Ken Arnold-Amazing Grace and Other Gospel Sounds for Harmonica

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  \ AMAZING GRACE ~~~ SOUNDS FOR HARMONICA Arranged y KEN ARNOLD LL H RMONIC S IN C Contents AMAZING GRACE 2 O HAPPY DAY BEAUTIFUL ISLE OF SOMEWHERE 2 THE OLD TIME RELIGION BLEST BE THE TIE ...... 3 ROCK OF AGES CHURCH IN THE WILDWOOD, THE 4 SAVIOUR, LlKE A SHEPHERD LEAD US GOD BE WITH YOU .... . 5 SHALL WE GATHER AT THE RIVER? HE LEADETH ME . 6 STAND UP FOR JESUS . HE S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD . 6 STANDING ON THE PROMISES I NEED JHEE EVERY HOUR 7 SWEET HOUR OF PRAYER IN THE SWEET SY ANO BY ...... .... 8 TAKE TIME TO SE HOLY JESUS, SAVIOUR, PILOT ME . 9 THERE IS A HAPPY LAND JUST AS lAM . 9 THROW OUT THE LlFELINE LEAD, KINDLY LlGHT . 10 LET THE LOWER LlGHTS BE BURNING . . . 10 WHEN MORNING GILDS THE SKIES NEAR THE CROSS .... 11 WONDERFUL WORDS OF LlFE . THE NINETY ANO NINE 12 YIELD NOT TO TEMPTATION AH the Gospel Hymns have been arranged so that they are playable on alI C harmonicas. No flats or sharps are used in any of the numbers so they can be played on a diatonic non-chromatic) harmonica or on a chro matic harmonica without using the slide button. Under each note in the book you will note a double number, e. g. 3 t 6 or 3 t 6. The numbers are applicable to the holes to be blown ( t ) or drawn ( ). The first number is for chromatic harmonicas while the second is for diatonic harmonicas. The chart below gives all notes used in these arrangements, the prop er hole to be used and whether to blow ( t ) or draw ( t ). CHROMATIC DIATONIC Q -e-: . . .. n .. .. Copyright © 1972 by EDWARD B MARKS MUSIC COMPANY International Copyright Secured Made in U.S.A. Al Rights Reserved 13 13 14 ..... 14 15 16 .... 17 18 19 .20 . 20 . 22 . 23 ....... 24  2 Amazing G ace Harmonicas in C TRADITIONAL CHR0r.;rATIC DI,ATONIC 1'\ J: C Efi G7 Am J C E~ r I r r I IJ j I r t st7 A 5h 6tS 4t7 3 t 6 3t6 5h 6tS 5h 6 6[S 5tS 3}6 A - maz - ing grace, how sweet the sound, That sav d a C , G7 r§) ~...--... g'- J r r I I r d 6ts 5 7 t 9 6tS 7 9 6ts 7t9 6 ts 5f7 3t6 wretch li e meI I once was lost, but F C Am C G7 C , ~ (J} I J J I F= @ I r r I J ? 4 7 4h 3t6 3t 6 3t 6 5b 6ts 5h 6tS 5h ~6 ~S now am found; Was blind, but now I see. 2. Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, And grace my fears relieved; 3. Thro many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come; How precious did that grace appear, The hour I first believed. Tis grace that brought me safe thus far, And grace will lead me home. 4. Yes, when this heart and flesh shall fail, And mortal life shall cease, I shall possess within the vale A life of j oy and peace. © Copyright MCMLXXII by Edward B. Marks Music Corporation II International Copyright Secured Al Rights Reserved Printed in V.S.A. Beautiful. Isle Of Somewhere Harmonicas in C J. B. POUNDS CHROMATIC DIATONIC J. S. FEARIS C G7 , J F J E / F 17 D I F r' I r . ~ t 3t6 4h 4h 6ts 8 5tS 4t 7 5t S 3t 6 4{.7 Some-where the sun is shin - ing, Some-where the song - birds C G -; ~ ~o I r F ã ~ P I r C   <::::::::::::: ------ J II.. 6tS 4t7 3t6 4h t 6 3[6 5i S 4t 7 5t 8 dwell; Hush, then, thy sad re pin ing,  D r 5tS God Am r r r 6tS 5tS lives, and r r 4h 4h 4t7 Beau - ti -fuI C C7 r D RefraÎn D7 G G7 ;;» ....... C r 4t7 4t? J. I r· J. J I 3~6 316 5JS 3t6 all is well. Some - where, C G7f. ... I r o r I r r r 7 > ....... F r r 4t7 4t 7 5h isle_ of 5t S 6tS 6 t some - where tS 6t9 ds Land of the F C r I ( r tT?r J d 4t7 3t 6 5t7 6 ts G7 r· 6 ts 5t S Beau ti -fuI isle_ of C _ J. 4h 3t6 some - where, G7 r r 5tS 5tS 5~S true, where we C 5Î 7 - where 2. Somewhere the day is longer, Somewhere the task is done; Somewhere the heart is stronger, Somewhere the reward won. 3. Somewhere the load is lifted, Close by an open gate; Somewhere the clouds are rifted, Somewhere the angels wait. efrain efrain Blest Be The Tie Harmonicas in C J. FAWCETT 3 II H. G. NAGEL1 CHROMATIC DIA TONIC C G7 C C7 fi r / rZ?? F r M r r F \ t~ 6tS 5h 6tS 5tS 4t? 5tS 4h 4t7 Blest be the tie that binds Our F C G G7 C .. s j I .. sa I r I f?? r I f 7r r r r r r r 4 t7 3~6 ~t7 4t7 3f6 4t7 4t 7 5tS 5 t S 4t7 5t S 5h 6tS d9 hearts_ in Chris - tian love; Tlie fel - low ship_ of G ~ C F C..--...... F C G7 C r@ r I I r r r I rS? r r r 7t9 5t S 6t 9 6tS 7 t9 7 t 10 7t9 6ts 6 t 9 6tS 5t 7 5 t S 5 ţ7 kin dred minds_ 1s like ta that_ a bave. 2. Befare aur Father's throne, We pour our ardent pray'rs; Our fears, our hapes, aur aims are ane, Our camforts and aur cares. 3. We share aur mutual waes; Our mutual burdens bear; And of en for each ather flaws The sympathizing tear. 4. When we asunder part, It gives us inward pain; But we shall still be jain'd in heart, And hope ta meet again. II
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