Jungle Outline
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  Hayden Kern9 th  Literature and Composition10 October 2014Jungle Outline Reconsturction-WW1 I Immigration ! ome o# the #irst immigrants came #rom !sia1$he #irst immigrants %ere &ati'e !mericans2$hey #irst settled in !merica #ar be#ore Columbus(Immigration slo%ed during ci'il %ar period1)ighting %orsened conditions in the ne% #ound !merica2)ighting discouraged immigrants #rom immigrating to the *nited tatesC(y the end o# the 19 th  century+ !merica,s reputation could not ha'e been better 1 $here#ore+ many Latino immigrants began coming to the *nited tates 2 -eople all around the %orld came to !merica #or di##erent reasonsII.econstruction !/uring reconstruction+ immigration increased(Immigrants came to !merica seeing e'asion #rom religious prosecution+ high ta and lac o# person #reedoms CIrish immigrants created %idespread #amine during the 130,s as more than 00+000 immigrated to !merica/5ost immigration can be attributed to !merica,s %orld %ide gro%ing reputation as the land o# the #ree and economic opportunity Economics III Impact! Immigration %as not economically bad #or the collecti'e bene#it o# the country ( Immigrants %ould %or lo% pay 6obs 6ust to put #ood on the table and pay the rent #or their houses1 Immigrants %ored in s%eat shops2 Immigrants resorted to a li#e o# crime7 Immigrants came seeing the 8!merican /ream and got nothing as epected  I: $he struggle ! 5any immigrants laced an education+ leading them to lo% paying 6obs ( $he %oring en'ironments immigrants #aced %ere horrible 1 Immigrants %ould %or lo% pay+ labor intensi'e 6obs #or 10 hours a day2 Immigrants %ould be #ired and lose their 6obs #or e'en being 6ust 3 minutes late7 $he %ealthy #actory o%ners paid immigrants no less than a #e% cents Social : Impact!Immigrants %ere o#ten 'ictim to ine;uality and racial discrimination 1Immigrants %ere 'ictims to Ku Klu Klan 'iolence in the 1920,s2KKK targeted !merican immigration policies($he *nited tates began to limit immigration through legislation1$he number o# immigrants %ould decline %hen border patrol %as established 2<llis Island immigrants %ere o#ten told to go home because they #ailed inspection American Dream :I ! ne% hope!Immigrants came to !merica seeing economic #reedom1!merica %as reno%ned #or being no%n as the land o# opportunity25any came to gain personal #reedoms (In !merica+ anything %as considered possible1)irst hope #or an immigrant %as the tatue o# Liberty at <llis Island:II 5odern dream(5any argue the !merican dream is still ali'e today2Ho%e'er+ the !merican dream is di##erent #or each ethic group7-eople %ho are %hite are treated better than those %ho are minorities C ome say the !merican dream is dead1 ome may argue that %e,re in a system o# modern sla'ery $he poor %oring #or the %ealthy   
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