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  Understanding the Consumer Mindset ã A typical Indian household consumes ____ ltrs of milk on an average ã Milk is seen as a source of protein, calcium and a source of strength and immunity ã Changing lifestyles have led to various varieties of milk products being launched into the market : ã Low fat ã Double toned ã Full Cream ã Skim etc ã According to individual preferences, consumers purchase a particular milk type, which is readily available in pouches in all modern retail outlets and also traditional shops ã Milk is a very high involvement product category ã Mother’s love for children   ã Family health concerns ã Individual health concerns ã To position our product in the minds of the consumer’s, a few things are mandatory   ã Effective marketing ã Highlighting all possible benefits, ã Maintaining lowest feasible price ã Target the correct segment ã Advertisements with an emotional appeal ã Spreading awareness about the “ Save Camels “ Project and getting it viral on Social media     CAMELS ã A full scale marketing campaign will be launched focused upon ã Controlling the decreasing camel population ( 5 Lakh to 3 Lakh in a decade ) ã Decreased by 40% in 1 decade ã Why it is important to save the extinction of camels ã Why is the population of camels in India decreasing ? ã Effective ways to curb the death of camels and to encourage large scale camel breeding in India ã Change the perception of camels from being mere carriers to dairy livestock as well ã Health Benefits of consumption of camel milk  FACTS HIGHLIGHTED IN CAMPAIGN Choosing the right type of milk is essential to stay healthy Anti-cancer properties Low fat content ( 2.5% ) Health comes first, Money comes later Emotional Appeal  –  Save camels Increases immunity Vitamin C  –  3x Suitable for lactose intolerants ã Can be consumed by people who are lactose intolerant ã Providing them an alternative and keeping them healthy Suitable for Diabetics ã Contains 52 units of insulin per litre ã 60% more than that required for Type 1 diabetics Controlling Obesity ã Lower fat content  –  2.5% ã Helps prevent diseases caused due to obesity  Amul is contemplating a move to enter the camel milk industry and will soon be launching packaged camel milk, partnered with an NGO in Kutch, Gujarat. The threat of new entrants is high, since this market is at a nascent stage and many companies would want to venture into this field, due to the consumer benefits attached with camel milk. The bargaining power of suppliers is low at this stage due to the high availability of unprocessed camel milk throughout the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. As this market grows and competition intensifies, the suppliers will command higher margins and incur higher costs. Large Retailers enjoy high bargain power, also the benefit trickles down to the consumer. The consumer enjoys a variety of options hence if they don’t like the product than repeat buying might be affected.  The consumer if is price sensitive might go for cheaper products, offering the same value.. The substitutes that consumer can purchase instead of camel milk are Cow milk, Buffalo milk, Goat milk, Toned, Standardized, Skim etc. This affects the bargaining power of the company operating in the segment of Camel milk, and places a limit on prices and profits both for the firm and the distributor. Until the time that the consumer identifies the exclusive benefits associated with camel milk and is ready to pay a premium, the threat of subsitutes will remain high The competitors do not belong to the same segment since this is an unexplored market in India, apart from unprocessed camel milk which is consumed in rural areas. Major indirect competitors are Amul, Mother Dairy, Nandini etc The major threat is from Amul, which will enter the this market soon and due to the existing manufacturing capacity and market dominance, will be able to capture a big amount of market share. Bargaining Power of Suppliers Bargaining Power of Buyers Threat of new Entrant Competitors Threat of Substitutes Porter’s Five Force Analysis  
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