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   Tittle ”FRANKESTEIN„ of Mary Shelly and the monster’s in today’s men: „WHAT AN!ER  WE NEE T S #$E IN %R E& # !' F S %#( Mary Shelley made an anonymo)s *)t +o,erf)l de*)t into the ,orld of literat)re ,hen Frankenstein - or The Modern Prometheus ,as +)*lished inMar.h- /0/01 She ,as only nineteen ,hen she *e2an ,ritin2 her story1 She and her h)s*and- +oet 3er.y 4ysshe Shelley- ,ere 5isitin2 +oet #ord 4yron at #a6e !ene5a in S,it7erland ,hen 4yron .hallen2ed ea.h of his 2)ests to ,rite a 2host story1 Settled aro)nd 4yron8s 9re+la.e in )ne /0/;- the intimate 2ro)+ of intelle.t)als had their ima2inations and the stormy ,eather as the stim)l)s and ins+iration for 2ho)lish 5isions1 After many ni2ht’s of resear.h and de5otion the story of the Fran6estein and hismonster ,as *orn1 Fran6estein is a no5el ,here the a)thor ma6es a .onfrontation of the nat)re 5ers)s arti9.ial or man<made- 2ood 5ers)s e5il et.1 Henry Fran6estein made a .reat)re ,ith only one desire to *e.ome 2reater in theeyes of the +eo+le not e5en thin6in2 a*o)t the .onse=) of his a.tions1 His am*ition for so.ial admiration has *ro)2ht him to that le5el of madness that he has made his o,n .reation of a man from *ones he has stolen and ,ith the +o,er of ele.tri.ity1 Ho,e5er ,hen his .reation ,as ali5e and his e>+e.tations ,ere )nsatis9ed he de.ided to t)rn his *a.6 on ,ith ho+e that he .reat)re ,ill lea5e1 His 2reed for fame has made an enormo)s tro)*le for him ,hi.h ,as no, *eyond any limit of h)man .onsideration1 The monster ,as )2ly and )na..e+ta*le for the h)man ra.e and he ,as a..)sed as a .reator of a monstro)s inh)man *ein21 The monster ,as +erse.)ted *y the +eo+le they ,anted to 6illed him- they ,ere *lind to see that )nder the s)rfa.e of the )2ly monster there ,as +oor so)l f)ll ,ith sorro,- loneliness- )nha++iness and desire for .om+anion as same as him or ?)st a2reement *y them for li5in2 his misera*le life1 Sometimes h)man so)l may *e.ome dar6- f)ll of e5il- 2reed and ?ealo)sy ,ho .an’t stand other’s ha++iness and altho)2h- sometimes +eo+le thin6 that they ha5e the ri2ht to de.ide a*o)t the e>isten.e of another life in this .ase< the life of the monster- so ,hat dan2er do ,e need to sol5e in o)r e.olo2y of so)l@ Well ,e ha5e to ,or6 on +)ri9.ation of o)r so)l ,ith doin2 no*le thin2s- hel+in2 other +eo+le and the most im+ortant for )s is to ha5e faith- to *elie5e and 2i5e lo5e to +eo+le that s)rro)nd )s and these are only a fe, thin2s that lead )s to the ri2ht ,ay- to the +ath of +)ri9.ation of o)r so)l and to the doors of theeternal hea5en1   Mari?a Stan6o5i6 *r1/;B


Jul 23, 2017
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