Kill Ebola & Other Germs With Ozone & Ion Generators, Advises Environmental Hygienist

Ebola and other virus and bacteria building decontamination is most effective and affordable when the decontamination protocol includes high output ozone and negative ion generators, according to Certified Environmental Hygienist Phillip Fry.
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  Kill Ebola & Other Germs with Ozone & Ion Generators,Advises Environmental Hygienist Ebola and other virus and bacteria building decontamination is most effective and affordable when thedecontamination protocol includes high output ozone and negative ion generators, according toCertified Environmental Hygienist Phillip Fry. Montrose, Michigan, ctober ! , !#$% &'traight (ine P)* +  “The decontamination protocol for Ebola and other high-risk heath threats, including bioterrorism, should include both high output ozone gas and negative ion generators that are both highly effective, affordable, high-tech ways to decontaminate homes, other buildings, furniture, and furnishings infested with Ebola and other viruses, bacteria, germs, toxic mold spores,” reports hillip !ry, ertified Environmental #ygienist and rofessional $ndustrial #ygienist% Ozone Kills Viruses, Bacteria, and Toxic Mold &zone gas is a regular, two oxygen atom molecule '()* to which an extra oxygen atom has been temporarily added by the ozone generator to create a three oxygen atom molecule, 'ozone gas* '(+*% This extra oxygen atom gives the molecule its ozone gas a very effective and powerful oxidizing power to kill Ebola virus infestations, Enterovirus, ./, E., #012 /vian !lu, ./., Tuberculosis, influenzas, toxic mold spores, other biological health infestations, and bioterrorism threats such as weaponized anthrax, small pox, and certain deadly, fast-reproducing mold spores% “The Enviro!ry high output ozone generator is ideal to decontaminate medical treatment and patient rooms in hospitals and other care facilities, as well as residences, hotel rooms, workplaces,public buildings, airplanes, buses, and trains that contain, or have been exposed to, biological health threats,” recommends r% !ry, who is co-manager of the international Enviro!ry environmental hygienists firm, and also a former hospital administrator and former staff member of the 1ational $nstitutes of #ealth '3%.% ublic #ealth .ervice*%!or more information on how ozone kills Ebola, other viruses and bacteria, and toxic mold spores and growth, visit www%decontaminationgear%com and www%ozonegeneratorkillsmold%com% Negative Ion Generators and HEPA ilters Puri! Indoor Air The Enviro!ry 1egative $on 4enerator is a high 5uality, long-lasting, highly effective, reliable negative room ionizer that puts into room air 6( to 7(( trillion ions per second to removes particles from the air as small as %(7 microns, such as pollen, dust, mold spores, pet dander, and other allergens%The Enviro!ry ionizer has two built-in, positively-charged collection plates to take negatively-  charged pollutants out of the indoor air in the room being treated with massive numbers of negative ions% /lmost all airborne contaminants 'dust, allergens, mites, germs, and other contaminants* carry a positive electrical charge% $onizers collect and remove these positively charged ions using the principle of opposites attract% 8hen a high enough concentration of negative ions is disbursed into room air, the positively charged floating particles will fuse with the negatively charged ions and fall harmlessly to the unit9s positively-charged collection plates and:or to the floor and other surfaces to be removed through #E/ vacuuming and other decontamination procedures%$n addition, by removing airborne contaminants that would otherwise be inhaled, ionizers significantly reduce occupant sneezing, coughing, and throat irritations that would help spread Ebola and other viruses and bacteria to other people%/s an additional air purification machine, Enviro!ry also offers its six-stage air purifier that removes indoor health threats by the combination of #E/ filter, germicidal 3; lamp, activated carbon filter, ionizer, programmable ozone sanitizer, and anti-bacterial pre-filter%!or more information on how negative ion generators and six-stage air purifiers remove Ebola andother viruses and bacteria, as well as toxic mold spores, visit www%decontaminationgear%com% ead the ten steps for safe and effective mold removal and mold remediation at www%moldinspector%com:mold<removal%htm%!or additional information about the health dangers of exposure to elevated levels of indoor toxic mold, visit www%moldinspector%com and www%moldexpertconsultants%com% =uilding decontamination 5uestions can also be emailed to hillip !ry phil>moldinspector%com or phoned to hillip toll-free 7-6??-@((-7?7? or 7-67(-?@2-(AB@ or cell phone 7-C6(-@7(-020(, 6 a%m% to ? p%m% eastern 3./ time zone, onday through .aturday% Press Release Distributed by Straight Line PR ( ) service. #ontact$ hillip !ryEnviro!ry Environmental #ygienists7(7(C .heridan d%ontrose, ichigan C6CA07-6??-@((-7?7?phil>moldinspector%comhttpD::www%decontaminationgear%com


Jul 23, 2017
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