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  AS DIVERSE AS AVIATION ITSELF Aviation Products ACSS . Aviation Recorders . Avionics Systems . Display Systems . Electronic System Services  ADS-B Avionics Cockpit Displays CVRs & FDRsComputers/Processors Lightning Detection MRO ServicesTACANTAWSTCASTransponders L-3 Aviation Products (AP) is made up of 󿬁ve divisions of L-3 Communications - each unique in theirofferings yet united in delivering quality products and services to the aerospace industry. L-3 AP is aleading provider of commercial and military avionics with unsurpassed performance and customer support.L-3 AP manufactures a diverse line of safety- and ef󿬁ciency-enhancing products that sets the standard fornext-generation requirements, including con󿬁gurable voice and data recorders, collision avoidance systems,transponders, navigation products, display systems and processors. L-3 AP also offers aftermarket services,including MRO and integrated performance-based logistics for military and commercial systems.  Aviation Communication & Surveillance Systems (ACSS) is a leader in avionics systems that increasesafety, situational awareness and ef󿬁ciency for aircraft operators in all phases of 󿬂ight. The ACSS portfolio includesTraf󿬁c and Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS), Mode S transponders, Terrain Awareness & Warning Systems (TAWS)and a suite of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) solutions for pilots maneuvering in an airportenvironment. More than 60,000 units of ACSS product are operating in commercial, corporate and military aircraft. L-3 Electronic System Services (ESS) supports advanced systems and electronic assemblies for commercialand military customers worldwide. ESS offers a diverse and growing portfolio of mission-critical support servicesand capabilities, including performance-based logistics and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of OEM andthird-party avionics and dynamic components, as well as ground support equipment. L-3 Avionics Systems is a leading avionics manufacturer for general aviation, business jet, military, commercialair transport and regional aviation markets. The company provides a wide array of avionics technologies designedtoimprove situational awareness and enhance safety, such as standby instruments, terrain awareness, traf󿬁c avoidance,lightning detection, TACAN, solid-state standby and power conditioning systems. L-3 Avionics Systems has beenserving aviation markets for nearly 50 years. L-3 Aviation Recorders is the world's largest producer of aerospace and marine accident-survivable recorders.Applications include 󿬂ight, cockpit voice and maritime voyage data recorders. Integrated as standard equipmentonmost new large commercial transport, regional transport and business aircraft, our products form the industry'slargest recorder install base aboard commercial aircraft. L-3 Aviation Recorders also leads the military transportand helicopter markets with standard factory installations on aircraft such as the C-130J, C-27J, C-17 and ALH,and retro󿬁t/upgrade installations on such aircraft as the CH-47, UH-60 and AH-64. SafeRoute TM ADS-B Solutions CommercialAircraft TAWS + TM CommercialandMilitaryAircraft T 3 CAS TM Surveillance System CommercialandMilitaryAircraft TCAS 2000 TM CommercialandMilitaryAircraft FA5001 CVDR GAandCommercialAircraft Data Transfer Systems CommercialandMilitaryAircraftandGroundStations Micro Quick Access Recorder CommercialandMilitaryAircraft SRVIVR ® CVFDR CommercialandMilitaryAircraft Lightweight Data Recorder SmallGAAircraft XS-950 TM Mode S Transponder CommercialandMilitaryAircraft Avi at i on   Products   Avi at i on   roduct   SkyWatch ® Collision Avoidance GAandMilitaryAircraft TACAN Navigation MilitaryAircraft GH-3900 TM Standby System GA,CommercialandMilitaryAircraft Stormscope ® Lightning Detection GA,MilitaryAircraftandGroundStations Mission Computers/Processors MilitaryAircraft Superset TM Displays MilitaryAircraft Custom AMLCD Displays MilitaryAircraft L-3 Display Systems is a worldwide leader in the development and production of ruggedized visualizationsolutions for advanced airborne applications. For over 30 years, the company has been supplying advanced displaysystems, processors and integrated subsystems for the world’s most advanced military airborne platforms, such asthe AH-64D, AH-6i, C-17, C-130J, C-27J, F-15E, F-35, FA-50, EA-6B and U-2; shipboard systems aboard U.S.aircraft carriers; and ground-based systems, such as the OLED found in the Javelin missile launcher. L-3 DisplaySystems is a proven and trusted source for visualization solutions that provide peace of mind for a variety of missions. Avionics & Component MROPerformance-Based LogisticsIn-Service Support  Aviation Products Facility Address:19810 N. 7th AvenuePhoenix, AZ 85027Phone: 623-445-7000FAX: 623-445-7001Website: www.ACSS.comFacility Address:5353 52nd Street S.E.Grand Rapids, MI 49512Phone: 616-949-6600FAX: 616-977-6898Website: Address:1355 Bluegrass Lakes ParkwayAlpharetta, GA 30004Phone: 770-752-7000FAX: 770-752-5525Website: Address:25 City View DriveToronto, Ontario, CanadaM9W 5A7Phone: 416-249-1231FAX: 416-246-2001Website: ACSS L-3 Aviation RecordersL-3 Avionics SystemsL-3 Display SystemsL-3 Electronic System Services Facility Address:100 Cattlemen RoadSarasota, FL 34232Mailing Address:P.O. Box 3041Sarasota, FL 34230Phone: 941-371-0811FAX: 941-377-5598Website: This brochure consists of L-3 general capabilities information that does not contain controlled technical data as definedwithin the International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) Part 120.10 or Export Administration Regulations (EAR) Part 734.7-11. ©2012 L-3 Aviation Products ã Printed in USA 
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