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   JourneyQuest  SEASON 1Short Revised ScriptEpisodes 1-5& UnderQuest  Episodes 2 & 3byMatt VancilMarch 10, 2010  JourneyQuest Episode 1: “ONWARD!” EXT. WILDERNESS CAMPSITE -- DAY11PERF, a wizard in stained yellow robes, sprawls face-down on the cold, hard ground. He SNORTS awake, jerks upright.Perf looks over the dead campfire at his companions: CARROW, a robed priest, and NARA, an elfmaid with green head-wrap and a distinctive double crescent moon tattoo on her jaw. Perf points at the empty bedroll between Nara and Carrow.PERFIs he gone?CARROWBad idea.Perf grabs his spell book, scrambles up, and sprints madly off into the distance. Carrow watches him go.CARROWCome on. Let’s go save our wizard.Nara doesn’t look up from her collection of maps.EXT. WILDERNESS MONTAGE -- DAY22Perf sprints cross-country, a yellow speck in the wilderness.EXT. THE CLIFFS -- BOTTOM OF THE CLIFFS -- DAY33Perf WHEEZES to a stop near some cliffs, hands on his knees. GLORION (O.S.)I! Am! HONOR!GLORION -- a handsome, lantern-jawed warrior -- tackles and straddles Perf. He unleashes a heartfelt, menacing LAUGH.GLORIONWhy, Superfluous! You wouldn’t be attempting to abandon our quest, now, would you?PERFNo! I was scouting! Bush-blazing and trail-whacking and the like --  GLORIONSeems to me you’re in need of a little more encouragement!PERFSod, not encouragement. Mercy!GLORIONOh, Perf! I’m far too brave to grant you mercy!Glorion punches him. Perf YELPS, tries ineffectively to defend himself. Glorion bellows a LAUGH, keeps punching.GLORIONDon’t resist! There’s a good lad! Let the encouragement sink in!Punch, punch, punch. WHIMPER, YELP, WHINE.Carrow and Nara arrive at a walk.CARROWAll right. That’s enough. He’s learned his lesson. Yet again.Glorion bellows his LAUGH, swings off Perf. He draws his sword in a dramatic sword-drawing move and points off.GLORIONONWARD!He yells this pretty much in Nara’s pointed ears, jolting her.Perf hauls himself to his feet next to Nara, who’s rubbing her ears. He plays off the pain he’s in.PERFNara. Hey. How are you? Glorion and I were just discussing quest strategy. Tactics and such.NARA You’re bleeding.PERFOr so it would seem!He waves magic fingers at her. She looks past him at something in the distance.Perf wipes his bloody nose on a bloodstained bit of sleeve.2.  PERFSo I’ve been working on a new spell. It’s pretty advanced. High level magic, Black Robe stuff. Well, Blue at least. You’d like it. It’s a --She SHUSHES him, points off -- and up. ANGLE ON: The ruins of an enormous temple complex perch atop the cliffs, stretching as far as the eye can see.NARA There it is. We found it. CARROWThe Temple of All Dooms.PERF(deflating)Yay.GLORIONAnd somewhere inside ... my sword!He repeats his dramatic sword-draw.GLORIONONWARD!Again, right in Nara’s nears. She claps her hands over them.NARA Always with the shouting.EXT. TEMPLE OF ALL DOOMS -- THE CLIFFS -- DAY44The temple wall rises hundreds of feet above the forest floor.Carrow, holy symbol in hand, touches Perf’s face and casts a spell. Perf’s bloody nose heals.PERFRight, bad idea.(beat)So ... The Temple of All Dooms? Really? All of them?CARROWWell, not likely. But the “Temple of Some Dooms” doesn’t have quite the same punch.3.
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