Kaspersky PURE Reviewer s Guide

Kaspersky PURE Reviewer s Guide INDEX Introduction 4 Kaspersky PURE at a glance 4 Computer Protection: Award winning Computer and Internet Security 4 Backup and Restore: Automated Incremental Backup and
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Kaspersky PURE Reviewer s Guide INDEX Introduction 4 Kaspersky PURE at a glance 4 Computer Protection: Award winning Computer and Internet Security 4 Backup and Restore: Automated Incremental Backup and Restore 4 Parental Control: Advanced PC, application and Internet usage control 5 Home Network Control: PURE is about maintenance and manageability 5 Password Manager: Online Transaction Security 5 Data Encryption: Sensitive data protection 6 Home Network Security 6 PC Security Tune-up and Optimization 6 Simplicity and ease of use 6 Kaspersky PURE Product Tour 7 Installation and setup 7 Minimum system requirements 7 Installation (Simple / Advanced) 7 Activation / Configuration 8 A few words about passwords 8 Kaspersky PURE - Main window 10 Computer and Internet Security 11 Protection Center 11 Security Zone 12 Scan 14 Update Center 15 Backup and Restore 15 RESTORE 17 2 Kaspersky PURE Reviewer s Guide QUICK TASKS 17 Parental Control 17 PC & Application use 18 Internet use 18 Quick Parental Control Tasks 19 Additional Tools 19 Tune-Up browser settings 19 Microsoft Windows Settings troubleshooting 20 Create Rescue Disk 20 Permanently Delete Data 20 Erase Your Activity History 21 Delete Unused Data 21 Data Encryption 21 Virtual Keyboard 22 Password Manager 23 Home Network Control 26 Network tasks 28 PC-related tasks 28 Settings 28 Useful Links 29 My Kaspersky Account 29 License 29 Technical Support 29 Additional Options 30 Feedback (Kaspersky Security Network) 30 3 Kaspersky PURE Reviewer s Guide The purpose of this document is to provide an introduction to Kaspersky PURE an integrated, one-stop solution for families that have one or more PCs at home. Kaspersky PURE provides real-time protection against digital identity theft, data loss and alteration, Internet abuse and unintended breaches of network policy. New network management functionality enables network security maintenance to be undertaken from any Kaspersky PURE-protected PCs on the network. INTRODUCTION KASPERSKY PURE AT A GLANCE Kaspersky PURE is the ultimate protection for your digital life. It takes antimalware and Internet security to a new level and ensures premium protection from cyber threats of any kind. Protecting you and your family s digital life is more crucial than ever, and that takes unique, highly advanced technologies and easy-to-use tools. Kaspersky PURE makes it simple; leaving you free to live, work and play online - just the way you choose no hassles, no worries, no stress just PURE freedom. COMPUTER PROTECTION: AWARD WINNING COMPUTER AND INTERNET SECURITY Award-winning Internet Security technology provides real-time protection against all known malware, including viruses, Trojans, root kits, worms, backdoors, etc. It also watches over users as they surf the net and protects them from malicious website scripts, phishing attacks and password sniffers. The technology is the winner of many of the industry s most prestigious awards and is acknowledged by the experts as having the fastest scanning times on the market. READ MORE: ZEUS ON THE HUNT BACKUP AND RESTORE: AUTOMATED INCREMENTAL BACKUP AND RESTORE Often the digital content stored on a home PC is far more valuable to the user than the hardware itself, be it personal information and documents, or family memories in the form of scanned photographs. Kaspersky PURE takes excellent care of digital content of all types, with a powerful Backup feature that helps to prevent information loss. Backups can be configured to run manually, according to a schedule, or automatically when a backup storage device is connected to the PC. Kaspersky PURE s Backup feature also utilizes incremental technology that significantly speeds up the backup process and allows information to be restored from different, predetermined check points. 4 Kaspersky PURE Reviewer s Guide PARENTAL CONTROL: ADVANCED PC, APPLICATION AND INTERNET USAGE CONTROL Kaspersky PURE has a full set of Parental Control features and is able to implement PC, application and Internet usage policies that you agree as a family. A system can be configured to fully block, or just passively report rule violations. The system also allows the limitation of Internet use or PC usage times per se, to ensure children retain a healthy balance between digital entertainment, their studies and their real-life activities. A unique feature of the product is its ability to provide full control over Internet communications. It can be set to provide a full Internet history report, including communications, or even fully block communication with certain contacts in IM services or on Social Networks. Parental Control support variety of Instant Messaging software and is able to control communications on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. READ MORE: THE DANGERS OF SOCIAL NETWORKING L_NETWORKING HOME NETWORK CONTROL: PURE IS ABOUT MAINTENANCE AND MANAGEABILITY With each family member having a PC of their own, it rapidly becomes difficult to maintain an integrated security policy dashing around from one PC to another can waste an enormous amount of time and energy and can soon become a hated weekly chore. Kaspersky PURE s Management Console saves you the headache by providing a means to manage all of the Kaspersky PURE-protected PC s on the network from your own machine, whether you just want a quick peek to see the security status of the overall network or whether you have something more complex in mind. PASSWORD MANAGER: ONLINE TRANSACTION SECURITY There are a lot of bad guys out there who would love to be privy to your online banking credentials. But stealing the login details from your PC is not the only way to achieve their goal. It is fair to say that today s Internet user will access many different Internet resources that require authorization, and human nature being what it is, many of those users will use the same or similar passwords for all those websites that they access. Some websites are better protected than others and it is sometimes easy to hack a website and steal access passwords that would allow the hacker to falsely enter other sites. Kaspersky PURE s Password Manager helps to avoid this it suggests robust passwords and stores them for you, meaning that you don t need to remember each and every one. Now you can have one password for each Internet service losing a single password is therefore much less traumatic. As a bonus, Password Manager remembers your personal Information and will help you by automatically filling in long, online forms with just a few clicks. The great thing about Password Manager is that you can take it everywhere you go on a USB flash. 5 Kaspersky PURE Reviewer s Guide Kaspersky PURE will put your passwords in an encrypted database along with tiny application on the flash, so the only thing you need to do is just plug the USB flash into a computer, run application and it will fill all the passwords and forms for you. You will also be able to carry your secure memos with you. DATA ENCRYPTION: SENSITIVE DATA PROTECTION Kaspersky PURE securely protects your personal data against theft and unauthorized access using cutting-edge encryption technology and allows deleted files to be permanently erased from your computer. Encrypted data is stored in password-protected digital containers that only you can access. This way, Kaspersky PURE safeguards your private life from unwelcomed attention. HOME NETWORK SECURITY With Kaspersky PURE there is no need to be a network security expert to have a safe Wi-Fi-enabled home network. Kaspersky PURE will perform a scan of your Wi-Fi network and will suggest step-bystep instructions regarding how to fix any security flaws that it may find. PC SECURITY TUNE-UP AND OPTIMIZATION Kaspersky PURE can fine-tune those hidden and lesser-known OS and browser settings that can leave your network exposed. Examples of such vulnerabilities can include auto run for removable media being enabled, allowing the media to be used to surreptitiously run malware. Additionally, the browser cache may contain information about websites that the user has visited that may be of great interest to hackers. SIMPLICITY AND EASE OF USE Regardless of the user s level of expertise, Kaspersky Lab aims to make powerful products that are easy to use. Harnessing some of the latest and most innovative techniques, Kaspersky Lab products minimize the user s need to interact with the application. LEARN MORE: WHITELISTS: BETTER ON THEM THAN NOT 6 Kaspersky PURE Reviewer s Guide KASPERSKY PURE PRODUCT TOUR INSTALLATION AND SETUP MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS General requirements o o o 500 MB free hard drive space. CD-ROM drive (if installing Kaspersky PURE from the installation CD). Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (for updating databases and application modules via the Internet). o Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0. o Internet access for activation and updating databases Operating Systems o Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (32/64* Bit), Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (32/64* Bit), Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (32/64* Bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic (32/64* Bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (32/64* Bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Business (32/64* Bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise (32/64* Bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (32/64* Bit): Intel Pentium 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) / 64-bit (x64) processor or higher (or a compatible equivalent) 1 GB free RAM (32-bit)/ 2 GB free RAM (64-bit) o Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 2 or higher), Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2 or higher), Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64* Edition (Service Pack 2 or higher): Intel Pentium 800 MHz processor or higher (or a compatible equivalent) 512 MB RAM INSTALLATION (SIMPLE / ADVANCED) Product Installation is intuitive as the installer provides step-by step instructions. You must accept the licensing agreement during the process of installation; otherwise the application will not be installed. 7 Kaspersky PURE Reviewer s Guide You may also choose to perform an advanced installation, whereby during the installation process you may select or deselect some of the components of the application. The only mandatory component is Computer Protection. ACTIVATION / CONFIGURATION You will be prompted to activate Kaspersky PURE in the process of installation. If you choose to skip this, you can later activate Kaspersky PURE through the License link at the bottom left-hand side of the main window. You will be asked to either purchase a commercial license, or to enter an activation code. A FEW WORDS ABOUT PASSWORDS As a last step of installation, Kaspersky PURE suggests that you protect application settings from changing by a password. Kaspersky PURE provides multi-level information protection and ensures information is safe at different stages of the information lifecycle usage, storage, deletion. This necessitates the use of different passwords for the use of certain features: CONFIGURATION PASSWORD protects Kaspersky PURE s own settings. Only a person that knows this password may alter Kaspersky PURE s internal settings (The exact list of features protected by this password is specified in the Settings dialogue when the password is set). The administrator must also use this password when launching Kaspersky PURE s Home Network Control to be able to manage security across the whole network from a single machine. MASTER PASSWORD FOR PASSWORD MANAGER. With this password you authorize the Password Manager to detect and automatically complete login fields and web forms. PASSWORDS FOR YOUR BACKUP SETS. You may specify a unique password for each backup task, or use the same password for any group, or all of them. PASSWORDS FOR ENCRYPTED CONTAINERS. As with backup sets, you may use a unique, or the same password for each container. 8 Kaspersky PURE Reviewer s Guide If you skip setting the configuration password during the installation, you may always click Settings in the main window, and then tick the Enable Password Protection check box: The master-password for Password Manager is set when you first setup Password Manager. The passwords for Backup and encrypted containers are set when backup tasks and containers are created. Kaspersky Lab recommends: 1. Right after installation Kaspersky PURE will inform you that the databases are obsolete. Allow Kaspersky PURE to update the databases to be able to detect the latest threats. 2. Run a full scan of your entire hard drive and any other attached storage devices. (The length of the initial scan will depend on the speed of the CPU and the number of files on the PC. During subsequent scan requests, Kaspersky PURE will determine if changes have occurred to the applications and files, significantly decreasing scan times) 3. Do an initial system backup and schedule periodic backups 4. Agree a family PC and Internet usage policy with those affected. Set up Parental Control according to the agreed parameters. 9 Kaspersky PURE Reviewer s Guide KASPERSKY PURE - MAIN WINDOW The main window provides quick snapshot of home security and allows quick access to the most frequently used features. It has three main tablets that change their colors to reflect your PC s security status: Backup and Restore, Computer Protection, and Parental Control. Each tablet also has a one-click shortcut to quick tasks these being the most frequently used scenarios. If there s a problem identified by a module, the color will change from green to yellow or red, depending on the severity of the problem. Below the three tablets there s a link to Home Network Control in the center that not only allows you to see the security status of each PC, but also allows malware checks and backup tasks to be run and changes to be made to the Parental Control settings on any PURE-protected PC on the network, provided that you know the administration password. Also below the three tablets there are shortcuts to additional protection tools, such as Password Manager (that stores all your passwords for you so that you can access websites and fill in online forms with a single click), Data Encryption (creates secure containers), PC Tune-Up (Control OS and browser security options for better security and system speed). The main window also provides quick access to the Security Management Console, Settings and useful links to online help, support and My Kaspersky Account. 10 Kaspersky PURE Reviewer s Guide COMPUTER AND INTERNET SECURITY Computer Protection in Kaspersky PURE contains the traditional set of Internet security tools. If you have experience with KIS2010, then you will find it easy to setup and control this module. All the controls are the same and the Computer Protection window is split into four tabs: Protection Center, Security Zone, Scan and Update Center. In the top right-hand corner you ll find Reports, Quarantine and Module Settings. In the bottom left-hand corner there s a link to Help. Each tab has the traditional Kaspersky traffic light system to indicate the protection status. READ MORE: THE PERILS OF THE INTERNET NET PROTECTION CENTER This tab has three panels, each of which essentially opens up the same component control window: The difference is that when pressed, each panel highlights a different set of components, each set being responsible for specific aspects of the overall protection strategy: Files and Private Data Protection System Security 11 Kaspersky PURE Reviewer s Guide Online Security Clicking each component will bring you to the settings window from which you can adjust that component s behavior, e.g. configure rules for Application Control. Clicking on the scanning radar will bring you to the detected threats report in the Reports Center. SECURITY ZONE Here you can view a quick graphical report of any application s activities, and check and change the status of any application as required. From this screen it is also possible to change applications from restricted to trusted if for any reason they have been added to the wrong list. To do this, click the Application Activity link, find the application, right click on it and select Change Status from the context menu. READ MORE: UNDER CONTROL SECUREVIEW MAGAZINE Q4, PAGE 30 SMALL_WEB.ZIP Kaspersky PURE controls access to your personal data (your digital identity). Kaspersky PURE is very effective at automatically identifying sensitive data, but if you want Kaspersky PURE to control 12 Kaspersky PURE Reviewer s Guide access to any additional folders, click the Settings link under Digital Identity Protection. Here you can add a file, folder, registry key, network service or IP address to the watch list. When completed, Kaspersky PURE will monitor all of the applications on the list and restrict and block access to your personal data accordingly. READ MORE: BRAZIL: A COUNTRY RICH IN BANKING TROJANS This screen also allows access to the Sandbox settings this is an isolated, virtual test area for running suspect applications. If you run an application in the Sandbox, no files or system settings can be changed. Thus it is even safe to run malware in the Sandbox. Only data saved to shared folders will remain after the sandboxed application is closed. This feature is also accessible from the Windows context menu (right click on an application and select Safe Run). If you need quick access to an application in the Sandbox, add the application to the list. Right click on it and select Create Shortcut in the context menu. 13 Kaspersky PURE Reviewer s Guide Sandboxed applications glow green when launched, giving a visual indication that it is safe to proceed with their use. READ MORE: ROGUE ANTIVIRUS: A GROWING PROBLEM SCAN From this screen you can run different types of PC scans: A Full Scan A Quick Scan (scans memory and OS files) An Object Scan (scans selected objects only) A Vulnerability Scan Vulnerability scan is a very useful feature Kaspersky PURE analyzes all of the applications installed on the PC, reports any detected vulnerabilities and provides suggestions regarding how to fix them. 14 Kaspersky PURE Reviewer s Guide When the Details button is clicked, Kaspersky PURE displays a webpage with a detailed description of the vulnerability and suggestions regarding how to fix it. UPDATE CENTER In Update Center you can initiate database updates or roll back to previous database versions. Quick Security Tasks You can start the following tasks from the main window with just one click by using the quick tasks drop down menu on the Computer Protection tablet: Pause protection (for a specified period of time, until the next reboot or until manually resumed) Start a full virus scan Start a virus definition database update BACKUP AND RESTORE Backup and Restore is an advanced backup engine, that is: o Flexible, i.e. allows backup: To local hard drives To removable drives 15 Kaspersky PURE Reviewer s Guide o o o o To network shares To FTP servers Automated, i.e. allows backup to run: According to a schedule When a removable drive is plugged in Manually Incremental, i.e. backup only files that have been changed since the last backup Supports file versioning, i.e. allows restoration of different versions of the same file Allows full or selected restoration of files When you click the Backup and Restore tablet for the first time, you will be prompted to create a backup storage area. As part of the process you can select the storage type and path, choose if your storage will be password-protected and whether the number of versions of stored files and the period of backup life is limited. Once completed, Kaspersky PURE will ask you whether you want to create a task. Backup task creation is as easy as storage creation. Select the files and the locations that you want to create a copy of. Typically all user files in Windows are stored on the desktop and in the My Documents folders. If you want to backup particular types of files, you have a quick-choose list of A
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