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  KINGS WITHOUT US “Rule in the midst of your enemies!” How many of us here know that Paul - born into this world as Saul of Tarsus, the Pharisee - was not merely an apostle but also a New Testament prophet t was of him the apostle Peter wrote that his letters, speakin" of the thin"s of sal#ation and of the $omin" of the day of the %ord, $ontain some thin"s hard to beunderstood& 'hen we re$ei#e prophe$y, the prophet(s reward is often a matter that we ha#e to wrestle with before the an"el will pronoun$e our promised blessin", and the blessin" may be ) as the $hildren of srael know ) a$$ompanied by a woundin"&*ut to $ontinue with Peter for a moment  want to point out “that no prophe$y of the s$ripture is of any pri#ate interpretation&” The stream of "ra$e that is released throu"h our $onfession of the s$riptures has power e#en today, to produ$e the e+e$t that the %ord intended from the foundation of the earth& So  would be" your indul"en$e to speak to"ether with me these words from Paul(s epistle to the $hur$h in phesus, “e#ery  oint supplies&” Please, e#eryone to"ether aloud, say it with me, “.R/ 01NT S2PP%S!” 3nd a"ain4 “.R/ 01NT S2PP%S!”t $ertainly "oes without sayin" that there is a $lear and e#en a pointed di+eren$e between the members so oined ) ea$h one performin" its own share of the buildin"-up of one another in lo#e ) and the oints that supply this lo#e& t is to demonstrate this lo#e from hea#en that the 5#e-fold "ift ministries ha#e been set forth before the body in our times for the perfe$tin" of the saints& 1   ha#e one main point in writin" this, and that is to emphasi6e, e7plore and in$ite my readers to anti$ipate oyfully the “bi"-bow” present that so far e7$eeds e#ery birthday or 8hristmas wish of the most na9#e and dreamy $hild, that the adult mind $annot and will not be $on#in$ed to re$ei#e& The "ift of :od is eternal life throu"h 0esus 8hrist our %ord! Now, we aren(t kids any more today& The solid meat of the 'ord has $aused us to e7er$ise oursel#es to dis$ern both "ood and e#il&  That should not ne"ate ;but rather reinfor$e< our hermeneuti$ abilities when we read these formati#e passa"es4n phesians =4> Paul wrote, ?uotin" from Psalm @>4A> “'hen he as$ended up on hi"h, he led $apti#ity $apti#e, and "a#e "ifts unto men& “n Numbers A>4@BC Doses wrote as from the %ord for 3aron,“3nd , behold,  ha#e taken your brethren the %e#ites from amon" the $hildren of srael4 to you they are  "i#en as  a "ift for the %1RE, to do the ser#i$e of the taberna$le of the $on"re"ationF  ha#e "i#en your priestGs o$e unto you  as a ser#i$e of "iftF”n Hebrews I4>-I F ”The Holy :host this si"nifyin", that theway into the holiest of all was not yet made manifest, while as the 5rst taberna$le was yet standin", 'hi$h was  a 5"ure for the time then present, in whi$h were o+ered both "ifts and sa$ri5$es,that $ould not make him that did the ser#i$e perfe$t, as pertainin" to the $ons$ien$eJ” The body of 8hrist has slowly de#eloped, o#er the past se#enteen years or so, a more a$ute awareness of two $on$urrente7pressions from of old, and these are the e7pli$it and intentional 2  "i#in" of honor, sometimes referred to as “proto$ol”, and the speakin"-forth of une7pe$ted, and frankly mira$ulous words and pi$tures from the “re#elatory realm&” 3re these $oin$identally - or are they Dasterfully - linked 1n$e our $ons$ien$es are  pur"ed from dead works and we can  set our a+e$tions on thin"s abo#e, where 8hrist sits in the holiest pla$e of all, the Kow of "iftin"s andof all that they were $on5"ured to demonstration in the pre-in$arnation era will be$ome more and more e#ident in the few years to $ome while the %ord is wrappin" this $reation up&So let(s look at the two little ) rarely used ) words that des$ribe “that whi$h e#ery oint supplies” in the keynote passa"eof phesians ;=4>-A@&< 0oint is from the word φή L ;haph ē < that o$$urs 1N%/ T'8 in the New Testament :reek ) althou"h it had been in an$ient useas that lan"ua"e and its hi"h e7pression in the $lassi$al a"e took form ) and means $onne$tion, adhesion or adheren$e in both physi$al and moral realms& The other appearan$e is in 8olossians M4AI and puts ea$h of us under 1ur Head, with the power of His bindin" authority to resist bein" drawn away by the $arnal naturewith all its un"odly $onne$tions& The #erb “supplies” translates the word O ιχορηγία  ;epi$hor ē "ia< and is also found 1N%/ T'8 in our *ible& This word makes of what had been a $lassi$al, and ?uintessentially Pa"an, :reek so$io-reli"ious $ustom, a #ery spiritual use that  belie#e is stri$tly related by Paul to the Hebrew reli"ious format  ha#e ?uoted from in Numbers, abo#e& The word χορός  ;$hor ό s< westill use as “$horus&” The $horoi were a key element in the pra$ti$e of the drama, where the mytholo"y of the :reek 3  pantheon was played out before the publi$ and by whose sta"es the honor "i#en to the playwri"hts was "i#en in turn to their "ods& The ser#i$e of the e?uipment, from s$enery, to $ostumes, to the maintenan$e of s$ript-learnin" time and rehearsals ) all were undertaken by in#estor-produ$ers whose bounty went ) in the se$ondary $onferrin" of honor THR12:H the $horus to their $ommon "ods, is analo"ous to the way in whi$h o+erin"s that the%e#ites re$ei#ed from the sraeli people at lar"e, were in turn re-tithed to the Priests 3S 3 :T from :1E&Eoes this "i#e some deeper insi"ht into our repetition of that phrase in our own lan"ua"e  treasure the thin"s :od has "i#en to us in the Torah and would point out that the Hebrew number for the "ift ;$haris in the :reek< is written with the letter Heh, and that the 0ewish $elebration of Pente$ost is obser#ed 5ftydays after the release of the nation from "yptian bonda"e ) $oin$idental with the "i#in" of the %aw& 0ews who are #ery obser#ant spent the whole ni"ht after the dusk that be"ins Pente$ost day for them in the readin" of Torah ) that is e7pli$itly the *ride"room of the .ir"in Eau"hter of 0erusalem& The 5#efold list in phesians = is )  belie#e ) a deliberate referen$e to the  0ewish 5"urati#e lan"ua"e $onne$ted to the fa$t that the 5fth letter is spoken as the un#oi$ed breath, known better in our modern lan"ua"es as “aspiration&” There are nested "oals, - from the near-term to the ultimate) that the administrations of these “5#e "ift-o$es,” the 3s$ension :ift Dinistries, were poured out upon the $hur$h to a$$omplish& Pursuant to the work of ser#i$e, as a pro7imate "oal, the “perfe$tin",” or e?uippin" in this phesians $onte7t means 4  mu$h more than impartation one to another, as if the 5#efold ministry were a $omple7, ornate fountain in a #illa"e s?uare to whi$h the population must $ome to drink or brin" their #essels to $arry home 5lled&*e$ause the sube$t is bein" addressed in es$hatolo"i$al ima"ery the e+e$ti#e translation of katartizo here is nearly impossible with any sin"le n"lish word be$ause we don(t use thesame lin"uisti$ form, as the :reeks did, for both “perfe$tin"” and “5tly oined&” Neither $an “e?uippin"” fail to portray an ima"e entirely missin" from the :reek, an ima"e of material $apital withwhi$h e#en a properly prepared team may be out5tted for a task& t is not the “out5ttin"” but the “in-5ttin"” that is ne$essary for our faith to work throu"h lo#e& The demonstration of the works of an apostle ) of whi$h Paul self-depre$atin"ly boasted in his se$ond letter to 8orinth ) was 5rst and foremost “by patien$e”, that is by hupomone , by longanimidad! 3s we bear with one another(s di+eren$es the "ates of hea#en are opened, and the "ates of hell ) promised to us as our propheti$ booty of war in 3braham ) be$ome ours ;in 8hrist< to shut that no man $an open a"ain& 3 di+eren$e that is brou"ht to our attention as a "rie#an$e, we ha#e in 8hrist the wisdom from abo#e to disarm as we show oursel#es willin" to yield in lo#e& “3 man(s dis$retion makes him slow to an"er, and it is to his "lory too#erlook a trans"ression&” say so mu$h to prefa$e my appeal, in this talk, to my elders who ha#e made $lear their $onstru$tion of the theory of $hur$h buildin" on the point of “spheres of authority&” 5
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