Johnson Controls Message Guide DESADV D96A_V2.2

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  EDI Implementation Guidelines DESADV UN D96A Page 1 of 41 Version 2.2 For SAP-enabled JCI plants only    EDI Implementation Guidelines DESADV UN D96A Page 2 of 41 Introduction JCI is currently implementing a new SAP system (“Project Saturn”), which will be rolled out to all JCI  Automotive Experience plants over the next few years. Due to changes on the technological platform as well as process changes, some modifications to the EDI guidelines were necessary as well. For EDI connections to non SAP-enabled plants, there is still a second guide for the EDIFACT messages. In case you are connecting to a plant that does not run SAP yet, you will need this second guide for implementation. Please contact your local representative in the plant to find out if the plant is working on SAP yet and to obtain a copy of the correct guide. Suppliers that deliver to SAP and non-SAP JCI plants need to follow both guides in parallel. ASNs for SAP plants need to be formatted according to this guide, ASNs for non-SAP plants need to be formatted according to the second guide.    EDI Implementation Guidelines DESADV UN D96A Page 3 of 41 DESADV Despatch Advice Message Purpose:   A message specifying details for goods despatched or ready for despatch under agreed conditions. The United Nations Despatch Advice Message serves both as a specification for Delivery Despatch  Advice and also as a Returns Despatch Advice message. Throughout this document we will refer to this message as either „Despatch Advice‟ or „Advanced Delivery Advise‟ (ASN).   Creation: The ASN is to be created at the erliest when the goods are despatched from the supplier and at the latest two hours afterwards. The supplier should not send the message earlier than at the time of despatch because once sent, the  ASN can not be changed anymore. For that reason the message must only be sent once all data of the transport is fixed, which is at the time of despatching. The ASN must not be sent later than two hours after despatching as JCI will need the ASN data for planning and disposition. Granularity: In the Pick-Up Sheet process, one ASN must be sent for every Pick-Up Sheet. Sending multiple ASNs per Pick-Up Sheet is not allowed. In the Delivery Schedule process, one ASN should typically be sent per delivery / truck. In exceptional cases, multiple ASNs might be sent per delivery  –  however, each handling unit must be assigned to exactly one ASN. Paletts that contain items from different ASNs are not permitted. Each ASN must correspond to exactly one delivery paper document. Packaging:  Complete packaging information has to be sent in the ASN. Packaging needs to include information on all handling units in the shipment:   Single Handling Units (S-Label):  A handling units which contains the individual goods (typically a carton, box or small load carrier system).   Master Handling Units (M-Label):  An outside handling units that cointains multiple single handling units (typically a pallet). There is only one type of material in the master handling unit (e.g. all boxes on the pallet contain the same material).   Mixed Handling Units (G-Label):  An outside handling units that cointains multiple other single handling units (typically a pallet). There are multiple types of material in the master handling unit (e.g. one box on the pallet contains material X and another box on the same pallet contains material Y).  Auxiliary packaging material such as plastic sheets, lids, etc. must not be transmitted in the ASN. Each handling unit is to be assigned a unique handling unit number by the supplier, which must never    EDI Implementation Guidelines DESADV UN D96A Page 4 of 41 repeat.This handling unit number is to be transmitted in the ASN and is also to be printed on the label as part of the „License Plate‟.  Please refer to the next chapter for details on how packaging must be structured in the ASN. Validity:  This guide is valid globally for all Johnson Controls Automotive experience plants that have been rolled out on SAP.


Jul 23, 2017
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