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  AMPLITUDE MODULATION Ex No:1Date: AIM: To write a MATLAB code to generate an amplitude modulated waveform. ALGORITHM: Step 1:Start.Step 2: Generate the amplitude modulated wave.Step 3:Plot the output.Step 4:Stop. PROGRAM: clc;clf;close all;clear all;t=0.1:0.001:1;m=5*sin(2*pi*10*t);subplot(3,1,1); plot(m);grid on;title('SIGNAL');xlabel('frequency');ylabel('amplitude');c=5*cos(2*pi*100*t);subplot(3,1,2); plot(c);grid on;title('CARRIER');xlabel('frequency');ylabel('amplitude');x=5/5;disp(x);a=(1+x.*(sin(2*pi*10*t))).*cos(2*pi*100*t);subplot(3,1,3);   plot(a);grid on;title('AM SIGNAL');xlabel('frequency');ylabel('amplitude'); OUTPUT:RESULT: Thus an amplitude modulated waveform was generated using MATLAB. FREQUENCY MODULATION Ex No:2Date: AIM: To write a MATLAB code to generate a frequency modulated waveform.  ALGORITHM: Step 1:Start.Step 2:Get the parameter required to design a frequency modulation as inputs.Step 3:Generate the frequency modulated wave.Step 4:Plot the waveform and label it.Step 5:Stop. PROGRAM: clc;clf;close all;clear all;t=0.1:0.001:.5;fm=input('Enter the fm value= ');m=5*sin(2*pi*fm*t);subplot(3,1,1); plot(m);grid on;title('SIGNAL');xlabel('frequency');ylabel('amplitude');c=5*cos(2*pi*100*t);subplot(3,1,2); plot(c);grid on;title('CARRIER');xlabel('frequency');ylabel('amplitude');k=input('Enter the frequency sensitivity= ');x=k/fm;f=5*cos((2*pi*100*t)+x.*sin(2*pi*fm*t));subplot(3,1,3); plot(f);grid on;title('FM SIGNAL');  xlabel('frequency');ylabel('amplitude'); INPUT: Enter the fm value= 10Enter the frequency sensitivity= 100 OUTPUT:RESULT: Thus a frequency modulated waveform was generated using MATLAB. AMPLITUDE SHIFT KEYING Ex No:3Date:
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