kerrang magazine analysis
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  The Masthead of the magazine is very visible to the audience, it is a bright red on a white background to make it stand out to the target audience. It also makes the audience recognise the magazine as it’s an established magazine. The puff draws the attention of the reader because it uses words such as exclusive which attracts the attention because it makes them think they cannot get this information anywhere else. The main image on the magazine is effective because it has a direct mode of address, it makes the audience think the people in the main image are looking directly at them. The image fits in with the magazine as it’s a fairly loud image and the magazine cover has a lot going on. The other puff on the magazine also attracts the target audience because it says ‘First review!’ which will attract this kind of audience because with this kind of genre, people tend to be really into the different bands, so they will want to buy this magazine because they know they will be one of the first to see it. Barcode allows audience to buy the magazine in the shop and it also tells them how much the magazine is. The price of the magazine will also attract the target audience because it’s priced at £2.20, which is almost have the price of other music magazines such as MixMag.  The style in which the contents page title is written fits in well with the main image on the page as it’s very dark just like the band, they look very mysterious. The contents page is completely different to the front cover which is very bright and happy. The message from the editor is effective because it makes the reader think he is writing this message to them in person. This is important because the target audience are very into their music, it’s a big part of their life. So if the editor of the major rock magazine directs a message to them it will encourage them to buy the magazine again and again. There are different headings for each of the things in the magazine to make it easier for the reader to find what they want in the magazine. Easy navigation for the reader. The main image of the magazine shows what kind of people will buy the magazine as it shows the type of genre the magazine is. The genre is rock and heavy metal and this is shown by the darkness this band connotes and the kind of clothing and masks they’re wearing. This magazine goes against the codes and conventions as the masthead is not on the contents page, usually music magazines have the masthead both on the front cover and the contents page. This has been done by the Kerrang magazine as it shows the type of genre because the people that read the magazine like to be different and go against normal things. The contents page of the magazine also uses rule of thirds which is an effective technique used. It keeps the target drawn to the magazine.  The main image on the double page spread is effective because it has a direct mode of address, they are looking straight at the reader, this combined with the masks and the dark clothes, again showing what kind of people will buy the magazine. The main coverline of the article is very strange and completely different to the front cover of the The mise-en-scene in the magazine is very mysterious and dark, in a way it’s reflecting the kinds of people they will find in the magazine. It again also reflects the genre that they will find inside which is that kind of heavy metal, rock genre. The colours on the magazine also show this because they’re very dark, again showing that kind of horror genre which is often associated with the rock/ heavy metal genre.
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