L4_Assessment of Nasal Obstruction

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  Department of Otolaryngology, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland  Medical History and Examination Assessment of Nasal Obstruction   Lecturer: Emer Lang  Department of Otolaryngology, RCSI 2 Causes of Nasal Obstruction   Anatomical  Deviated septum  Inflammation   Allergic/vasomotor rhinitis/sinusitis  Polyps  Sarcoid, Wegener’s    Neoplasia  Papilloma  SCC, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, lymphoma, angiofibroma  Foreign body  Congenital  Choanal atresia  Department of Otolaryngology, RCSI 3 Management of Nasal Blockage  / Discharge  Full history / examination  Identify underlying cause  Often treat empirically  nasal steroid spray for nasal blockage (Flixonase)  antibiotics if sinusitis suspected  nasal decongestant spray or drops (Xylometazoline)  Watch for unilateral or atypical symptoms  Department of Otolaryngology, RCSI 4 Suspicious Symptoms    Unilateral blockage   Unilateral epistaxis   Unilateral swelling   Neck mass   Ear effusion   Atypical pain
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