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Comments from members of Kendrick Johnson's memorial page regarding the Hook and Hoist autopsy photo. We are in no way making fun of Kendrick Johnson's death...he died a tragic death that I would wish on no one, but the Hook and Hoist theory is ridiculous and falls easily on its face. The humor I find is in the ignorance of the people who are buying the theory. They have been told this really happens to black boys in today's United States of America. For more on the Hook and Hoist story
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  KENDRICK JOHNSON MEMORIAL shared a link. November 5This was no accident, anyone claiming otherwise is part of the problem. Any public official making such a declaration deserves the same accident KJ encountered! IS THE OUTRAGE, WHERE IS ACCOUNTABILITY, WHERE IS JUSTICE? Dr. Kris Sperry told Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne that he's willing to stake his reputation on the controversial case. Chief medical examiner stands by accidental death ruling in...The Georgia Chief Medical Examiner is standing by his agency's ruling that a high school student's bizarre death was a freak accident.34 SharesLikeLike · · Share Top CommentsJames Kearney, Khajdesha Ellis Gamble, Cristina Pinkney and90 others like this. Write a comment...Coolaid Low-end WOW....why wud someone slide in sumin head first knowing that they are not going 2 get out....they need to see who is going to that school & who they are....& who they related to....because it seems like whoever did this is related to some very important people!!!!....Hire a private investigator....investigate the people at the school & they family tree....R.I.H Like · Reply · 3 · November 5 at 12:42pm · Edited KENDRICK JOHNSON MEMORIAL Those questions have been answered already. Public school superintendent daughter involved allegedly has incriminating information, two brothers one whom had beef with KJ - their father an FBI agent, and allegations the Sheriff's son may have been involved.Like · 3 · November 5 at 5:34pm · Edited Write a reply...  Tricia Delisha Why were his pants pockets turned out? I requested and received copies of files from Lowdnes County Sheriff office pertaining to this case. They do not clearly outline accidental death.Like · Reply · 15 hours ago Rebecca Davis I am trying to understand... How in the world if the mats were rolled up and standing straight up did his shoe make it over and inside???? God is good though!  And truth will be told! In Jesus name!Like · Reply · November 5 at 9:40pm KENDRICK JOHNSON MEMORIAL When people stage a crime scene then its easy to claim one thing when in reality the evidence supports something totally different that's how.Like · 1 · 7 hours ago Write a reply...Sandra Adler-Tätzsch I think the man is lying. Look at his eyes, this twinkle. He's lying and he know it. Like · Reply · 5 · November 5 at 8:04am KENDRICK JOHNSON MEMORIAL ...guilt written all over Sperry's face.Like · 1 · November 5 at 11:20am Valerie Johnson Smith He Def looks as if he is also Hiding Something by the way he starts almost twitching & blinking rapidly ...Nervous Behaviour not In His Job Surely? I agree with Coolaid Low-end Why Would any one drop there self into an upright mat surely you would know that it would be a Miracle if you could get out before you Suffocated... in the picture they all look rolled tightly... So what some how his Footwear gets thrown on the rolled mats Cause he Obviously Didn't start Throwing it around himself... & its just so happens that this one was not so tightly rolled & his footwear goes straight in & falls to the bottom??? in England we would use the expression that its Laughable for Those in charge of this case & to believe this idea its totally Ridiculous??? I have read a lot on This ...Blatant Murder... & personally Don't believe theirs Not One Tape showing even who Passed through the Hall all the cameras were out of view ... REALLY... The FBI Agents Son should have been arrested & Charged After The Slightly Drunken Very Emotional Superintendents DAUGHTERS Hysterical Meltdown & Confesses there all Hiding something? & Now legations about the Sherriff's Son  As Well??? Cant Help Feel & Fear They Could Actually Get Away With Murder Here Disgrace on You America ... So All Reading This Know That He Was Also  Being Bullied At School............ Love & Good Thoughts Are With Kendricks Family Always We Feel & Understand Your Pain Val&Kev Johnson XKENDRICK JOHNSON MEMORIALLike · 1 · 22 hours ago View more repliesWrite a reply...Erin Mercer  I certainly hope this beautiful child and his family get the justice and closure that they do so deserve. Followed this since day one. Hitting so close to home. May he rest in peace. Please God hear the prayers and help his family finally get some answers!Like · Reply · 8 · November 5 at 6:45am KENDRICK JOHNSON MEMORIAL Racists lie, they lie about hate crimes they or others like them commit. This was a hate crime and all the racists are lying about it! KJ was beaten to or near death then his body was hung using some large hook or gaff mechanism where the weight from his body pressing down on the sharp objects in his back caused those gruesome ripped, torn back injuries!Like · Reply · 4 · November 5 at 11:26am Monique Jefferson RightLike · November 5 at 11:27amPrincess Daisy T OmgLike · November 5 at 12:02pmView more repliesWrite a reply...Darryl Porst How does his sorry ass get the title chief medical examiner and trying to get people to believe something so impossible could have happened.He belongs under the Jail with the boys who murdered Kendrick! Someone needs to capture these people,put a gun to their heads until they tell the truth!Im sorry but this murder really gets to me.They are playing games knowing damn well who killed Kendrick!Like · Reply · 7 · November 5 at 8:31am  Duane Burns Harrell How long is this going to go on. Somebody get to the root, and give his family some peace of mind.Like · Reply · 5 · November 5 at 6:26am Princess Daisy T i shared kendricks story again and he deserves justice!! from south carolinaLike · Reply · 5 · November 5 at 6:32am Dawn Allison i don't know how anyone with half a brain can look at the evidence and still think this was an accident!!! kendrick was an athlete...if he fell into a rolled up mat, he certainly was strong enough to rock the mat until it fell over so he could get out!!! and how did his back and neck get so carved up by a mat??? praying every day that his family gets answersLike · Reply · 3 · November 5 at 8:05am Erin Taylor  How did he fall in?! The mats I saw were rolled tight and had no hollow middle. That child was PUT in the mat!!!!Like · 1 · 12 hours ago Dawn Allison thank you!!Like · 11 hours agoWrite a reply...Dee Dennis Kris Sperry has nothing to lose he has no reputation.When is someone going to tell the truth?Like · Reply · 2 · November 5 at 6:24am · Edited  Audrey Renee I can't even stomach these LIARS! May God excort those demons to the gates of hell!...They will all burn in the pit of fire!Like · Reply · 1 · 12 hours ago · Edited  Angela Montez How could he get those kind of wounds by accident?? Lying sack of crap. This is wrong.. SO WRONG!! Poor KJ. Rest in Peace. Whomever did this, will get their just do. God has a plan for them. Just keep the faith.Like · Reply · 1 · November 5 at 4:39pm
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