Kantara Initiative Overview 4.09

1. Kantara Initiative Overview April 2009 2. Vision Ensure secure, identity-based, on- line interactions while preventing misuse of personal information so that networks…
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  • 1. Kantara Initiative Overview April 2009
  • 2. Vision Ensure secure, identity-based, on- line interactions while preventing misuse of personal information so that networks will become privacy protecting and more natively trustworthy environments.
  • 3. Mission Foster identity community harmonization, interoperability, innovation, and broad adoption through the development of open identity specifications, operational frameworks, education programs, deployment and usage best practices for privacy-respecting, secure access to online services
  • 4. Goals Accelerate marketplace adoption through clear messages, defined • processes, and open community collaboration that brings vendors, deployers, individuals, and organizations together Bring together technical, business, legal, and policy experience to achieve • holistic & trusted identity management solutions Establish an open and democratic governance model with no financial • barrier to participation Implement an operational structure with nimble processes, procedures, • and oversight, and a viable financial model Commit to open standards and encourage interoperable implementations • from both the COTS product and open source development communities Foster positive dialogue across all relevant organizations to assure • coordination, harmonization, and re-use of all applicable open content (specs, policy, etc.) Establish programs with strong branding for technical and operational • output to promote interoperability, compliance and/or conformance
  • 5. Principles Transparency • Inclusion • Empowerment • Collaboration • Openness • Commitment to Proof-of-Concepts •
  • 6. Bicameral Governance Model Leadership Council Made up of representative from every Group (no pay- • to-play requirement whatsoever) Develop and maintain Operating Procedures • Approve new and revised Group charters • Prepare annual and supplemental budget requests to • the Board of Trustees for funding all Kantara Initiative activities Certify Work Group output for Recommendation • ballot (voted on by all Members) De-charter Groups that have become dormant • Collaborates with Board of Trustees (and • has two members from the BoT)
  • 7. Bicameral Governance Model (cont) Board of Trustees Comprised of paying Members who opt to sponsor • Kantara Initiative at the highest end of the scale Review/approve all budget requests • Set Member Fee Schedule • Establish and amend fiduciary Policies including: • • Bylaws • Finance Policy • Document Policy • Intellectual Property Rights Policy Hire and provide oversight of staff • Direct Marketing and Public Relations • Provide advice and consent on the Leadership Council • defined Operating Procedures Collaborate with Leadership Council (and has • two representatives from Leadership Council)
  • 8. Group Types Work Group Established to produce work by means of a Leadership Council • approved charter May create formal output: technical specification (for • contribution to SSO), white papers, open source code, etc. Any Participant is a full voting member of a Work Group • (whether they are paying “Members” of Kantara Initiative or not) Work Group output can be submitted to the Leadership Council • for review, if approved to be aligned with charter, will then be sent to all Members for a vote as a Kantara Initiative Recommendation Has a voting representative sit on the Leadership Council • Discussion Group Formed by coordination with Kantara Initiative staff; no • Leadership Council approval is required Purpose is to discuss new ideas, birds-of-a-feather topics, the • formation of a new Work Group, etc. Cannot produce any formal output •
  • 9. Initial Proposed Work & Discussion Groups - Privacy & Public Policy - Verified Personal Information: Tech - Legal Agreements: Federated Identity - Verified Personal Information: Policy Model Agreement & Commentary - eGovernment - Login User Experience - Health Identity Management - Interoperability Testing & Compliance - IDP Selector - Marketing Oversight - Identity Assurance - Concordia - Telecom - Information Card/Identity Selector - ID-WSF - OpenLiberty Wakame - Liberty Spec Maintenance - Discovery & IDIB Requirements - Liberty Clients - Japan - ID Community/Standards - User Driven Data Sharing - AuthN Level Transfer
  • 10. Structure Budget recommendation is Leadership Council is created by the Leadership formed of the leaders of Council with help from staff the WGs and two and submitted to the Board of Board of Trustees representatives from the Trustees for fiduciary review. comprised of premium Board of Trustees. Most of the decisions Everything is transparent. paying Members & two Management are made within this elected Leadership blue box. At KI, Council reps. Fees are community/group side tiered, from $15K/year Board of Leadership Budget has much of the power. to $50K/year Trustees Council Recommendation Budget Request Annual Fee Member A Member B Member N WG 1 WG 2 WG N Fees are tiered: the fee required for support report For example: OSIS, IIW, Concordia, Membership for different size Liberty IAF, IGF, etc. WGs can be companies are different, from formed freely without any pay-to-play $100/year to $15K/year. Membership requirement. Non-paying Staff Participants are first-class citizens within any chartered WG. It is possible for pre-existing .org’s doing work in the identity space to form a project as a KI WG and receive all the Infrastructure, IT, same operational support any other WG Financial would receive. Special funding would management, have to be negotiated on a case-by- Marketing, PR, case basis. Testing operations, Admin, etc.
  • 11. Budget Elements Membership dues cover an annual budget that is • comprised of two areas: Fixed (not negotiated each budget cycle) • Core staff & infrastructure – Essential common activities – Allocated (negotiated b/w LC and BoT each • cycle) Events – Professional services – Marketing/PR/AR – Open Source development – Testing & trademark programs – Subject-Matter Experts – etc. –
  • 12. Membership Types Participant • No cost, able to participate in all DG’s and have full voting • rights in WG’s Must first sign the IPR agreement that a Group operates under • Member • Receive a Member discount to attend and participate in • interoperability workshops & Kantara Initiative meetings/ conferences Vote on the adoption of all final Kantara Initiative Recommendations • Listed as a Member on Kantara Initiative’s web site • Trustee • All member rights plus a seat on the Board of Trustees (with • associated responsibilities) as well as: Exercise fiduciary oversight of Kantara Initiative • Listed as a Trustee on the Kantara Initiative web site (premium logo placement) • Preferential right of first refusal (prior to other Members) • to actively participate in Kantara Initiative’s marketing and promotional activities at trade shows and other industry events Listed as a Trustee in all Kantara Initiative press releases •
  • 13. Membership Fee Structure Fee Structure* Membership LI L1 L2 L3 L4 LNP Level* Trustee 15k 15k 15k 30k 50k 15k Member 100 1k 5k 10k 15k 0 Participant 0 0 0 0 0 0 *All Membership Fees are Annual, in USD. *Membership Levels are defined as follows: LI = Individual L1 = Level quot;0quot; (1-100 employees) L2 = Level 1 (101-1000 employees) L3 = Level 2 (1001-25000 employees) L4 = Level 3 (>25000 employees) LNP = Non-Profit
  • 14. Workflow Incubation (Discussion Groups) • Anyone can start and participate • Used to gather community support for a new Work Group or • Leadership Council funding request Active (Working Groups) • Charter approved by Leadership Council to ensure it complies • with goals, purpose, and principals of Kantara Initiative Each charter must include a reference to the IPR agreement it • wishes to operate under (a menu of agreements possible is maintained by the BoT) Produces all output that may lead to final Kantara Initiative • Recommendations (per vote of full Membership) Complete/inactive/sunset • Once work concludes or becomes inactive, WG • is sunset by Leadership Council
  • 15. Benefits to Existing Initiatives Existing .orgs can join as Members or Trustees to shepherd • their activities through the Kantara Initiative process Kantara Initiative WG’s are open to anyone and voting is a right • granted to all without requirement of paying membership, so existing organizations can apply for WG status of their existing or new activities Brings benefit of Kantara Initiative institutional support to that • activity On a case-by-case basis, Members who are also solution- • developing organizations can negotiate specific shared infrastructure and staffing arrangements, even without any commitments of merging with Kantara Initiative over time (which is always an option but not required).
  • 16. Benefits to Participants One organization to join, no financial barrier to participation • Inclusive scope and mission of all solution technologies and operational • frameworks Global scope, involvement, and reach, with more participants and • broader constituency than any single pre-existing .org Collaborative environment across disciplines (technical, business, • policy, privacy, etc) Allows diversity of projects, put into a meaningful context • Simple & painless process to start work quickly, openly, yet with proven • IPR processes and procedures in place Leverage trademark programs for interoperability, • conformance, compliance, and accreditation
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