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June 2013 It Theory Exam

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  e 00 = 'pq IV I u O A II r I .O O O C U TN C SH N O f AA su dB A YUN NYAY oYUNY S NU TNYAYU III €O NA f76 a 'ee'oo H 's EU B 1Aep's A J p E .AN g J S C&O Y .E . . l N  1. -2- SECTION I THEORY - 60 marks AnswerALL questions. (a) Name the input or output device that is BEST suited to perform EACH of the following activities:(b) Kim wants to purchase a printer. State TWO characteristics of printers that Kim should (D Viewing images from one computer to another over the Internet (ii) Producing architectural drawings such as building plans (iiD Playing games using the computer (iv) Retrieving information electronically from a code on a product (v) Identiffing users by scanning their fingerprints consider when purchasing the printer. State the general name associated with devices such as a printer.Explain what is meant by a bistable device. (1mark) (1mark)(1mark)(1mark)(1mark) (2 marks) : (1mark) (2 marks) Total l0 marks (c)(d)0t229020/F 2013 GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE  E   XN O Os B( ( ( 'u S d 'u ( ( ('eo ( { 1P pe t V lB'1e A V e e p H en e ees 'ew 6 rn s  +C  (a). -4- State the computer term that is described in EACH of the following statements: (i) Secret information is obtained by spying on competitors or opponents t (1 mark) files on a computer or to cause (1 mark) (1 mark) (iD A malicious program that is designed to comrpt the computer hardware to malfunction (iii) The illegal copying of programs (iv) Using another person s credit card for transactions without his/her permission(1 mark) (v) Using a computer to alter company data (1 mark) (b) State the technical term that describes EACH of the types of misuse of data labelled (i), (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v) as underlined in the passage below.A commercial bank has experienced several security breaches. In one instance, an employee who was interviewed for promotion was not selected because he (i) used emails to mount a vicious attack on a supervisor. Some employees were (ii) electronically accessing otheremployees systems without permission. The organization then hired a software expert to install additional software which would be able to (iii) monitor the use of the computers by employees. However, since the installation ofthe new software, there has been an increase in the rate at which people are able to (iv) access cash from some customers accounts atthe AIM during weekends. The computer system also allows websites to place cookieson the company s computers to (v) collect personal information on certain employees.(5 marks)Total l0 marks 01229020/F 20t3 GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE
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