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  1 Korean Bird Kite 2 Kite Construction Each Kit includes:  kite sail kite tails two 11-inch bamboo spars kite line and winder You Supply:  tape (“Scotch”) scissors 3456 Decorate the kite sail on the UNPRINTED (front) side, if you wish, with crayons, markers, colored pencils, and/or watercolors. Note: tempera paint would probably make the kite sail too heavy to y well. Cut out ten tail strips. Tape ve pieces end to end, twice, to make two long tails. Tape to the bird body on the PRINTED (back) side of the sail, where indi-cated. If wind is heavy, add more tail pieces Note:  The paper tails will work better if they are crumpled and smoothed. When the paper is soft, it makes the tails stablize and utter better in the wind. Tie the kite line with two secure overhand knots at the small diamond-shaped vent where the spars intersect. Make sure that the line is tied from the front of the kite sail (the UNPRINTED, decorated side). Note:  add or subtract tail pieces according to the strength of the wind (strong winds = more tail; lighter winds = less tail). Tape one spar across the wings, with the ends of the spar on the “x”s, on the PRINTED (back) side of the sail. Use sev-eral short pieces of tape. Tape one spar vertically, on the dotted line, from the head to the tail. Po-sition this spar so that it is even with the head (fold tape over from front to back) and extends below the tail. Back Fold the kite sail pat-tern in half, along the vertical dotted line. Cut out the sail care-fully. Cut out the small diamond vent in the center of the sail. FOLD on the SOLID lines on the wings and the tail TOWARD the PRINTED (back) side of the kite. CUT on the three DOT-TED lines on the wings, on each side of the sail. BackBack Fly! Directions  Korean Bird Kite Designer: Drachen Staff  Drachen Staff  KoreanBird Kite The Drachen Foundation staff collaborate with many international kite makers to develop inexpensive kite kits and occasionally engineers kites and kite kits for educational projects themselves. Interested in developing educational material to teach about specic kiting regions, the foundation staff created the Korean Bird Kite. THE DRACHEN FOUNDATION ONLINE STORE  The Drachen Foundation Online Store features kite making materials and inexpensive kite kits, designed by master kite makers from around the world. Many kits use traditional materials—bamboo and washi (Japanese paper). Kits include:  ã Brasington Bird Kite ã Bug Kite ã Cambodian Khleng Bao Kite ã Hu Sui Kite ã Guatemalan Children’s Kite ã Fish Kite ã Kaku Dako ã Koma Dako ã Korean Bird Kite ã Rokkaku Kite ã Trapezoid Kite ã Buttery Kite ã Buka/Suruga 2-in-1 Kite ã Sode/Rokkaku 2-in-1 Kite ã Tetrahedral Kite ã Salmon Kite ã Box Kite ã Beetle Kite ã Dihedral Diamond Kite ã Korean Fighter Kite ã Flying Squirrel Kite ã Jellyfsh Kite ã Octopus Kite ã Chinese Emperor Kite ã Cobra Kite ã Catfsh Kite ã Paper Dako Telephone: (206) 282-4349 Ofce Hours: Monday thru Friday 9am-5pmFax: (206) 284-5471 Research Hours: by appointment Website: 400 Roy Street, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98109 In 1995, the Drachen Foundation was founded as a non-prot kite research and study center. The Founda - tion takes its name from the German word drachen , which can mean either kite or dragon. The Drachen Foundation houses a small library, slide collection, and kite archive, all available to those interested in increasing their knowledge of kites from historical, cultural, scientic, or artistic viewpoints.The Foundation collaborates with non-prot education organizations to teach kite making to the public, and to showcase kites from around the world. In addition, the Foundation works to place teachers in contact with area kite makers to bring the experience of kite making to students and children of all ages. We offer several publications and kite kits for educators who are interested in using kites in their classroom.   The DF Online Store also carries DIY kite making materials—bamboo spars and Tyvek   TM —as well as publications and media about kites, kite pins, gift items, and apparel.  Use secure online ordering at, or call 206-282-4349.  TAILTAIL BACK x x c The Drachen  www.drachen.orgc The Drachen Foundation YoshimiKorean BirdKono BeetleKono SalmonKono Butterfly
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