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  2 Last night’s banquet never left the kitchen   EcoPure Kitchen Ecology Unit Experienced Odor and Gas Removal The EcoPure Kitchen Ecology Unit removes commercial kitchen gases rather than masking the odors or spraying additional chemicals to complicate and harm the environ-ment. Using a multi-stage fi ltration system to fi lter par-ticulates and gases, commercial buildings get the protec-tion they need—no matter what the building design. The EcoPure provides architects and owners peace of mind that the interior building and adjacent external areas will be protected from malodorous compounds so that what-ever odors are produced by the kitchen are eliminated and removed.PureAir Filtration has applied its experience and market leadership in the fi eld of gas and odor removal to commercial kitchen exhaust removal with the EcoPure Kitchen Ecology Unit.  thanks to the    Excellent solution for architects and builders who need alternate methods of building protection   Kitchen crews can focus on food prep and not complaints from the neighbors   Removes customer concerns about food odors   Easy to maintain    Assurance of odor elimination rather than odor masking  A powerful kitchen exhaust system that keeps the focus on the food  Thorough and worry-free Modern buildings have greater challenges when handling kitchen grease, odor, and gases. Traditionally, buildings were designed so kitchen exhaust was removed outside in areas that would not cause potential re-entry issues such as the sides or roofs of buildings. But with rear and roof areas incorporating livable space, direct malodorous exhaust away from those areas and nearby urban activity requires special handling. Exhaust airstreams carry a complex array of gaseous compounds at elevated concentrations and temperatures. Both exterior and interior protection is needed from odors and smoke.Instead of merely redirecting kitchen exhaust to increas-ingly inappropriate exterior areas, PureAir’s EcoPure Kitchen Ecology Unit accomplishes the following:    Eliminates odor   —no chemical odor masking  Has a overall removal ef  fi  ciency  better than 95%    Minimizes fi  lter replacement service costs  with a specially designed fi lter sequence   Has specially formulated kitchen odor adsorbent media for gas-phase fi ltration   Features 2 or 3 stage gas-phase fi  ltration    Is available in custom designs and modular sections    Offers UV for microbial sterilization     Allows easy maintenance and installation  with simple dual-side access doors and panels   Is suitable for exhausting into car parks and other non-critical zones  as required by local codes   Offers optional electrostatic precipitation stage    Secondary grease extraction (primary grease extraction at the hood by others)   High particulate capacity   2 or 3 stage gas phase fi ltration   Final fi lters   Fire dampers (optional)   Exhaust fan   Control package with fi lter monitoring (optional)   Motors Class F insulation, TEFC, high ef  fi ciency induction type meeting voltages for 50 and 60 Hz applications   Special kitchen application fans with TEFC motors located “outside airstream”   Optional VFD (Variable Fre-quency Drive) wired and fi tted or supplied loose to match site load/air  fl ow conditions  Any of the above can be made into a combination. Can be completed as a single source supply. Features at a glance The best odor, gas, and grease removal system on the market.  Disposable odor adsorbent cartridges provide easy maintenance. Particulate fi lters are shipped inside the unit.   . Side acess provided for contaminate/odor removal sections Particulate fi lters are rated to ASHRAE Standard 52 for indicated ef  fi ciencies. Corrosion resistant aluminized steel construction. Filter Sequence ã Electrostatic Preciptation. ã Dry type and wet type self-cleaning ESP available to remove 95% of smoke.ã Roughing grease pre- fi lter, rated at average ef  fi ciency 30%; 4” (102 mm) thick aluminum fi lters are supplied. ã Filters are classi fi ed UL Class 2 ã Quantity and sizes of fi lters as per unit selection. ã This section has a stainless steel 316 drain pan and drain pipe. ã Connections are available on the bottom of the unit on both sides. ã Intermediate fi lter, rated at average ef  fi ciency 30%; 4” (102 mm) thick fi lters are AAF AmAir HT ã Filters are classi fi ed UL Class 1 ã Quantity and sizes of fi lters as per unit selection. ã HEPA fi lter, rated at average ef  fi ciency 95% by the DOP test method (0.3 micrometer particles); 18” (460 mm) thick fi lters ã Filters are classi fi ed UL Class 2 ã Quantity and sizes of fi lters as per unit selection. ã Chemical Media Section, PP-18 modules, complete with CPS Blend Media. ã Quantity and sizes of fi lters as per unit selection. ã Chemical Media Section, PP-18 modules, complete with CPS Blend Mediaã Quantity and sizes of fi lters as per unit selection 1 1st Stage 2 2nd Stage 3 3rd Stage 4&5 4 & 5 Stages Well-designed technology that performs the way you need it to. Optional 1st Stage Optional 6th Stage  6050 Peachtree Parkway, Suite 240-187, Norcross, GA 30092 USA001 (678) 935-1431 / fax 001 (678) 935-0648/ toll free (866) /©2013 PureAir Filtration PureAir Filtration specializes in custom design solutions for a wide range of vapor phase air puri fi cation and contaminant control applications. PureAir Filtration designs and builds complete systems to meet the demands of ANSI/ISA S-71 environmental standard for protecting electronics. EP342SBL BR: Blower option rightBL: Blower option leftXX: None2S:2 stages of chemical media3S:3 stages of chemical media4:Nominal width (feet)3:Nominal height (feet)EP:EcoPure Unit Ordering Information Blower The blower features a centrifugal backward in-clined single width, single inlet arrangement 9/10 depending on the application. The TEFC motor is located outside the exhaust air stream and is completely enclosed with a weather guard. The cleanout door, drain, and shaft cooler that protect the bearings are available on all blowers. Fan and motor feature fi xed sheaves drive assemblies. The blower/motor ef  fi ciency is based on maximum air  fl ow volume (cfm) in the listed range. Other selections with different wheels and motors are available based on required cfm and external static pressure (ESP). Contact PureAir for details. Standard equipment Filter differential pressure monitoring system contains DWYER Series 2000 gauges that monitor pressure drops across the pre- fi lter, all particulate fi lters, and system. The fi lter gauge box is fi eld-interchangable on left or right sides depending on access availability. ModelMax Airflow cfm (CMH) EC-2022000 (1100)EC-3023000 (1700)EC-4024000 (2300)EC-4036000 (3500)EC-4048000 (4600)EC-60412000 (7000)EC-60618000 (10000)Larger and custom sizes available by special order 

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