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® © 2010 Caterpillar All Rights Reserved ® BEFORE OPERATION Operation and Maintenance Manual Excerpt KEBU6860-10 June 2003 Operation and Maintenance Manual CP-563C and CS-563C Vibratory Compactors 4KN1-Up (Machine) 4LN1-Up (Machine) 5JN1-Up (Machine) 5KN1-Up (Machine) 20 Operation Section Before Operation Operation Section Before Operation i00767827 Mounting and Dismounting SMCS Code: 7000 g00330193 Illustration 22 g00037860 Illustration 23 Mount the machine and
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   ® © 2010 CaterpillarAll Rights Reserved ® BEFORE OPERATION Operation and Maintenance Manual Excerpt  KEBU6860-10June 2003 Operation andMaintenanceManual CP-563C and CS-563C VibratoryCompactors 4KN1-Up (Machine)4LN1-Up (Machine)5JN1-Up (Machine)5KN1-Up (Machine)  20Operation SectionBefore Operation Operation SectionBefore Operation i00767827 Mounting and Dismounting SMCS Code:  7000 g00330193 Illustration 22 g00037860 Illustration 23 Mount the machine and dismount the machineonly at locations that have steps and/or handholds.Before you mount the machine, clean the steps andthe handholds. Inspect the stairs and handholds.Make any necessary repairs.Face the machine whenever you mount the machineand whenever you dismount the machine.Maintain a three-point contact with the steps andwith handholds. Note:  Three-point contact can be two feet and onehand. Three-point contact can also be one foot andtwo hands.Never mount a moving machine. Never dismount amoving machine. Never jump off the machine.Do not carry tools or supplies when you try tomount the machine or when you try to dismount themachine. Use a hand line to pull equipment ontothe platform.Do not use any controls as handholds when youenter the operator compartment or when you exitthe operator compartment. Alternate Exit Machines that are equipped with cabs havealternate exits. For additional information, seeOperation and Maintenance Manual, “AlternateExit”. i01934005 Daily Inspection SMCS Code:  1000; 7000For a maximum service life of the machine, completea thorough walk-around inspection before youmount the machine and before you start the engine.Inspect the area around the machine and under themachine. Look for loose bolts, trash buildup, oil,coolant leakage, broken parts, or worn parts. Note:  Watch closely for leaks. If you observe a leak,find the source of the leak and correct the leak. Ifyou suspect a leak or you observe a leak, checkthe fluid levels more frequently.Inspect the condition of the equipment and of thehydraulic components.Check the condition of the tires. Adjust the inflationpressure, if necessary.Check all of the oil levels, all of the coolant levels,and all of the fuel levels.Remove any trash buildup and debris. Make allnecessary repairs before you operate the machine.Make sure that all covers and guards are securelyattached.Adjust the mirrors for the correct rear view of themachine.Make sure that the engine air filter service indicatoris not in the red zone.Grease all of the fittings that need to be serviced ona daily basis.  21Operation SectionBefore Operation Daily, perform the procedures that are applicable toyour machine: ã  Backup Alarm - Test ã  Cooling System Coolant Level - Check ã  Engine Air Filter Service Indicator - Inspect ã  Engine Oil Level - Check ã  Hydraulic System Oil Level - Check ã  Indicators and Gauges - Test ã  Neutral Start Switch - Test ã  Radiator Core - Clean ã  Seat Belt - Inspect ã  Steering Cylinder Ends - Lubricate ã  Windows - Clean i01606996 Steering Frame Lock  SMCS Code:  7506 Noclearanceforpersoninthisareawhenmachineturns. Severe injury or death from crushing couldoccur. Install the steering frame lock pin between the frontframe and the rear frame before you lift the machineand before you transport the machine on anothervehicle. Also install the steering frame lock pinbefore you perform maintenance near the centerof the machine.In order to install the steering frame lock pin, themachine must be in the straight ahead position. 1.  Apply the parking brake. 2.  Turn the engine start switch key to the OFFposition. Remove the key. g00353153 Illustration 24 3.  After the machine has been moved into position,install the steering frame lock pin. The pin willhold the front frame and the rear frame rigid.Remove pin (2). Lower steering frame lock pin(1). Reinstall pin (2). 4.  In order to unlock the steering frame, reverse thesteps that are used to lock the steering frame.
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