or confidence. After his family is murdered he embarks on the  journey of finding an old man named Louis Martinez along with his friend. The story tells about how he and his friend manage to find the old man after facing many obstacles and in the process gradually adopting a surname. The story shows us how the every fall we take makes us a stronger and better person for tomorrow. (Somewhere near Chicago USA)     My name is John, only John, no surname not because I am an orphan but because I don’t know which surname to put. My mother’s (Michelle Osman),  My Father’s (Robert Williams) or my step mother’s (Jessica Martinez). Let may take you all back to 12/12/2004. Just another day for the world but it changed my life. I still don’  t know that if I should be happy about it or curse it. On the morning of this day I woke up on my usual time, around 4:30 am. It was a wintery day and it was still dark outside but the grocery shop was opened. It was my job to bring bread and eggs for the breakfast, actually all the work of the household were my responsibility. From washing of clothes to sweeping the floor all were my work. Sometimes I thought I was not a member of the household but a servant. This was actually true. I did all the work while my stepbrother (Jones) and stepsister (Kate) slept. Some might relate my story with that of Cinderella but that is not the truth. Yeah, I admit I was ill treated by the members of my so called family but there was still a person who loved me cared for me. While it sounds more of a lie but it was my stepmother. She never showed it because of my father‟s dominance but I knew it and I felt it. Also I was provided with all basic necessities like studies, clothes. At 5:00, when there was a little light outside, I began to do my work. First I went to clean the house which took me around 15 minutes, as the house had only five rooms. Then I went out to bring bread and egg. When I was at the grocery store, I was also looking for Mr. James our neighbor. I was looking for him because I knew he will be out for a walk with his dog. He was like a joker to me. He was so thin and light that the German shepherd he owned could take him for a walk. One day that dog nearly got him hit by a car. On my way back to home I saw two men looking at the house. I got a weird and creepy feeling. In simple words I thought that they were thief. The moment I reached near the gate of the house and turned towards them they just started to walk away. I didn‟t tell anybody in the house abou t this because I knew nobody will believe me. I started preparing breakfast making omelet, tea and roasting bread. Soon my step mother woke up and came down to drink water and said to me in a rude tone that be careful otherwise I will get burned. I nodded and continued cooking. After everyone had eaten the breakfast and I have washed the plates, I ate my breakfast which consisted of the first and last bread and tea. After eating I sat on the stairs and read the newspaper. I was quite addictive to sports so for me the rest of the news was completely useless. I didn‟t have many friends as I  was shy to talk with them. All the years that passed away after my father left my mom and all the hospitality I received made my confidence hit the ground. After reading the newspaper I went in my room to clean it. Suddenly the bell rang I know who it was, my step brother‟s so called friend (Jean). She also was my friend. She had a nice attitude and showed sympathy towards me. I don‟t know what was wrong between me and my father as he didn‟t said anything to me and only shouted at me. I relaxed in my bed thinking about my favorite soccer club Liverpool will do in the competition this season. An hour passed and I went to bring some meat from the market which was approximately 1.5 km away. When I came back there was a van parked in front of the gate, in it where the same people I saw in the morning. Again I felt the same feeling but this time my nerve got the better of me and I dashed right into the house. After some time I peeped through the window of the kitchen to see if it was still there. But it was not. I took a deep breath and began marinating the meat for the dinner as the lunch was planned outside because it was Saturday. As I was not allowed to come with them so I prepared a sandwich for my lunch and after eating it I went to sleep. Around 3:30 pm I woke up. As soon I woke up the first thing that came in my mind was those two men so due to fear I went to the nearby park to find a strong stick. I was going to keep it in the night for my safety. After coming back I  prepared the dinner and put the plates on the dining table. Soon the whole family arrived and started yelling at me to bring the dinner. After eating they all went to sleep and I started reading my favorite book. Soon I felt a little tired and went to sleep holding the wooden stick I brought earlier. I still tried to stay awaked not because of the fear but because of my step mother. When everyone was sleeping she would come to my room to tell me a bed time story. First she made assure I was asleep before she entered the room. I acted through that whole time as I was asleep. Finally she kissed on my forehead and went away. But that night was not like other neither she came nor did I feel asleep. Instead there was a loud scream of two people. Frightened to hell, I jumped out of my  bed with the stick in my hand and hid behind the doors. I made up my mind that I will hit anyone that walks inside my room. So the first person who came inside my room got hit in the head and started calling somebody named Mac. I thought it was a code name and I ran outside as fast as I can. I kept running till I stepped on a stone and tripped. As I was examining my leg to see that if there is a sprain, I realized that I have come way too far from my house. I started thinking about those two men and felt bad that I didn‟t helped my family specially my step mom who took such a risk for me. I was really tired and fell asleep on the footpath.   On waking up, I was in two minds, whether to go back home or to go to the  police station. Soon I decided to go back to the house. On reaching the house I saw an ambulance, two police patrol car and the very van I saw with the two men parked outside the house. As soon I was going to step inside the house I was stopped by Jean. She told me what happened the previous night. She told “When you ran away, I was standing on my terrace drinking coffee and  preparing for exam. I saw you and went to your house to see what‟s wrong. On reaching there I saw one man running towards the same direction as you were, wearing a black mask and carrying a bundle. I immediately called the police.”   I was really worried and asked where my family is. She didn‟t spoke for about a minute. Totally frightened by this I kept on asking her. At last spoke but what she spoke was something that shocked me from top to bottom. She said “They all were killed by the thief and you call them a family. They treated u like a servant.”  Extremely annoyed by her, I started to walk away. As I was walking she said “where are you going? You have nowhere to go, nothing to eat and nothing to wear”  I was still in anger and I said that I am going to hell and she better mind her own business. She replied “From one to another. Don‟t be a fool c ome with me I may find you a job.” I decided to ignore her and walked away.  Soon I realize that expect all the shopkeepers of the shop I visited she was the only person I know in the outside world. I also wanted to take a precious item that I left on my bed the night of that incident. I went back to find her and she was still standing there. As soon as I reached her she said “I knew u would come back”.  I asked a little favor from her. I said I wanted to go inside the house to take a  precious item I left th ere. She replied “Are you out of your mind? The place is sealed by police.” But I knew a door that the police officers wouldn‟t have noticed. After a long argument she agreed. At the stroke of midnight Jean came to me (I was still standing in front of the house thinking about my family as I had nowhere to go). She said “Please think again. I am not sure that this is a good idea.” But I was determined to take that item back. I said to her to just to see that no one comes near the house. I went to the back of the house into the garden. There was a basement there which leads to the staircase of the house. It was a very weak and the handle was broken so I decided to force open it. I ran straight into it and it fell apart. I went to my room
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