photo and info of kashmir flood in 2014.
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  When and how it happened?In September 2014, the Jammu & Kashmir  region witnessed disastrous floods aross ma!orit of its distrits aused b torrential rainfall# $he Jammu and Kashmir state and ad!oining areas reei%ed hea% rainfall from 2 September 2014 onwards, during last stage of monsoon in India# $his triggered flooding and landslides in India and the ad!oining areas of a'istan# (n ) September, the Jhelum *i%er  in Srinagar     was reported to be flowing at 22#40 feet +#-. m/ whih was 4#40 feet +1#.4 m/ abo%e the danger mar' and at .. feet +10 m/ at Sangam    in nantnag distrit abo%e the danger mar'# $he disharge rate in the ri%er was reorded as 0000 m . s against the normal disharge of 2)000 m . s# 3   3-     $he 5henab *i%er  was also reported to flow abo%e the danger mar' b whih hundreds of %illages were affeted in a'istan# $hese ri%ers flooded into the streets ausing hea% asualties and loss of propert # Rescue Operations 6ome Seretar of India  nil 7oswami said -2 airraft and heliopters, 10 battalions of 8order Seurit 9ore,.2: olumns of Indian rm  and .00 boats were used in the resue operations# ording to home seretar , 10 ;S$ s stems were air lifted to restore ritial teleom towers and a satellite lin' from 8ardula had been pro%ided for ruial ommuniation# $he Indian rm showing their ingenuit used some old fashioned Indian Juggar and on%erted their tru's to mobile harging platforms for the people to harge their mobile phones# 32   321  $wo I< , (ne 5=1.0J and one > .2 airraft arried a total of )0 tonnesof supplies inluding food, water and mediines# .00 boats were dispathed to South Kashmir for ea%ation of people from submerged areas# 3  rmed 9ores inluding 8order Seurit 9ore +8#S#9/ and >ational @isaster *esponse 9ore +>@*9/ resued o%er 200,000 people from different regions of Jammu and Kashmir# 322  8harat Sanhar >igam <imited +8S></ launhed an operation on a war=footing with Indian rm and Indian ir 9ore +I9/ to restore mobile ser%ies through satellite networ' and the teleom networ'# 32. 6ome Ainistr  had been sent to Srinagar  to monitor resue operations# $he go%ernment also set up ontrol rooms in @elhi and as'ed people to approah it with details of their trapped families# 31 ã Local rescue   <t# 7eneral Subrata Saha of the Indian rm said that the resue efforts of the rm would not ha%e been possible without the assistane and efforts of the loal outh# 324  B%er seond or third boat of the rm went to the loal %olunteers# C$he rm salutes the efforts put b the outh of the ;alle ,C he said# CIf not for these loal ouths, who ha%e guided us to reah the plaes, I annot sa how we would ha%e been able to aomplish the mission#C 32)     $he dail  *ising Kashmir     Duoted an Indian rm trooper sa ing that, while the rm was doing itsbit to resue the people, it ould not math the !ob done b the loals# $he trooper further stated that the Indian news hannels foused on o%ering the rm more than the plight of  the %itims, whih was ausing resentment among the loal people# 32  $he total of about 200,000 people were resued, inluding -,000 from Srinagar it # 31323)322 Roll of socity in this situationSocial media in search and rescue [edit] $he Indian rm , for first time, used soial media suh as twitter , Whatspp, a messaging ser%ie, and 9aeboo' , in its searh and resue operations, and to ollate and feederson 9inder  pro%ided b 7oogle to the arm Es publi information offie# 3   32:  ording to Indian arm Es Aa!or 7eneral Sho'in 5hauhan, who is head of publi information offie, Fa dediated team of two oung offiersC are handling the soial media Fpratiall around the lo'G# n estimated 12,000 people, aording to the Indian arm offiial, ha%e been assisted on the basis of reports reei%ed o%er the soial media# 3 Rescue Mission [edit] $he ni'hil 'atariaJ and K 9loods, desribed as a Htraged E, b <t 7en @S 6ooda, >orthern  rm 5ommander, Fbeame e%identG, on  September, 14, the third da of inessant rains, when flood waters breahed the ban's of  Jhelum, and submerged Srinagar, inluding the 8adami 8agh 5antonment, disrupted F eletriit , water suppl and i%il ommuniationsG and flooded the headDuarters of ; 5orps, whih was responsible for Foordinating all resue operationsG# 32  $he flooding of headDuarters ; 5orps, and the Srinagar 5antonment,6ooda a'nowledged, dela ed the arm Es resue operations in Srinagar but Fonl for a few hours G# $he resue operations howe%er, did not affet resue wor' in FSouth KashmirG, the worst affeted area in the first three da s, and the Jammu region# 32  In Srinagar, where the Frm does not operateG eept in the F8adami 8agh 5antonment and the area of the airfieldG, the 7eneral said the resue operations were mainl onduted b FKashmirisG from Srinagar based Jammu & Kashmir <ight Infantr 5entre# $he rm 5ommander denied media reports that it had Cembedded !ournalistsC and that arm has onduted its resue aording to Fa hierarh of importane and influeneF, rather than Fon the first=seen=first=sa%ed basisG# *esponding to media reports that loals were disriminated against, he said that it is hardl li'el that soldier of Jammu and Kashmir <ight Infantr would disriminate against the Kashmiris in arr ing out the resue mission# 32  (n the inidents of stone throwing b some people, he said, Fthe inidents were %er fewG and Fblown out of proportion# Aost people resued were etremel appreiati%e of the rm s effortG, and that the resue mission was assisted b Floal %olunteers who ha%e ontributed immensel #G  32 $he big, earl and persistent problem, in the ondut of resue operation was shortage of boats, and bad weather, whih hindered aerial searh and resue missions# 8oats were  airlifted from all orners of India, inluding from far awa $amil >adu# In the absene of i%il boats the arm pressed into ser%ie its 8L$S, more appropriate for assault ri%er rossings than resue assistane during floods# 8 the 11 September, there were 224 arm boats and 14- >@*9Es inflatable boats in the affeted area onduting resue and searh operations# 310  9or those who were stranded on roof tops as flood water menaingl swirled around them, ir 9ore heliopters with I9 7arud 5ommandos help winh the stranded people to safet # Se%eral hundred were resued from rood tops# In some ases the Indian ir 9ore+I9/ ommandos had brea' through the roof to resue the trapped people# 32   32-  Nitin  rehabilitation  rehabilitation missions in J&K# 3132  8 September 1-, o%er 200,000 people were resued from the %arious parts of Jammu and Kashmir b the rmed fores# 3.343)  $he J and K floods, the worst in a entur aording to (mar bdullah, the 5hief Ainister of Jammu and Kashmir, paral Med the state go%ernment# (mar bdullah, responding to publi ritiism, told the media FI had no go%ernmentG in the first few da s following the floods, as FA seretariat, thepolie headDuarters, the ontrol room, fire ser%ies, hospitals, all the infrastruture was underwater#G dding FI had no ell phone and no onneti%it # I am now starting to tra' downministers and offiers#G 3  $he J and K 9loods 2014 ha%e been blamed on hea% rainfall, about - inhes on 4 September alone, on limate hange, unplanned and unontrolled de%elopment, enroahment of ri%er ban's, la'es, ponds, and massi%e loss of wet lands, absene of loal go%ernment flood foreasting s stem, and poor go%ernane# 3 $he rmed 9ores humanitarian assistane mission, in response to J and K floods 2014 wasnamed Mission Sahayata  +assistanes/# >orther 5ommand humanitarian assistane in response to J&K floods 2014 to 5i%il authorities in J&K was named (peration AB76 *6$# 3-   3:  $he Indian rm ,  ir 9ore, and the >a% , ommitted large resoures to the assistane mission inluding o%er .0,000 troops + 21,000 in Srinagar, and :000 in Jammu/, 1) engineer tas' fores, -4 Indian ir 9ore and  rm %iation 5orps fied wing transport airraft and heliopters, na%al ommandos and resue speialists, and 8ase 6ospital, four field hospitals, o%er 10 medial detahments# 34   310  C(peration Aegh *ahatC, ended on 1: September 2014, but C(peration Sadbha%naC, the relief and medial assistane support, aording to go%ernment press release, will ontinue in Close s nerg with the i%il administration and the polieC# 311 WOULD THIS DISASTER BE AVOIDABLE?   The rains were not preventable, but the extent of the devastation was. In 2010, the state flood control department filed a report warning of the risk of catastrophic flooding. The report was ignored. In the state’s capital, rinagar,  man! of the old canals have been converted into roads, and wetlands, which absorb floodwaters, have been drained for illegal building. IF YES GIVE SUPPORTING ANSWER    ew infrastructure should be planned with flood preparedness in mind. #  warming planet means stronger monsoons and more catastrophic rains in the  !ears to come for both India and $akistan. Consequences [edit] India [edit] In Srinagar , most of the it areas were submerged under water# $he ri%er Jhelum spilled o%er submerging Sonwar, *a!bagh, Jawahar >agar, 7og!i 8agh and WaMir 8agh neighbourhoods of it # $he first and the seond store of the houses and hotels in *a!bagh that were pa'ed with tourists were submerged# 314  ording to the (mar  bdullah, the 5hief Ainister of Jammu and Kashmir , boats had been brought from @elhi to help with e%auations, and the air fore had begun resue operations in the it # 31) )0 bridges were reported to ha%e been damaged aross the state# $he preliminar assessment of damages to propert was estimated between I>* )000 r to I>* 000 r# $he state go%ernment reDuested the entral go%ernment for 2),000 tents and 40,000 blan'ets for the affeted people# 3:  $here was a total estimated loss of 1 trillion to Kashmir di%ision alone#In the Jammu @i%ision, landslides triggered b hea% rainfall had damaged roads, doMens of bridges, buildings and rops# ;ehiular traffi had been stopped on the Jammu=athan'ot highwa # Katra=bound trains were halted# 6a! flights sheduled up to 12 September, were postponed# 31  $he Jammu=athan'ot national highwa was opened on September -, after the water le%el reeded# 31  Srinagar=<eh 6ighwa  reopened for traffi on : September # 31-  $he rime Ainister of India >arendra Aodi alled it a Cnational alamit C#
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