Knowing God_ a Study of the Argument of Numenius of Apameias On

Knowing God_ a Study of the Argument of Numenius of Apameias On
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  University of Iowa Iowa Research Online Teses and Dissertations2013 Knowing God: a study of the argument of Numenius of Apameia's On the good  Joshua Lee Langseth University of Iowa Copyright 2013 Joshua Lee LangsethTis dissertation is available at Iowa Research Online: hp:// Follow this and additional works at:hp:// of theClassics Commons Recommended Citation Langseth, Joshua Lee. Knowing God: a study of the argument of Numenius of Apameia's On the good. PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)thesis, University of Iowa, 2013.hp://  ! #$% & &#()  * +,-(. #/ ,01 *2&-31 , #/ -31 %-+ #/ *4*31%*5+ ! $%& '!!( 67  89:;<= >?? >=@A:?B;  *@ *6:BC=DB #E = B;?:F: :<6GFBB?H F@ I=CBF=J E<JEFJJG?@B 9E B;? C?K<FC?G?@B: E9C B;? (9DB9C 9E 4;FJ9:9I;7 H?AC?? F@ LJ=::FD: F@ B;? &C=H<=B? L9JJ?A? 9E  ,;? -@FM?C:FB7 9E %9N= 3=7 OPQR  ,;?:F: +<I?CMF:9C) 4C9E?::9C 89;@ /F@=G9C?    1  ABSTRACT  The surviving fragments of Numenius’ On the Good   show the progression of a discernable argument; the dialogue as a whole deals with the search for a deeper understanding of the Form of the Good that is discussed in Plato’s Republic  . Fragment 1a provides a statement of method that governs Books 1-3. Book 1 attempts to use dialectical reasoning to reconstruct the “arguments” (  logoi   ) of Pythagoras. Book 2 attempts to find confirmation of these arguments in the Platonic dialogues. Book 3 attempts to find further confirmation in the traditions of the “peoples of good repute.” Fragment 9, taken from Book 3, gives a novel telling of the Jewish story of the Exodus, and is carefully constructed so as to be in conformity with Plato. It is best read as an allegory for the interaction of God and Matter. Book 4 is lost, but likely treated the necessity of a lower creator god beneath the highest god who is “free of labor.” Book 5 introduces the Three Gods, who should be understood as the highest god, and two aspects of the lower god: a contemplative aspect and a creative aspect. Book 6 ties together the themes of the dialogue as a whole, and concludes that the Good is God.  Abstract Approved: _________________________  Thesis Supervisor  _________________________  Title and Department  _________________________ Date  ! #$% & &#()  * +,-(. #/ ,01 *2&-31 , #/ -31 %-+ #/ *4*31%*5+ ! $%& '!!( 67  89:;<= >?? >=@A:?B;  * B;?:C: :<6DCBB?E C@ F=GBC=H I<HICHHD?@B 9I B;? G?J<CG?D?@B: I9G B;? (9KB9G 9I 4;CH9:9F;7 E?AG?? C@ LH=::CK: C@ B;? &G=E<=B? L9HH?A? 9I  ,;? -@CM?G:CB7 9I %9N= 3=7 OPQR  ,;?:C: +<F?GMC:9G) 4G9I?::9G 89;@ /C@=D9G?
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