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Lab 1-2 Distributed Computing

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  Lecture : 1-2 GridSimToolkit: Modeling and Simulation of Global Grids Instructor: Anum Masood 1  2 Contents ã Motivation ã System Architecture ã GridSimEntities ã Visual Modeller ã Advanced Reservation  3 Performance Evaluation: With Large Scenarios ã Varying the number of   Resources (1 to 100s..1000s..).  Resource capability.  Cost (Access Price).  Users.  Deadline and Budget.  Workload.  Different Time (Peak and Off-Peak). ã We need a repeatable and controllable environment. ã Can this be achieved on Real Grid testbed ?  4 Grid Environment ã Dynamic: 1. Resource and User Properties vary with time.  Experiment cannot be repeated  . 2. Resources are distributed and owned by different organisations. Heterogeneous users.  It is hard to create a controllable environment. ã Grid testbed size is limited. ã Also, creating testbed infrastructure is time consuming and expensive. ã Hence, grid computing researchers turn to modelling and simulation.
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