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    JourneyQuest Season2* FINAL LOCKED DRAFT *Now with Orcish! February 10, 2012byMatt Vancil    (Tony Becerra loves proof reading. Matt doesn't think he checks each draft he sends him, but he does.)(Matt loves pixie farts)(Also Cries while watching The Help, While wearing his replica maid outfit)(Matt used to be an adventure like you, but then he took an arrow to the knee.)  02/11/2012 1. EPISODE I 11 QUAINT VILLAGE - DAY - DIORAMACAPTION: A Year Ago...Within a cutout paper frame, CURTAINS OPEN to reveal the DIORAMA of a quaint village done in layers of illustrated paper cutouts, like something a child might make. A cutout of the THREE MERRY MILKMAIDS stands before a cutout of VILLAGERS in front of a paper background town.WREN (O.S.)At long last, our story continues!A cutout sign lowers into view on strings. It reads:WREN (O.S.)“The Ballad of the Three Merry Milkmaids!”A sign on a stick enters stage left under the first. It reads:WREN (O.S.)“Act the Third.”A third sign, also on a stick, enters from stage right, lines up beneath the other two. It reads, in quotes:WREN (O.S.)“’Not Wren’s Fault.’”The signs all whip away.A drunken GIANT, a cutout on a stick, carouses back and forth before the villagers. (Wren voices all the cutouts.)GIANT CUTOUT(singing) “Lum de lum de lum, me so drunk, me so drunk. ”   The Giant bends on his hinged waist to lean over a paper cutout of WREN.GIANT CUTOUT “Song-girl got more? Not that me get it from you in first place.” WREN CUTOUT“Please, I’m not here.”  02/11/2012 2.GIANT CUTOUT “HA HA! You right there! Boo!” A cutout KNIGHT, the villagers’ champion, saunters over.KNIGHT CUTOUT“Hey, Red Boots! Could we get on with it? Flex, flex.”Pulled strings make the Knight flex.WREN CUTOUT“Working on it.”GIANT CUTOUT (to Wren) “You’re good-nice!” WREN CUTOUT“Thanks! Thank you. But don’t you think you should-?”GIANT CUTOUT “No more cow bash!” WREN“That’s great! But surely, isn’t it to you got on with the whole-?”GIANT “Cow bash done! Me go home.” The THREE MERRY MILKMAIDS shake angrily.THREE MERRY MILKMAIDS CUTOUT“Kill him! Kill him!”The block of VILLAGERS follow suit.VILLAGERS CUTOUT“Rumble, rumble, rumble!”KNIGHT CUTOUT“Look, is it gonna be much longer? I’ve got maidens to deflower. Flex, flex-”The Knight’s hinged arm falls off.WREN (O.S.)That part didn’t happen.


Jul 23, 2017
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