Kalibo Ecological Profile 2013

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        i TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter I  –  BRIEF HISTORICAL BACKGROUND 1 The Origin of the Name 2 Aclan, the Encomienda 3 Aklan as a Prehispanic Barangay 4 From Encomienda to Pueblo 5 Kalibo Town Capitanes to Mayor 6 Chapter II  –  GEO-PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT Geographical Location 7 Kalibo’s Road Distance  8 Land Area 9 Topography 10 Geology 11 Land Resources 12 Mineral Resources 14 Coastal Resources 14 Invertebrates/Fisheries 15 Reptiles/Mammals 16 Endangered Species/Shoreline/Fishing Ground 17 Sea Bass Hatchery 18 Climate 18 Freshwater Resources 19 Natural Hazards/Constraints 20 Erosion and Siltation 21 Chapter III  –  POPULATION AND SOCIAL PROFILE Social Composition and Characteristics 22 Population/Household Distribution and Pop Density 23 Population Size and Growth Rate 24 Historical Growth of Population 24 Migration Patterns 25 Urban population 25 Present Status of Well-being 26 Health 26 Municipal Profile Health and Nutritional Situation 28 Family Planning Services 29 Social Welfare 30 Education 32 Protective Services 46 Fire Protection 49 Housing 50 Amusement/Recreation and Sports Facilities 51 Chapter IV  –  LOCAL ECONOMY Agricultural Crops 53 Livestock and Poultry 54 Fisheries 56 Registry System for Basic Sectors 58 Industry 59 Banks 62 Chapter V  –  INFRASTRUCTURE/UTILITIES/FACILITIES Roads 63 Bridges 68 Irrigation System 69 Domestic Water Supply 70 Power Supply 72 Land Transportation System 74 Air Transportation System 74 Sea Travel 77 Communication Facilities 77 Waste Disposal System 79 Municipal Cemetery 80 Slaughterhouse 81 Actual Sales / Revenue / Product Prices/Service Fee 82 Public Market 83 Chapter VI  –  LOCAL INSTITUTION CAPABILITY Local Planning Structure 86 The Municipal Organizational Structure 86 Local Development Council 86 The Municipal Planning and Development Office 87 Local Fiscal Management 88 Development Legislation 91 More People’s Organization  91 Municipal and Barangay Officials & Head Offices 94   ii LIST OF TABLES Table Particular Page No. 1. a Kalibo Town Capitanes to Mayor 6 2.1b Kalibo’s Road Distance to other Cities/Municipalities and Barangay Poblacion to other Barangays 8 2.2b Land Area by Barangay 9 2.7c Various Species of Crustacean and Mollusk found in the Municipal Waters of Kalibo 15 2.7d Fish Species found in the municipal water of the Municipality of Kalibo 15 2.8b Average Effective Rainfall by month (mm/day) 19 3.2a Projected Population, No. of households, Population Density per Barangay, CY 2013 23 3.3a Population Size and Actual Growth Rate 1960-2010 24 3.4a Actual Historical Growth of Population, 1903-2010 24 3.6a Urban Population Kalibo, Aklan 2005-2013 25 3.8a Health Profile 26 3.8b Ten Leading Causes of Morbidity, 2013 27 3.8c Leading Causes of Mortality, 2013 27 3.8d Numbers of Service Extended to the Physically Handicapped (STAC)-Jan. to Dec. 2013 28 3.8e Number of Children with Disabilities Treated by Psychiatrist-Jan.-Dec 2013 28 3.9a Nutrional Status 28 3.9b Nutritional Status of school Children School Year-2013 29 3.10a Family Planning Methods and users Kalibo, Aklan 2013 30 3.11a Master List of Day Care Centers By Barangay 31 3.12b Education Data 32 3.12c Number of Enrollees, SY 2012  –  2013 33 3.12d Number of Teachers, SY 2012  –  2013 35 3.12e Number of Classrooms, SY 2012  –  2013 37 3.12f Number of Drop-Out per Level, SY 2012  –  2013 39 3.12g Number of Kalibo residents/students, who completed Elementary, Secondary, Tertiary & Vocational Education last school year 41 3.12h Number of Kalibo residents/students, who completed Elementary, Secondary, Tertiary & Vocational Education last school year 42 3.12i Number of Schools, Municipality of Kalibo 43 3.12j Household Population 5 Years Old and Over by Highest Grade Completed/Age Group and Sex 43 3.12k Highest Grade/Year Completed by Sex  –  Male 44 3.12l Highest Grade/Year Completed by Sex  –  Female 45 3.12m School, Age Population and Participation Rate  –  Kalibo, Aklan 2013 46 3.13a-1 Crime Statistics 47

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