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  Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations OCR ADVANCED SUBSIDIARY GCE IN MATHEMATICS (3890)OCR ADVANCED SUBSIDIARY GCE IN PURE MATHEMATICS (3891)OCR ADVANCED SUBSIDIARY GCE IN FURTHER MATHEMATICS(3892)OCR ADVANCED GCE IN MATHEMATICS(7890)OCR ADVANCED GCE IN PURE MATHEMATICS(7891)OCR ADVANCED GCE IN FURTHER MATHEMATICS(7892) First AS assessment January 2005 QAN (3890)   100/3434/1 First A2 assessment June 2005 QAN (7890)   100/3435/3 First AS certification January 2005First GCE certification June 2005 Key Features ã   Simple, flexible structure. ã   Clearly defined AS and A2 standards. ã   Permits AS Further Mathematics to be studied in year 12. ã   Firmly established progression routes from GCSE for all candidates. ã   All units externally assessed – No coursework. Support and In-Service Training for Teachers In support of these specifications, OCR will make the following materials and services available to teachers: ã   up-to-date copies of these specifications; ã   a full programme of In-Service Training (INSET) meetings; ã   specimen question papers and mark schemes; ã    past question papers and mark schemes after each examination session; ã   a report on the examination, compiled by senior examining personnel, after each examination session.If you would like further information about the specification, please contact OCR. QAN (3891) 100/6021/2QAN (3892) 100/6020/0 QAN (7891) 100/6023/6 QAN (7892) 100/6022/4  Foreword This booklet contains OCR’s specifications for Advanced Subsidiary GCE (AS) and Advanced GCE (ALevel) Mathematics, and associated certification titles, for teaching from September 2004. It has beenrevised to take account of the changes to the Subject Criteria announced by QCA in December 2002 andAugust 2003.The revisions to the Subject Criteria mean that there are changes to the way that the content of the Core isassessed, and in combinations of units that can lead to certification at Advanced Subsidiary GCE or Advanced GCE. In particular: ã   combinations of units that can lead to certification of Advanced Subsidiary GCE Mathematics requirethe mandatory ‘core’ units, C1  and C2 , together with a single ‘application’ unit assessed at ASstandard; ã   combinations of units that can lead to certification of Advanced Subsidiary GCE Further Mathematicsrequire the mandatory unit  FP1 , together with two other units, the levels of which are unspecified; ã   combinations of units that can lead to certification of Advanced GCE Mathematics require themandatory ‘core’ units, C1 , C2 , C3 , C4 , together with two ‘application’ units, at least one of whichmust be at AS standard.Advanced Subsidiary GCE units are assessed at a standard appropriate for candidates who have completedthe first year of study of a two-year Advanced GCE course. A2 units are assessed at a standard appropriatefor candidates who have completed a two-year Advanced GCE course. Advanced Subsidiary GCE formsthe first half of Advanced GCE in terms of teaching time and content. However, the Advanced Subsidiarycan be taken as a ‘stand-alone’ qualification.Given the above, and the fact that the re-designation of some of the units means that there are now six  unitsassessed at AS standard, candidates intending to complete nine or 12 units will now find it possible, evendesirable, to take six units all at AS standard during the first year of study.In these specifications, the term module is used to describe specific teaching and learning requirements. Theterm unit describes a unit of assessment. Each teaching and learning module is assessed by an associatedunit of assessment.These specifications meet the requirements of the Common Criteria (QCA, 1999), the GCE AdvancedSubsidiary and Advanced Level Qualification-Specific Criteria (QCA, 2003) and the relevant SubjectCriteria.  © OCR2003Contents 3 Oxford, Cambridge and RSA ExaminationsGCE Mathematics CONTENTS Section A: SPECIFICATION SUMMARY5Section B: General Information11 1Introduction11 1.1Rationale111.2Certification Title121.3Language121.4Exclusions121.5Key Skills131.6Code of Practice Requirements141.7Spiritual, Moral, Ethical, Social and Cultural Issues151.8Environmental Education, European Dimension and Health and Safety Issues151.9Avoidance of Bias151.10Calculators and Computers15 2Specification Aims16 2.1Aims16 3Assessment Objectives17 3.1Application to AS/A2173.2Specification Grid18 4Scheme of Assessment19 4.1Units of Assessment194.2Structure204.3Rules of Combination214.4Final Certification234.5Availability244.6Re-Sits254.7Unit Combinations254.8Question Papers274.9Coursework284.10Special Arrangements284.11Differentiation294.12Grade Descriptions29  4 Contents© OCR 2003GCE MathematicsOxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations 5Specification Content31 5.1AS Module 4721: Core Mathematics 1 (C1)325.2AS Module 4722: Core Mathematics 2 (C2)355.3AS Module 4723: Core Mathematics 3 (C3)385.4A2 Module 4724: Core Mathematics 4 (C4)425.5AS Module 4725: Further Pure Mathematics 1 (FP1)455.6A2 Module 4726: Further Pure Mathematics 2 (FP2)485.7A2 Module 4727: Further Pure Mathematics 3 (FP3)515.8AS Module 4728: Mechanics 1 (M1)545.9A2 Module 4729: Mechanics 2 (M2)575.10A2 Module 4730: Mechanics 3 (M3)605.11A2 Module 4731: Mechanics 4 (M4)635.12AS Module 4732: Probability and Statistics 1 (S1)665.13A2 Module 4733: Probability and Statistics 2 (S2)695.14A2 Module 4734: Probability and Statistics 3 (S3)715.15A2 Module 4735: Probability and Statistics 4 (S4)745.16AS Module 4736: Decision Mathematics 1 (D1)775.17A2 Module 4737: Decision Mathematics 2 (D2)79 6Further Information and Training for Teachers81 Appendix A: Key Skills82Appendix B: Mathematical Formulae and Statistical Tables95Appendix C: Mathematical Notation124
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