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Malignan otitis eksterna
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   y :Gosa Rina Lubis, S. ked Lisa, S. ked Nurfa Erin. Ked Wella Fadillah, S. Ked Depar!en of he Ear, Nose, hoar and #ead Ne$k%edi$al S$hool Riau &ni'ersiyGeneral #ospial (rifin ($h!ad Riau )ro'in$e *+- Journal Reading  ICD 10 : H60.2  Introduction Introduction DiscussionMethodsResult  nfla!aion of e/ernal audioory $anal and is $o!!only $aused by pseud ! nas aeru0in sa The treatment : antibacterial agents to be decided after culture and sensitivity of the ear discharge Malignant otitis externa (MOE) Report by Toulmouche in 1! : necroti ing ototis externa or s#ull base osteomyelitis$handler published a report in 1%& : MOE Quinolone proved to be an exellent therapeutic agent in the beginningAntipeseudomonal cephalosporins or other antimicrobial agentSurgery to the biopsy of the granulation tissue  .nr du$i n %aerial and %eh ds Dis$ussi n%eh dsResul Desi0n Rerospe$i'eDaa 1olle$ion   he $ase re$ords of pa iens reaed be2een *++3 and *+4 for %5E 2ere re'ie2ed fro! he !edi$al re$ord depar!en of he hospial Daa (nalyses abulaed in a !aser $har and daa 2ere analy6edSudy Sein0   E'aluaed he de!o0raphi$ profile, $oe/isin0 disabiliies, $lini$al presenaions, and !ana0e!en of %5E  Introduction Result  DiscussionMethodsResult 
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