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Transcript  KentuckyCandidateInformationSurvey VoteKentucky! About the Kentucky Candidate Information Survey (KCIS) . . .  The purpose of the KCIS isto reliably report candidates’views to voters in order toimprove: 1) voter knowledge of the candidates; 2) voter participation; and 3) the quality of the democratic process.   The KCIS is designed toneutrally, yet concisely, reportthe candidates’ views in theirown words on a broad range ofissues. Each candidate wasasked to respond to theassertions listed and was given20 words to qualify his or herresponse. This issues-only,head-to-head approach avoidspushing a particular agenda, butat the same time, cuts throughthe political rhetoric often foundin campaign literature.   The KCIS is a non-partisanproject of the Family TrustFoundation of Kentucky, a non-profit educational organizationincorporated in order toencourage and strengthenfamilies in our state. Encour-aging responsible citizenshipand increasing voter participa-tion are two of its objectives. For more information on the KCIS  , call (859) 255-5300 or formore information on thecandidates, visit:  Be sure to taketime to vote onTuesday,November 4! ···· Kentucky should continue its participation in the national Common Core standards initiative.A union should be able to collect dues from all employed workers.Changing the state constitution to bring casinos into Kentucky will create negative consequences for the state.Felons who have served their time should be allowed to vote.The General Assembly should acknowledge global warming and work to limit Kentucky’s contribution to it.Women, by law, should have the opportunity to see their ultrasound before having an abortion.Religious liberty concerns should not stand in the way of the passage of local “fairness ordinances” in cities and counties.Charter schools should be allowed throughout Kentucky.The changes made by the 2013 General Assembly did not go far enough to avert a crisis in Kentucky’s pension system for state employees.Legislators should approve the implementation of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange that would legally implement the Affordable Health Care Act.The practice of mountaintop removal should be banned in Kentucky.The General Assembly should act to curb exorbitant interest rates charged by payday lending companies because they target the poor. Fall 2014 Ryan Schwartz 5656565656 ththththth  HOUSEHOUSEHOUSEHOUSEHOUSEDISTRICTDISTRICTDISTRICTDISTRICTDISTRICT Rep. James Kay “ DISAGREE . The standards mayserve as a beneficial point ofreference; however, parents andlocal schools should have finalsay over curriculum.”“ DISAGREE . I support right towork legislation. Job growth inRight to Work states is morethan twice that of non-Right toWork states.”“ STRONGLY AGREE . Predatoryand addictive slot machines willsimply drain the wealth fromKentucky’s communities, andlocal economies will pay dearly.”“ AGREE . People who pay theirdebt to society should bereintegrated with society toreduce recidivism and break thecycle of poverty.”“ UNDECIDED . Our responsibility tocare for creation must be balancedwith concern for supporting indus-tries that provide jobs to those whowould otherwise fall into poverty.” “ STRONGLY AGREE . Women shouldbe empowered with informationvital to making an informed decisionregarding their pregnancies. Betterinformation leads to better choices.” “ DISAGREE . All persons should betreated with dignity and respect, butcommunity standards should notviolate constitutional rights of anykind.”“ AGREE . Charter Schools wouldestablish healthy competition in theeducational system and restoremuch more parental influence inthe training of children.”“ AGREE . SB2 failed to addressthe crisis facing the KentuckyTeachers Retirement System.We must keep our promises tostate employees and retirees.”“ STRONGLY AGREE . I opposepredatory lending just as I opposepredatory gambling. These prac-tices target our most vulnerablecitizens and perpetuate poverty.” “ DISAGREE . When properly reclaimed,mountaintop removal provides environ-mentally safe access to coal andresults in increased land use opportu-nities for Kentucky communities.” “ DISAGREE . When federal fundingexpires, Kentuckians will have tobear the costs of the exchange;better and more effective healthcare reforms should be explored.” Candidate chosenot to participate. D R  KentuckyCandidateInformationSurvey The Decision is Yours!   The Fall Election is Tuesday,November 4 . In addition to vari-ous local races, there will becandidates for U.S. Senate,U.S. House of Representatives,Kentucky Senate (even-numbered districts only), Houseof Representatives as well ascandidates for judicial office.Please note that not alldistricts have a contested race.   For more information on yourvoter registration status or tofind out what district you live in,please contact your countyclerk or visit the Secretaryof State’s Voter InformationCenter:  Special Thanks to the Candidates . . . We want to thank all thecandidates who participated inthe Survey and all those whoconsidered our invitation butchose not to respond. We aregrateful to everyone whostepped forward to offer theirleadership by running for officein our great Commonwealth. To Kentucky citizens . . . We trust that you as a citizenof Kentucky have been servedby this endeavor and that youwill in turn serve your commu-nity by voting your conscienceon  Tuesday, November 4 . PAGE 2 For additional information and for more races across the Commonwealth of Kentucky, visit:  ·· Kentucky’s existing Bullying Law should be changed to specifically protect gay and lesbian students.Kentucky should legalize marijuana.Illegal immigrants should be prohibited from obtaining drivers’ licenses and receiving other government services.Kentucky should continue the legal fight to preserve the 2004 Marriage Amendment in spite of recent judicial rulings.The General Assembly should approve a statewide smoking ban.Schools should familiarize students with all sides of scientific debates on issues like evolution and global warming.Tuition for Kentucky’s two largest universities have increased almost three-fold since 2002. There should be limitations placed on such increases.Private companies should be allowed to exercise eminent domain over private property to ensure the successful completion of the Bluegrass Pipeline.List your top three priorities should you be elected. Fall 2014 Rep. James KayRyan Schwartz 5656565656 ththththth  HOUSEHOUSEHOUSEHOUSEHOUSEDISTRICTDISTRICTDISTRICTDISTRICTDISTRICT Woodford and Franklin Counties “ DISAGREE . Every child should feeland be safe in school; current lawprotects all children from bullying,no matter the reason.”“ AGREE . I would support regulatedmedical use of marijuana,controlled by appropriate physicianoversight and prescriptions.“ AGREE . While all people shouldbe treated with dignity andrespect, illegal immigrantsshould not receive privilegesmeant for taxpaying citizens.”“ AGREE . Our elected officialshave the duty to defend theKentucky Constitution and helpbring this divisive issue to afinal resolution.”“ DISAGREE . I believe businessowners should have the exclu-sive right to prohibit tobacco usein their private business. Manyhave done so voluntarily.”“ AGREE . Exposure to all sidesof debates promotes delibera-tive thought and presents theopportunity for students to learnto think critically.”“ UNDECIDED . Tuition costs willcontinue to rise until frivolousactivities subside in favor of atighter focus on undergraduateinstruction.”“ DISAGREE . Eminent domainshould be rarely used and onlyin certain circumstances. Privatecompanies should rely on mar-ket principles to obtain property.”“1. Protecting the unborn.2. Promoting job creation by get-ting government out of the way.3. Making government moretransparent and accountable.” Candidate chosenot to participate.
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